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  1. This is me. [ October 06, 2001: Message edited by: KillerBee ]
  2. C&C= Doom, for popularising the gendres. I see more team play in 2 v 2 jk anything then on most cs servers. only clan matches have team work. Its the tennis/badmington doubles kinda team work. what are the battle.net gmaes at? cause www.planetarion.com has got something like 500k players atm IIRC. Ever is kinda shat cause better games might come along, the best game to date is a better thingie
  3. JK FF sabres, you run around, you can jump, you can shoot Ds at people, The sabres just a melee weapon, lots of games have one. The only thing that I cant think of another game that has a comparitable thingy is grip. Seeing you have similar mechanisms but none as accurate in the positioning of the enemy. The features aren't all that unique per say, they are just done in an extremely effective way, you jump higher, move faster. The gameplay is altered from the standard, to something more like a dog fight, with ranging combat, not just come to a little part of the arena, and shoot eachother, then run away, its mobile over the whole of the map. SC and C&C aren't the only RTS games that exist. C&C is like doom, and SC is kinda the CS of the mix. (lots of llamas playing it ) You couldn't generalise the FPS gendre from only playing Doom and CS, or the RTS gendre from SC and C&C/Ra (same thing) The RTS has things like Ta, Battlezone I/II, warzone, e1250, Metal Fatigue. just like the FPS industry there are a lot of shat samish c&c clones.. but there are some games that stand out, just like JK shines out of the fps gendre. All gendres have this. Some companys want tried and test stuff that maximum pay back, minimum effort, others want to redifine the gendre, others just stumble blindly on something thats unbelievable. but the majority of games in a gendre are samish. [ October 05, 2001: Message edited by: KillerBee ]
  4. "How about games like Command and Conquer...(star craft, all the civil war gmaes, wwII games, moder war games, i mean come on, there are TONS of these types" actually thats very wrong inside the RTS gendre their are games with large numbers of unique features that make them stand out, TA is my particular choice, because its fast, and uses a different skill base to other RTS. instead of concentraiting on the clicking skills of selecting units to attack, its far more dependant on resource gathering, etc, the logistics. Most games have unique features, some change gameplay dramatically, and make them play differently from other games inside the gendre, but essentially jks gameplay is still move about, get powerups and kill other people, It just does it in a way thats different.
  5. I like to see harvester. jedi only, and with the souls of jedi needing to be transported about. to get points.. and have those cool little whizing things from the last light cutscene in jk. Also KFY should return.
  6. Being hard to learn is good for the people who play it still.. however 90% of people who play games don't want a game that takes weeks before you can even get a single frag. they want to dive straight in and be competative, you can do that in CS, or UT, you get in, you might not be very good, but you arent totally wiped out, and people like this. where as I like having some challange to learninig a game, the vazt majority like something they can get stuck into straight away. And Best Game Ever, for a person is the game that out of all the games they have ever played has brought them the most enjoyment it is highly opinionative in nature, and the nearest you can have to a general concensus on the best game ever (ie more the one persons choice) is to take a look at % of the market cornered at time of release/height of play.. Cause I would guess there are more people now playing CS, then were actually playing PC games when jk was released.. seeing thee number of poot game players keeps increasing, the Bestest game of all time based on number of players will just go to the latest game, where a bunch of AOL llamass all started playing when they got a new poot.
  7. well CTF and DM are kinda non brainers Assault imho was far too linear, coop sp if they don't make special versions with added chalanges that need team work (puzzles that can only be done with 2 people etc) then it isnt fun, but the option would be nice. sabres only was also confirmed, so I obstained, on the account of LMS, Domination, 1flag, harvester, or the hunted not being present for me to vote..
  8. its hardness to learn is also a down point.. it makes it good for people who love it, and really s**ty for breeding elitist twats, and isolating newbies. and you should know what diablo is, really...
  9. OFP is not bad, its just a real army sim again, but a good one. I haven't played its mp as yet tho. JKs got the best non planar game dynamics of any fps, only AvP comes close, when playing as an alien. [ October 03, 2001: Message edited by: KillerBee ]
  10. I still prefer a good game of ff guns to ff sabres.. Anyway what I've learnt is lots of more casual gamers don't like jk, it requires effort to actually play well, and when they come up against a decent player they usually seem to go, f*** this and go and play something easier.
  11. "HAVE you PLAYED any other games other than jediknight?" Yep " I seriously suggest you PLAY a couple games, before declaring jk the best damn game ever.." I did " I mean it was cool to actually be able to use 3rd person and 1st person and wield the saber," that wasn't even the start of what made jk good. " BUT the netcode sucked" Yep ", sabers sucked," partially " and it wasnt very well balanced. Basically, you run, get the conc kill everyone and backpeddle superfast, that isnt very balanced." nope " Im praying that raven will make jk2 as diffrent from jk as possible!!!! " yep "Also, i dont mind the game being fast paced (in terms of the weapons being very damaging, IE 1 swing saber kill or close to that amount of damage)" jk wasn't actually like that, killing people actually took more then a single shot, kills actually required the combination of skills, stopping them being able to regain health/shields by controlling items, and doing as much damage as you could in the breif encounters. a person after all had 100+5*30 = 250 health, and 200 shields.. ", and all but i DONT wanna see people being able to backpeddle as fast as forward." I do.
  12. I have played all the levels nf and ff.. nf itself I don't like, seeing it has nothing that makes it worth playing imho, ff is just much better, and so playing nf when you could play ff is just a mystery to me. (well nf guns, I can see the point in nf sabres..) As for levels, nf or ff bespin and bod aren't in anyway great in terms of gameplay imho. the maps dont flow too well, they have focal areas that you can't avoid, stupid little rooms that are death traps that you have to go through for normal movement. there are much better No Fun^Wforce maps made by the community, or in Q3/UT/other nf games.. which are on a whole much better then nf jk. BGJ I can see why people like it for ff, I just never liked it as much as Oasis.
  13. BoD!?!I found that very very dull. ff you could control the surges and then destruction combo people as they came out of the doors. It was really constrictive because all the action had to pass through one room, that room had lots of ammo, was close to some health/shields, and had 2 surges in. loading terminal was ok, it just was kinda dull for flow, it didnt have any real gameplay bugs.. Bespin wasn't imho at all fun. its just too tight, its the worst possible ff level due to its total and utter lack of anything that really needs jks extended dynamics Oasis, is very simple, but its also very open, and has rapid elevation changes which works nicely with force jump, it can be spanned quickly as well using strafe jumps.. its just nice and quick.. and really really works with the force, nf its lame tho. VotjT was imho a campers paradise.. you can snatch the ss and your surge with ease, making yourself invulnerable, as long as you stay in a door well and away from drops. BGJ tho I don't like much either, its too small.. my list would be Oasis Nar BGJ Bespin (its atleast half decent with nf..) BoD-Votjt baaaaad levels.
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