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  1. - Do not post those links here, ever. There were enough warnings on these boards against this ASk
  2. Okay, "we"still got a problem, Link is actually left handed...
  3. That model is spelledP-E-R-F-E-C-T It looks almost like the Official Art, only almost though.
  4. Are it going to be released soon? I just would like to see it because I am going on vacation to Greece next Sunday.
  5. SWEET Cant wait to download it Oh and Kitty, I haven't got any PM's at all.
  6. Luigi look sweet........... and the Barbarian Model of course
  7. Better eyes, fixed belt, added that "Sword carrier" (dont know the English word for it:rolleyes: ). Its just perfect
  8. Wow, it looks.... Awesome, Nice Work. What eyes from which version do you use?
  9. Okay here is the definite version of the eyefix. Mention that a ugly black spot has been removed from the eye. This is the last version I am going to release, and has the best eyes, so I hope it is this one that is going to be used in Antizac's update.
  10. Okay here is the latest version, (with a change only I can see;) ). This is supposed to be released soon.
  11. Link Update 1, released!!! Get it here. This one was submitted before Antizac was going to make an update, got good ratings 10/10:rolleyes:. This does not cancel the "Real Update" with a better Master Sword.
  12. Okay I got a new picture on the face, this time with correct lightning. In fact the jpg file looks kinda strange but it looks good in game.
  13. Oh I forgot, I use very bright settings so thats why he is bright in the face.
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