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  1. If there are Mac gamers out there who don't already have a disk copy (since the Steam version is PC only for some reason), there is a new release for the Mac App Store for $9.99. Naturally I bought it (5th time) and wrote about it at Gear Diary. Hope all my old friends are doing well.
  2. I think you'd be better running Parallels and then grabbing Jedi Academy while Steam has the LucasArts mega-sale this week ...
  3. You can try to copy the disc to am image, which will tell you if it is a bad disc or not.
  4. I am assuming you are installing on Mac OS X (as opposed to Windows in Bootcamp)? Have you installed it before? While there is a universal binary patch that is for *after* the install ...
  5. Personally I just grabbed it on Steam so I no longer need to worry about the CD. Works great on my Win7-64 Alienware m11x R2.
  6. Well ... I ended up playing and my retro netbook review is up now at GearDiary.
  7. Have one of these coming in the mail very soon ... ... and if you are a rock music fan I definitely recommend this: ... especially since it is $5 for a limited time ...
  8. Oh sure, so do I ... but who wants to bother with DISKS anymore ?!?! What's next, pulling out your original floppy disk version of Dark Forces?!?
  9. The funny thing is that I am a sucker for replaying those games myself ... when I got the Alienware m11x one of the first things I did was re-install the whole Jedi Knight series from Steam ...
  10. Wow ... hard to believe you didn't play it ... I remember talking about it here and at Exchonetwork ... leXX, Stormie, etc ...
  11. Yep ... I checked all of my Mac and PC DD sites and none of them have it ... so I had to grab my CD's and reinstall it, and use a CD image ... The GOOD news? It runs *great* on the netbook - went to medium settings and it is smooth as silk! w00t!
  12. Does anyone know if there was ever a Digital Download release? Prefer gaming on my Alienware m11x ... no DVD drive ...
  13. As I noted here: Over at GearDiary.com I have a series called 'The Netbook Gamer'. Recently I stepped through the entire Kyle Katarn series on my Lenovo s10 netbook to review for the series: Dark Forces Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith Jedi Knight II Jedi Academy The articles look at the games through a historical lens, serving as content reviews, retrospectives, as well as technical reviews regarding running on a low-end netbook. Enjoy!
  14. Absolutely ... don't know if anyone has caught any of my Netbook gamer series for Gear Diary (if not, here is Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith and JKII ... with both Jedi Academy and Dark Forces coming soon ) ... but I love portable gaming and look to the m11x to expand that even further ...
  15. OK, blatant self-promotion here A couple of months ago I kicked off a new series called 'The Netbook Gamer' at Gear Diary, looking at games that work well on Netbooks (clevel, I know ) My first article was on Jedi Knight. Now I have another Star Wars related entry - Mysteries of the Sith. Check it out!
  16. I recently finished both games yet again, this time on my netbook for my 'Netbook Gamer' review series ... will alert when they get published ... but actually Mysteries of the Sith is next in line for publication ...
  17. Is that the one called 'Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box' in the US? If so, that is great - my wife took over my DS Lite since I got the DSi and she is loving this. For me ... since I just got my PSP Go, there isn't much. Just started playing Risen (Gothic 2 is in my top 5 all-time games) and loving it ... Dragon Age coming early November ... those along with other games will keep me full-up until the new year!
  18. Great news - hope that you two share a lifetime of happiness!
  19. Pong in the mid-70's. After that, my next addiction was Castle Wolfenstein on my Apple ][+ in ~81.
  20. Hmmm ... I had no problem on my HP 2133 or my Lenovo s10 ... and I've done CD on both, and also the new Steam version on the s10.
  21. Hey all, my latest gig is with Gear Diary ... and I have just started a series called 'Netbook Gamer' about ... well, gaming on a netbook. My first article is about Jedi Knight. Check it out here.
  22. Thanks for the link ... I had trolled around the Steam forums after my post and saw some similar things. JK / MotS are the really big disappointments to me.
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