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  1. ^^^^ nice post The Group name has been changed for others to find... it's now Mysteries of the Sith. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_129632768308 this is a strong reflection of the Zone community. with an effort to re-install and play like old times.
  2. I was talking about the maps that were played the most.
  3. What is JKA? I am willing to help out with the great game play we once had.. Cargo was #1 then spaceport was #2 i think those are the first 2 maps needed.
  4. I'll call out some names. New_barTender GQ_Mystic GQ_babydragon GQ_Yeroc 435_god 435_exhaltedone JOTS_MAX MST2K7 NBK_Phoenix JOTS_Spider (just stay dead)
  5. Whoa, this might give me a reason to play.
  6. GQ_Sirbob I also lost 3 years of my life on this game 98-2000. Too many Zone memories there was so much drama going on that you reallly get pulled in to playing all night every night. I remember all the top clans like DIK, 435, GI, POS, jots, MD.. I use GQ in my webmail so that I'll never forget MOTS. I am currently a Graphic designer for Cell phones, and I also create the desktop wallpaper for the San Diego Chargers. I currently post on the Chargers website and create cool signatures art for forums. I no longer am a gamer I would like to maybe get into Starcraft2 someday but not at the level I was playing MOTS. I also own sirbob.com If you frequent any other forums and were an old friend of mine just post the forum URL, I'll stop by and make you a sig. Here are some JOTS_MAX pages still standing. http://home.san.rr.com/max/coolppl.htm http://home.san.rr.com/max/mots.htm I vote for MOTS2 with next Generation graphics but same game play! all but the saber battle contact.
  7. I love MOTS I still have a GQ custom skin pack and a 7 level pack designed by Babydragon. can you still post stuff on massi?
  8. Hi Kurgan, Well its been 3 years since I've said hi, so... Hi. I always remember playing all day long with you and your little bro. 1997 was a good year. Let me know if there is a MOTS server or any huge event.
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