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  1. Well, Monkey Island 1 was avalible for the Sega CD and it still used SCUMM and worked quite well.
  2. Uh, Lucasarts isn't making it. EVER.
  3. Actually, the Classic Adventures pack is still availible. They don't have a link on their site, but I got a different link to it, ordered it, and it got to me.
  4. Yeah. I posted it a while back on the MI forums. Old, but when I saw it again, I just cracked up.
  5. You make an excellent point er, The Tingler. I belive if Simon Geoffory didn't quit, we'd all be playing Sam and Max 2 and possibly be waiting for some new sequals. But alas, Lucasarts is ran only by a few corporate suites. I say, someone needs to step up to the plate and take Simon's place. I think I'm just the man for the job.
  6. Dear Forum Goers, We've all dispised Lucasarts for a long time due to their shortage of adventures and a lot of crappy Star Wars games. Some even want to sue them. A few people have pressed charges due to some nasty rumors of a sex scandle involving Star Wars characters touching young boys. Yes, we've all heard about Yoda being frightenly attcactive to his apprentice, Qui Gon Ginn, and Darth Vador claiming that he turned to the Dark Side because Obi Wan molested him. Well, those rumors may be true. Last night I found a very shocking piece of evidence at the "Low Rider Show" in New Mexico
  7. I'm no troll. I know when I've been defeated in an arguement. So, insted of not posting anything because I've been proven wrong, I'll leave you with this: You're right. I'm wrong. You guys put up a great fight, and you won. Good job.
  8. Yeah, adventure games are dead. They don't sell well, and lots of companys quit making them. Eventually no companys will make them and that will be the last nail in the coffin. As long as we keep playing them. Well, consider this: When the time comes to never make another adventure game, the old classics will be taken off the shelves as well. And when all those adventure games that your playing to keep the lost cause alive will have to crap out sooner or later. So, the games are broke, they're not on sale anymore, and your forced to give up the cause. Then what? I
  9. I know people will hate me, but I think cancelling Sam and Max 2 was the right thing to do. The majority of people wouldn't buy it. And you can rattle on saying that if the Lucasforum goers all baught more adventure games, send them hate mail, ect, then they would bring back SNM2. NO THEY WOULDN'T! 1,xxx people aren't going to convince them. Quit your bitching. Adventure games are dead. Deal with it. If you want to play an adventure game just play Syberia 2 or play the classics. Quit saying Star Wars games are evil. Do you people relize how much money Lucasarts will rake in with KOTOR 2: The S
  10. "The thought rekindled the anger that had been burning in David's gut for the past few days."
  11. Here's my stuff. Not much compared to you guys. Classic adventures; Includes: Instruction book/Hint book Monkey Island Madness (Includes MI1 & MI2) Includes: Nothing but the CD Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis; Includes: Hint book Sam & Max: Hit the Road; Includes: Everything it came with Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle; Includes: Nothing but the CD Full Throttle; Includes: Instruction booklet, jewel case The Dig; Includes: Box, Instruction booklet Afterlife; Includes: Everything it came with, Player's guide Outlaws; Includes: In
  12. After reading the many replies from outraged fans to the Sam and Max 2 petition thread, a question has come up in my mind: will Lucasarts reconsider and revive the long awaited sequel, or will they continue to crush our spirits with games like Secret Wepons over Normandy, Armed and Dangerous, and *shudder* Mercanaries? So, will we continue to sign online petitions and send angry e-mails, or do we need to ecsept that adventure games are dead, and we're stuck in the past and should move on? VOTE!!!!!!!111111111111one
  13. Oh my god. I got the excact same time.
  14. No, Larry King did not deside this. It was the EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) 2003 game awards.
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