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  1. I have had fun here, but it is time to change jobs and move on. This have been one of the better forums I have seen in a while. A sense of humor exsists here, anlong with a tolorence of the absurd. I will miss this place. And for the record, I never hated anyone. So long, and thanks- MadPoster
  2. Work sixteen hours, and what do you get? Another day older, and deeper in debt
  3. Don't forget EP9: The Building of the Temple of MadPoster, Who Rules All, and Should Always be Revered as a God. It is the only true way to end the SW saga.
  4. Only to have Jar Jar murdered by Squimbo-> Jawa Assassin!
  5. When is the real real final fantisy gonna be made? I mean, come on, there has been eight so far! Doesn't seem very final to me!
  6. Judging from your name, I am guessing ther is going to be a cliff in your future.
  7. Can we smack around the Teletubbies? The green one scares me, we need to whack that one first.
  8. Why not fly as well? A Rouge from Mekton II could cloak, float silently over to its target on anti-gravity generators, and blow the @#$% outs whatever it chose to with a cannon the unit holds 2 handed, and over the shoulder. Also, the energy force field it produces can stop all but the most powerful of attacks, and it has MBT level armor to stop whatever gets through the field. Go ahead, bring on your Battlemechs. I promise only to shoot you in the head.
  9. The US nuked Japan to stop WWII, because an invasion would have cost both contrys far more. And we are the world cops, because no one else wants the job, or has the capibilty of doing it. Yes, we have enemies. That will never change, but we can take them out when we need. Or just want to. And if comes down to being forced to resorting to genocide to stop terrorism, so be it. We have to look out for ourselves, no one else will. Shouldn't have to, all the muslims I know are peaceful people, and hardcore American citizens. All this is just aspects of being on top of the world's food chain. And to shut the rest of you up, we do have our faults, and make our mistakes, just like everyone else. But, we have grown to the point where we would never sanction the death of 5000 civilians, and expect the world not to respond. What happened will not go unpunished, and we will nail Bin Laden and all his cronies. It is just a matter of time. Everyone on earth has a new enemy: Terrorism. We work together to stop it, of we all will lose. It is us or them, pick your side, for there will be no bystanders in this World War.
  10. I recently defeated almost 500,000 foes in this forum, only to die by having my head removed (is that legal?). Then, of course, my toaster broke, and I had to get a new one.
  11. Got Cable? With the high bandwidths availble, they will only get bigger.
  12. *in a flash he appears!* Someone in need of abusing? Do tell!
  13. He did it! *points at The_Lost_Rouge_Garidan Everyone! Get him!!!!!
  14. *wanders in, arms out streched, head missing and neck founting grape juice.
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