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  1. ... I wish they would make this a movie already.
  2. great ideas... they need to make a sequel or movie soon.
  3. yea, its sad... i lost the domain and they wanted $200 to get it back... so i figured screw it, i'll get it at the end of the year or something.
  4. awesome to see people are still playin' the game
  5. PC LAN: 64 PC NET: 32 XBOX/PS2 NET: 32 [almost positive] XBOX/PS2 NET: 16
  6. In response to http://www.starwars.com/gaming/videogames/news/20040624_picview/img/7.jpg - I am sitting to the left of the guy in the front of the image
  7. It takes madd "team skillz" to get good at. The game is all about stategy.
  8. [*]I read vehicles are very easy to handle. Does that mean that a noob can pilot a vehicle as good as an experienced player? - The vehicles have are pretty easy to pick up, so everyone should be fairly equal when piloting them. [*]A (long) time ago (in a galaxy far far away) it was mentioned that pilots would be able to construct structures. Did you see anything of this in the game? - While I personally didn't witness any construction, we were told that characters could build up broken items (mounted guns) and perform other similar tasks. [*]Is flying a vehicle as a pilot a big advantage? - I didn't notice one, but remember I only played for an hour or so. [*]I read (also a long time ago) that rebel pilots would have a worms like ninja rope. Did you see anything of this? - No... [*]Something else I read was that pilots can capture vehicles driven by enemie nonpilots. Is this true? - Did not see this. [*]I read AT-ATs are mobile spawnpoints. How many troops are the able to carry and how can they get out? Can rebels take over AT-AT's? - I never played as the AT-AT (the PCs weren't set to play Hoth.) [*]How where the graphics - They were great..!
  9. Sorry, was out of town for a while... here are some more answers: I did have a few more questions based on the answer to the question about Rebel Marksman. Earlier they mentioned that the Bothan Spy kit was moved to the Rebel Marksman. Was this function working in the pre-alpha? Were there any players that played with the spy feature? - No one that I know of played as a spy, but I'm not sure if it was even enabled. Does the radar display units across the entire map or does it display units only in the nearby vicinity? Are all vehicles displayed on radar, or are only team vehicles displayed? - Nearby Vicinity. As for vehicles, I believe it was only team vehicles. Earlier this week there was a posted link to an article that stated that both teams are displayed on radar. Was this an option that could be activated? - The majority of options in the game were set on the server, so I didn't get a list of what enviroment we were playing in. Finally, are units on radar distinguishable from others? Can a player tell if a unit on radar is a Vanguard, or Stormtrooper by their radar signature? Are vehicles a different size on the radar display? - No, you can't really distinguish characters by the radar, but vehicles are different.
  10. what is the music like in the game? (typical starwars game, anything really intersting about it?) - typical sw music, not much more. really great sound effects though. I may upload some from my iPod (i had it recording most of the time.) how were the sound effects, was there anything noticebly different in the sound effects for vehicles, blasters, characters? - answered one above, but you can tell that they were all new effects. The AT-ST's sounded right out of the movies, and the droids did as well. Did you have a chance to switch from 3rd to 1st person views, if so was one better then the other, do they both have advantages? - I rather play and pilot vehicles in 3rd person, so I didn't do much switching... but it's very easy to do both. You simply hit "q" at any time, and it will switch for you. It doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a fight, vehicle, or sniping. That feature made a lot of people testing the game pretty happy. How does the scope of the game feel, with a small number of people playing does it still seem as though you are in the thick of a huge battle? - Obviously, I think the more people playing... the better. I wouldn't want to play a level like Endor without 10 people, but Geonosis and Kamino would have both been fun with small numbers. one last question, when you were playing the game for the endor level how did it capture the feel of the actual movie battle, did it feel like you were right in it, did it look and feel different at times? - Endor was by far the best level they had showing. You can tell that they've polished it up because it is so detailed. If you haven't already seen the "flythrough" on their planet page... do so. You'll hear some of the sound effects, and also see one of two open trees (logs) that you can fly your swoop through. There's plenty of places to hide on Endor.
