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  1. Allo. Allo. cain I be your first friend?

  2. Mojo® cursed since 1998...
  3. Not to be upstaged by Metallus, I'll double any points that he makes up with his admin powers.
  4. I considered buying a dreamcast just for my SCUMM games... than I deceided that I really wanted a nice PDA to play 'em. Now I think I'm back to the dreamcast. If anyone is getting rid of one, drop me a PM. Otherwise, it's e-bay time.
  5. Quick Announcement: LucasFiles is looking for community submissions to feature on the main page of our site. If you have a game/map/mod/puzzle/car that you've been working on or a project that was completed a while ago, check out the submission instructions. Your work will be featured across the network and it's a great way to get our name out as an editor. (Plus it'll give us some more files to add to the site.)
  6. by leaving a comment on the Mixnmojo forums, it will be around for generations to witness.
  7. I was surprised they'd show as much as they did. I guess the team wanted to get it out in the public.
  8. I feel bad for not responding to this thread sooner, but as a fan of the site: I feel the need. You started off saying the "mojo point of view." Exactly. The International House of Mojo has a distinct personality among communities, and I can't think of another adventure site that is so dedicated to their own style of gaming. I won't mention the Gladius report as enough has already been said. Variety IS the spice of life, and LucasArts does that better then any other gaming company. When I want variety, I know that each and every adventure game I buy from LEC is going to
  9. I really wish lec'd do a remake of loom... not a sequel.
  10. errr... that doesn't work anymore.
  11. heh, don't bother w/yoda stories Lots of people have mentioned making a true Star Wars Adventure with some humor.... I wonder if it's come up in the LEC think-tank meetings.
  12. Nice review... SOMI is easily in my top three best games of all time.
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