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  1. that stuff is good anyways I agree with the force dodge being a problem, it takes too much control away from the player. I suggest keeping the force dodge into back rolls only, so atleast the player knows there he/she is going to end up.
  2. errrr.... I've had dat padlock idea awhile ago... but now i aint so sure about it... the locking idea do sound good, but it really doesn't do much in terms of improving the game play; all it does is remove more control from the player and let the targeting be automated.
  3. ohhh Infiltration now dats a game worth talking about..... Any ways giving a defense bonus to saber vs blasters will ultimately drag the game play even longer, not too mention how cheap it'll be in a CTF game.... My suggestion is to follow a similar line of thinking as in infiltration, and give a offensive bonus to stand still, crouching gunner, and a penalty if a gunner is running. the bonus would give the gunner a higher chance to shoot through the jedi's defense. That way it'll force the gunner fight on even speed against the jedi, while the jedi's are given a chance to run close to the gunners with the expense of block points regeneration.
  4. hmmm instead of solving it by changing force jumps shouldn't you be changing somthing about the lightsaber combat?? how about completely disable saber defense while in mid air? I really dont see how anyone can block/parry while their foot is not stepping on solid ground... and whats with the title of this thread, I thought you wanna make some common protocols/standards for JA mods but ur just looking for sum1 to code ur stuff....
  5. I think Raven has already notice that when they were making JA; the dual sabers actually looks much more realistic in terms of wind up and saber animation speed. I guess they didn't bother improving on the single saber.....
  6. Few nights ago I went to watch a kendo competition, and when I booted up the JA yestarday and watching the saber movements, something was bothering me that I cant figure out.... Then it hit me today when I was playing OJP enhanced with the .5 saberAnimSpeed; Shouldn't the winding up animation be slower than the actual swing?? why is the whole animation looks like its running at constant speed?? shouldn't the speed accelerate just the swing?? Realistically speaking, if you wanna hit harder with a sword, you'll wind up further and therefore take more time before you let loose the swing. so the speed difference between the blue stance and the red should only be in the wind up, not the actual swing.... I understand razorace idea to slow down the saber animations, but is it possible to slow down just the winding up part and speed up during the swing?? That way, player will be able to see the direction of the swing (in order to parry it) based on the winding animation instead of the actual swing and still satisfy thoes who complain about how slow the saber is. This thread is more up for discussion than a sugguestion to the OJP so any comment is welcome.
  7. ..Or buy the damn mod once its out.... Just curious, but shouldn't you post this on the lucas modding forum instead of OJP's?? And I really dont see melee combat as a strong point of the far cry engine... it'll be a bit of a waste to have all that advance physics and huge terrian just so two jedi can fight in one small area (how much space do u need for close combat??) and with little need of that advance physics (how would a body move realistically when it gets hit by a beam of light..??)
  8. ok i agree with the objection to combos, most 3rd person game involving combos will usually lead to a boring hack'n slash affair. but i think the line of thinking that we r having now is to make saber combat more moves oriented. fighting game engines more or less out line each attack as a indiviual move where as JA more or less blurs everything together. and yea u said it grevious these modders deserves much more respect than they r given and i apologizes for me and everyone else in this forum who dont know sqaut about modding, mapping, scripting or skinning but still rant on and on about our so call ideas and expect u to follow them
  9. being a hardcore console game addict, I like the idea that griever has, it would be a good idea if there is a movelist of sort in JA, outlining each moves adv/disadv, but currently each individual saber attack in JA, apart from the sideswipes which covers a larger horizontal range, has little to no differences... most of the time you'll just execute a sabermove simply because you just happen to be walking that direction, the move itself has little importance. on a side note, I'll like to know how JA actually handles the inputs of different moves; is it by the actual key strokes or the veleocity and direction the player is actually travelling, regardless of key strokes?? eg there are occasions where while Im walking up a slope and as I press forward and attack I end up doing a DFA instead of a normal overhead chop, even though I didn't press jump. and if thats the case would it mean inputs such as double tapping one direction would not be valid in JA??
  10. Single saber all the way!! like Kurgan said, the stances in single saber should all be used. I dislike dual and staff sabers for the fact that while their moves look flashy, their twirling moves all take too long to complete (especially dual sabers); with enough practice you can c sumone doing those twirling moves and hit them with a blue lunge or a yellow kata.
  11. oops sorry its not the OJP's fault, it happens on the base single player or anywhere there's that "twirl".... But here's sumfing else... on the OJP enhanced, when I did those superman looking jumps (sorry cant remeber the name, but its the arm-spreading jumps), and during mid jumps if I do a slash and lands before the swing is finished, the model stops the swing and do the landing animation instead, then straight afterwards the rest of the saber animation is played... sorry these are all minor things that doesn't really affect the mod in anyways...
  12. I'am not so sure if this is considered a bug, but during the saber switch on animation, in which you twirl the saber while it "lights up", if you do an attack during or slightly after the animation is played, the saber attack has no wind up animation; this means the attack comes out almost instantly and is much more noticable while using the red stance. I've tried this on the vanilla mp game, and this doesn't happen; I've noticed that in the vanilla version the switch on animation doesn't have the twirl in it so Iam assuming there's sumfing to do with it??
  13. razorace: no not locking the mouse view...just make it so the mouse view doesn't affect the model, just imagine doing a backslash, and during the move, the player can move the camera angles via the mouse but the model doesn't actually spin with the camera
  14. I like the idea Gotaiken was proposing; using primary and secondary attack to represent strong medium and fast saber. but no the holding/tapping method thou, primary-medium/secondary-fast/primay+secondary-strong should be enough, melee attacks should b made as special moves instead. but to add control to the sabering system you really should first make every single one of saber attack consistent. regardless of how the saber is controlled, if you want the saber combat to be skill based than you'll need to make sure that when a player apply his/her skill he/she would get the results he/she expected, which isn't the case right now. for example the system is using the keyboard to control the direction of the attack, but the mouse look also effect the direction of the saber swing. having two control over one attack makes the whole sabering system very inaccurate, eg if you opponet's doing a overhead swing while moving the mouse left or right, then suddenly the attack has horizontal range instead of just vertical, so you c you opponent doing a vertical attack, you have the skill that tells you you can counter it by strafing to the side, only to get hit b/c the attack have these horizontal range that it shouldn't have... crap i wrote too much again...what im suggesting is to make all the attacks like the light lunge, in which the direction and the movement of the attack is locked, but instead of locking the view, the player should be able to look around, like in splinter cells where the view isn't locked to where sam fisher is looking
  15. I've thought Hamill had some bad accident that caused him to work in behind the scene stuff and he just stayed working in that field afterwards? And yea Bob did a pretty good job in JA and JO, mayb even better Hamill himself if he sounded anything like he was in Jay n Silent Bob strikes Back.
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