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  1. but the EAX upgrade also is suppose to provide EAX2.0 enhancements ( for SBLive) .. says it at creatives site, that is why i was so excited. I was hoping they fixed it for the SBLive users.. Guess not.
  2. Did anyone else read that news post on theforce.net? i thought that creative actually made an EAX patch for JK2, hope they fixed it.. i currently drop ~ 30% of my framerate with EAX enabled on JK2.. so i read the news post today and goto creatives website just to find out it is the v1.03 patch.. bah.. theforce.net http://www.soundblaster.com/goodies/gaming/jedioutcast/
  3. Swordchild Definately come in and Try some CTF: as long as you realize CTF isn't FFA you are already ahead of 90% of hte people that play. Play Defence until you get the hang of it.
  4. Glad to hear they "fixed" ( not nerfed) the blue backstab. It should take a minmum of 3 anything blue to kill. Other wise there is no difference between blue and red.. if anything a red backstab should be the same damage as teh blue backstab is now.
  5. Did no one read teh latest plan file from the JK2 team? if you like 1.02 sabre blocking you can turn it on with a simple cvar in your server setup. Wow everyone complains about 1.03's sabre blocking but there is a variable to turn it off.. hehehe does no one read anymore so if you are b1tching and running a server, turn it off.. if you are b1tching and not running a server.. well either run your own server or stop bi1tching. personally i enjoy the 1.03 sabre more, backstabbing and all ( i guess i'm just a little more easy going than the average joe).
  6. You can turn off the "Bullet Time" in SP speed, there is a setting somewhere.. sorry not sure since itbs been a while since i've played single. but it can be disabled.
  7. Make sure you have the maxfps set higher than 80.. that looks like what is happening.. you should set it to something like 200.. then run it again.
  8. Not getting much of a response in the ModCentral forum ( no one browser there hardly) so i was hoping i could get some feed back here.. Thanks ... http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44580
  9. i haven't i've had mine up all night ( 10 hours now) running on a Debian / Woody server after the 10 hours its using the same amount as when i went to sleep 4.7% of 512M i'm actually suprised at how little of the CPU it uses too.. granted i'm only running a 6 client duel server but it is only using 10% of the CPU most at any one time.
  10. Anyone know how to setup the logging to a file option for the linux dedicated server? also what are some other console commands besides status exit i must admit i am new to the Q3 ( UT person) and just getting a duel server setup ... any other commands would be useful too thanks
  11. What exactly is meant by a duel win / loss does that mean 4 kills per dueling round or what? i sat on a dueling server for a few minutes and watched them kill each other but neither of their W/L changed.. wtf is up with that? when exactly does it change people
  12. LOL i guess i should read the readme file Auto Download: Setting this option to “yes” will allow connecting clients/players to download new data and code from your server. This is mostly used if you’re running a mod (map, skin, etc).
  13. i hve to say that part was one of the hardest parts.. because when i killed the admiral i only had 6health left.. and the elevator part (right after the flames) killed me every time
  14. i assume you are talkinga bout adminral fyarr.. he has the shield around him.. what i did was sabre his shield down ( 3 or 4 swings i think) then i would go in with some sabre swings strafing him.. stay away from his front when you go in.. he will throw you and kill you.. hehehe if i remember right i had to take his shield down 5 times and then hit him with the medium sabre stance a bunch of times.. like i said.. sabre his shield, don't get too close if you touch the shield you get buzzed ( don't need to be that close tohit it with the sabre).. then try and sabre him from behind or the side ( just not the front). just so you know i'm mostly a sabre user so not sure, but it can probably be done with the guns too.
  15. Just wondering if JKII supports the client downloading the mods the server is running.. IE.. new map running on server.. client connects , needs map, downloads map from server, connects and plays.. UT had this and it was by far the best thing for a mod community. No worry about making sure you have the same mods installed on your computer because UT's client automatically matched itself with the server. for some reason i want to say JKII does since there is an Allow Downloads option in the setup... anyone know for sure?
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