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  1. will mods work for mac?
  2. my best would be when , in ep1, there were like 10 guys all fighting fairly honorably and nobody was dieing when sum n00b comes in and says ( how do i use force ? ) so i tell him and he is still for a moment....... before you know it there is lightning everywhere and about 10 jedis all get pissed of at spammer so start spamming..... dominoe effect........ and im left just sitting there laughing
  3. hey guys could ya please list the commands ( g_sabredamagescale etc) so i can make my game more fun? please also list if you like it and how to use with bots etc..... t hanks a million
  4. i hope that it will come for mac..... i bet that if the developers wanted to all they have to do is give the source code to mac programmers who will work for minimum wage..... it can be done
  5. i know this will be moved but....... does n e one know if swg is being developed for mac? if they make simultaneos release it will own..... also will there be saber combat N shiznit? that would rock lets just hope its not like jo..... sry for last comment but it has been nerfed
  6. hey.... really sorry to pick you out and ill probably get spammed for it but you said guys need nerfing ... "If anything, it's the guns that need a good nerfing. Rocket launchers should be slow to fire, low on ammo, and force you to stand still to fire. The heavy repeater's secondary is ONLY designed as a jedi killer, it needs to be removed or changed. All the weapons SHOULD be secondary to the jedi powers and light saber. Now, if you added a score adjust to make the weaker weapons score more points (like Mechwarrior 4's absolute atrition) then both gun and saber fighters could play without it being unfair. " Razor Ace i think that if everything was un-nerfed, left really powerfull, and made so that there were ways to counter it , this game would rock..... think..... would anyone complain about backslash/stab if it was blockable>? if dfa-in-the-ground was blockable ( sry about that not making sense) and if all other things were counterable/blockable/avoidable why would we complain? WHY NERF ... it is just an easy fix, not a good one
  7. now if only this was server choice....
  8. Hey! u guys know there are 3 more books in the ACTUAL star wars line? they are AFTER the whole vader thing and I hear the only reason they wont be made is cuz Georgie-poo is bored.... spam email? =-) P.S. George has an obsession with people loosing arms...... Anakin, Luke, and many other brave men lose arms.... no legs......
  9. woops.... did that female ewok thing slip out? *laughs nervously* did I just murder my post about Yoda with talk of E-Woks?
  10. Will the yoda model actualy be hard to hit? imagine how much it would rule 4 yoda and suxxors for everyone else if u could only hit him looking down? " And so it came to pass that the jedi and sith and mercs were all eventually overcome by the massive armies of ewoks using eachother as meat-shields... the furry ba$terds were right their under their noses plotting the whole time. :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok:
  11. hey so let me get this straight... the jedi mod where u get 2 sabres on certain styles and shiznits? that wuld be piMp|n my dogs werd yo in da house PEACE... *slaps self with burning spatula and burns all facial hare off on purpose to make up for quereness* so, where were we? o ya if thats the mods its cool and also am I to understand ( or fail to ) that its just ffa right now with sith vs jedi vs merc? that suxxors *repeats slap+burn procedure* that mod on da web of the page looks l337 and i WAAAANNT IT but hey, i gatta wait... P.S. will the yoda model actualy be hard to hit? imagine how much it would rule 4 yoda and suxxors for everyone else if u could only hit him looking down?
  12. CLONE YODA! y clone jangos when u can have a army of stick wielding pint-sized gnomes? they would be unstoppable:ewok:
  13. guys make dami for saberes 90/70/50 for red/yellow/blue ... the reason for using other stances should not be damage but DEFENSE CUT THRU ABILITY! with a real sabre it dont matter how hard you swing, it will still slice right thru, so u should use a hard swing to knock down a sabre
  14. Hey guys...... for a patch how about ( raven or community can make this ) ghoul2 always on AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ( thanks to dr shaft ) MAKE THE DAMAGES FOR HEAVY/MED/LIGHT ABOUT 50/70/90 !!!! THE REASON FOR CHANGING STANCES SHOULD BE ABOUT DEFENSES BEING KNOCKED DOWN!!! NOT DAMAGE!!!! think about it.... with a saber in real life it dont matter how hard you swing! its just where you hit...... cmon guys now was that so hard? no nerfing is required and so if peeps wanna backstab fine, but it will be blocked by a skilled player and then they will die
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