  11. [*]Is there a Bothan Spy unit in the game? - Not that I saw [*]Does the radar display covert units like the Rebel Marksman? - the radar will display your teammates, vehicles on the map, or NPCs. [*]How many shots does it take, with each type of weapon, to take down other players? - blasters (and pistols for the most part) take about 4-5 unaimed shots... If you're aiming for the head, it's definitely faster. sniper rifles usually take one, sometimes two if it's bad aim the first time. rocket launchers are pretty strong, so if you can hit someone dead on: you'll usually get them (aside from Droidekas with their shields up... they require several rockets.) thermal detonators do a ton of damage and any direct hit will literally throw your body 100ft in the other direction. [*]What exactly is the scattergun that the Rebel pilot is armed with? - The scatter rifle shoots like a messed up shotgun almost... it's really nice close up, but don't bother from a distance. [*]How large are the maps? - they're large enough... kamino was probably the smallest that I tested, but it was the most control points. Endor was real, real long. to run from side to side, it would take at least 5-6 minutes. [*]How long does it take to traverse a map from end to end? - kamino 2 mins... endor 6mins [*]How effective are camo uniforms on maps like Endor/Hoth? - not very. If I scrolled the mouse around the screen long enough, it would change colors and show the player's name if it was an enemy. I'm not sure if LEC plans on leaving this feature on or not, but I wasn't a big fan of it. It helped pick out snipers that you normally would have never seen in a prone postion. In our next interview, I may bring this up again... [*]How long does a map take to complete in multiplayer mode? - If all control points are captured, a 20 second timer starts for the losing team to get at least one control point to go back to neutral before the game ends. Otherwise, if the fighting is pretty even.. maps can take around 20 minutes. [*]What are the benefits that are acquired in Galactic Conquest mode? - We didn't see any such benefits. They may not be implemented yet, but I am pretty sure they were just not included in this build. The pre-alpha build we tested had very limited options available. The majority of the options menus were 2-3 options and mouse inversion wasn't on the PC version when we played. I really wouldn't expect them to have their latest build ready to go for us. When I accidently exited my game and restarted it, I did see an option to try single player. I never did go back and do that though since I was too involved in the MP game that I was currently in. If I had remembered to, we could have talked about the A.I. Only three more months!
  12. you can always submit it here
  13. Heh, what preview said there was any lag? I'd actually like to see what they had to say. I honestly experienced no lag what-so-ever... I think the largest ping time I saw was 16ms and it was only for a second. Even when we had 16 people on the PC, the lag seemed to stick around 5ms or less. Two of the tents had 8 PCs in each, but apparently LAN can support upto 64 people. Over the Internet, 32 is the max.
  14. Vehicles won't completely overrun the game simply because there aren't enough for everyone to have. Those who are lucky enough to hop in a vehicle can have an advantage when attacking groups of people, but to individually hunt everyone won't work because the respawn rate is every 10 seconds. Another reason that I don't the vehicles being too overpowerful is because while inside one: you cannot capture control points. I saw one opponent that realized this and hopped out of his AT-ST to capture our position. Rather than sniping him, I thought it would be more fun to hop in his AT-ST and destroy him that way, so that's what I did If you check out my thoughts, I definitely go into how powerful the AT-ST is. When we were playing on Endor, there were only two available, but both were quite powerful. Their biggest disadvantage is that they can't go everywhere someone on foot can. Overall, Pandemic did a great job of balancing the vehicles and still making them useful. As for the vehicle respawn rates, I'm not really sure how long it took... but I would guess 30-60 seconds. Speeder bikes always seemed to be available on Endor when you needed one, but starfighters on Kamino would take a while to come back. Honestly... if a team focuses on the attacking abilities of vehicles over the transport benefit, then I that team will probably lose the map. A manned turret took 5-6 shots to take out most vehicles... Most of the turrest were pretty quick to reload, so it wasn't too bad.
  15. I loved it... the learning curve was low enough to pick up the game right away, but there is plenty of details that will differentiate good players from great players. The action was fast paced and strategy is going to play a huge roll in winning.
  16. Check out my thoughts of Star Wars Battlefront over here. I had quite a bit of fun while at the press event and can't wait until September. If you like team strategy games, you'll love BF.
  17. Hey everyone, just got back in town from checking out Battlefront last night in San Fran. If you haven't already checked out the news today, I added a couple pictures from the event itself. Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on the game and the levels we played. Rather than just the standard preview, I'll try and drop in some information that gamers care about If you have any specfic game questions, ask them here and I'll respond if I know the answer.
  18. Since almost every level has vehicles, all you would have to do is hop in one and just take out every sniper you see. Snipers are pretty useless against an AT-ST Another way to defeat snipers is to flank them and start capturing control points in reverse order. You can then spawn from both sides of a team and just close in on them.
  19. While you can probably find good sniping spots on every level, Endor is definitely the level for sniping. It's massive and there are literally hundreds of places you can hide. The only real benefit to sniping in a game like this is for defensive purposes though... If you goto the opposing team's base and start picking off their members... they will just respawn in 10 seconds and come looking for you.
  20. I'd like to introduce Van Lingo as our latest news reporter. He just received access yesterday and is already posting!
  21. i've been meaning to fix them, but we're trying to move to VB3 (and we're going to have to redo all the profiles anyway...) so that's really priority #1 forum wise for me
  22. Just to let everyone know, I fixed up the forums a little bit by removing two advertisements. I also centered it and tried to optimize the code a little so that the page loads faster for everyone. Also, Invader and I are working on getting the original site back online for everyone... sorry for the extremely long delay. We've just been swamped with real life and other sites on the network. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to send me a private message or leave your thoughts here!
  23. We're gonna be getting an interview w/the staff, so I'm going to start an interview thread in the near future so that everyone can get answers to any questions that they have Pre-E3.
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