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  1. Thanks, guys... The whole thing fixed itself after starting an entire new game with the mod installed.
  2. I'm enjoying Morrowind very much, it's a great game. Before you buy, know that it has some technical issues, but nothing too serious..
  3. So that means a cat is a human? Does "being human" equal "being able to function in society"? If so: Yes, we are made human by society. And this could be any culture and society, so differences in cultures doesn't matter on this subject, Cjais. Humans have to be part of a community if they are going to be functioning as "humans" do in their community. A person has to be socialized by society to be acting like a human, and not an ape. An example of this is german Kaspar Hauser, who'd been kept in a basement the first 26 years of his life. When he was finally released, he acted like a wild animal. He could barely speak, ate like a wolf, and it proved almost impossible to teach him anything at all. This proves my point.
  4. Definitely The Wheel of Time The greatest, most powerful epic I've ever read, far better than Tolkien's works. ... You do know the only reason many of you have read LotR, is because of the films, right? Well, if you liked LotR, check out WoT. You'll be impressed.
  5. Anyone heard this song, sung by Nock Cave and Kylie Minogue, I think? It has a great melancholy mood, and shocking lyrics. Great song... Some might call this spam, but I just thought you all should listen to it, it appeals to me, and my tastes in music runs from heavy metal to symphonies. You guys should like it!
  6. Somehow... even though I have read LotR five times, though it's a very long time since I last read it now... I imagined The Two Towers to be a symbol of the "friction" between Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul... How could this have been...
  7. 38 hours. I counted.. That was the day I went to the premiere of TTT... Up early the 17th, go to school, go home, go to the movie. School next day. No sleep until eleven o'clock the following night. My eyes are still red...
  8. Hmm... From my girlfriend, I got something very personal + a set of 12 top-quality drawing pencils, a scarf and a Don't Say a Word - vhs. I loved it. Best gift I've ever had. Smashing Pumpkins Viewphoria DVD, Smashing Pumpkins "Machina/The Machines of God", lots of clothes, hygienic effects like deodorants and aftershave, "Pondus: Andre Omgang" comic book, a rack for my ESP Explorer electric guitar. That kinda thing... have probably forgotten something, but it's late at night.
  9. Trust me, you don't entirely know what you are talking about here... War horses like the ones the Eorlingas and Rohirrim use, are specifically trained for war-purposes. The horses are even more of a weapon than the man on top of it. Among other things, war-horses like that use their shoulders to know down anything that gets in their way. Anything. Now, you try standing on a very narrow walkway/bridge, with no railings, virtually nowhere to escape (other than jumping off) and have horses like these crash down on you. You'd be soundly beaten, just like those orcs. Now, the army at the end of the walkway/bridge, might have proved a tad too much for the eorlingas.. For a fact, when you're dealing with cavalry charges by trained war horses, you must be aware of the fact that it's the horses that kill the most enemies. Not the soldiers.
  10. I didn't think my comments against the US was stupid at all, actually. Let's just face it, the war in Afghanistan wasn't a "good" war. It was totally unnecessary, IMHO. Whatever did the people of Afgh do to you anyway? Actually, I am not. I'm just damned pissed with their foreign policy. Couldn't America be more like a neighbor than a policeman? I don't like their view on guns, and their superior attitude, saying we're better than you all. That's all really... Superiority don't sit well with me. Of course, I don't hate America. America is cool. Yet again, the superior attitude they display, everywhere they go is annoying. I must say however, that this is but stereotypics. Most Americans are nice, generous hospitable people as well, (Stereotyping again) and there is something extremely fascinating about America.
  11. You infidels! RPG is the rock! Much more fun than regular action-games... I don't know about Final Fantasy, though... is it going to be like that?
  12. All of it! ALLLL OOOF ITTT...ALL!ALL! It's not long left...
  13. I think you mistake uneagerness to kill and destroy, for weakness. The US are the ones that make all the wars. A united Europe could well act, if they hadn't got the US hanging over them all the damn time, protecting "the world's best interests". The US have always been the ones wanting war. Every idiot can see that all G.W.B. wants is to finish off his fathers "dispute" with saddam. Bush senior is there whispering in his son's ear, for sure. The world isn't black and white. No good versus evil - that doesn't excist. The Iraqui people aren't evil, and the force of the US isn't necessarily good. Good is an entirely relative concept, and what's good for an American isn't necessarily good for an Iraqui person. The behaviour and thinking of the Americans is very ethnocentric. (sp?)
  14. Do America make weapons of mass destruction? I think they do. Have America signed a bloody treaty? I think not! Mr. High and Mighty President Bush has caused the world nothing but harm. He pulled America out of the Kyoto, he's running around causing war like crazy, and so on and on. Do you Americans have any particular claim on Iraq's oil? Do you own it or something? Or do you just steal it, and then decide that it is yours for real? In the rest of the world, Bush is known as the Cowboy president, he just wants war, war, war. It's pathetic, and it's even more tragic that England support him. France, for example is a mighty european that don't support Bush's wars. You'll remember that they didn't contribute ONE soldier to the Afghanistan tragedy. Didn't President Washington say that the U.S. should never get involved in foreign troubles, or somthing like that? I think that would be a very good idea! You stop meddling in other people's lives, and people will stop bombing your buildings! Every action requires a reaction, and every action has it's origin in another action. It's no coincident that those planes ran into WTC, it's because of your foreign politics. I'm not saying such an act is forgiveable, mind you, because it's not. I just don't understand why the USA should bully every other nation around? Is it fun? Does it make you feel powerful? Do you do it to compensate for something? How did the US get their position in the world? A united Europe must surely be as powerful? Why do America rule the world politics? They have a very powerful means of sanctions in the UN, even if they get votes against them, they just say "Hey, if you don'y go with us, we'll just pull outta Europe!" And then America has it's way. I don't understand it. Why can't the US just go back to their own affairs, if they want to? Why do we need them in Europe? Why can't you just cooperate peacefully with the rest of the world?
  15. What's up with the "date" concept that you Americans are all so fond of anyway? Can you explain? Like, you know, is it just like asking a girl out to dinner, for example? Does "asking out" involve you telling the girl how you feel, or is going out just another past time activity? Here in Norway, we kinda do it a little bit differently. But anyway Last May/June, I finally got the courage to tell the girl I love that I was more than just "friendly inclined", and I haven't regretted a day. The 6th of January, we'll be 6 months! Wohoo!
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