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  1. I had something like this happen. After completing the first 3 levels in the first tier, the first two became avalible agian. i did them again, thinking "cool, free force points!" after completing those, kyle made me go back to the academy. no cheats
  2. THX kurgan. been a long time since I played KFY.
  3. It wouldn't be that hard, would it? just replace the lightsaber with the ysalamari, and then remove all the priviliges that having the lightsaber gives you.
  4. Actually, I was thinking of the Kill the Fool With the Ysalamari game mode from Mysteries of the Sith. It was essentially like jedi master, but instead of picking up a lightsaber and becoming superhuman, you picked up a ysalamari, and became invulnerable to force powers. Much harder to stay the fool than it is to stay the jedi master.
  5. WE NEED KILL THE FOOL WITH THE YSALAMARI(sp?) Way better game mode than Jedi Master.
  6. For the first 2 I saw, I used the flechette, that knocked them off, For the bunch at the end, I kept my lightsaber on, and as soon as a sheild went down, I took out a heavy gud and pounded away.
  7. Sure! I've wanted to be in a CTF tourney for a while. if you could PM me the rules, time and date, I can confirm it.
  8. let's start a CTF leauge. The team captian creates the team. Must have 3-5 people to have an 'offical' game. To create a team, have the name of the team, people in the team, peoples preferences for models, and whether it is lightside, darkside, or both. I'll start: Team: Shadowborn Sroerick--Shadowtrooper or Swamptrooper Both Either create a new team, or join a team.
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