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  1. Hey, I remember you! You had less posts but it was definatley you!
  2. lexx, have you been going through my things?! Ok, I'll 'fess up. I thought it was just an exceptionally glittery and talkative daddy-long-legs so I gave it a smack. It was only once i'd seen the charming film 'hook' about a boy who can't cant grow up who that I realised what I'd done!
  3. hehe, i like you, you are amusing. I've never seen anyone bump a dead thread and then be annoyed by its prescence before. A unique forum style certainly! Read the dates on the posts you are talking about then have another go... Further embarrassing of yourself may result in serious ramifications
  4. Hehe, if you'd had looked on page 4431 of the swamp you'd have found that this had already been covered. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=70071 Follow all of those and you cant go far wrong! Normally you'd be due some serious ramifications for repeating an already active thread but cos its you (and cos its 6 years old i spose ) i'll let you off and you can have a cookie instead. The serious ramifications roll over to next week tho!
  5. I'm sort of here I just did a quick google image search for the old picture of mr burns wearing his poodle hat that I used to use however instead i stumbled across this: This actually scares the crap out of me! I see no morally-satisfactory use for this item It only has evil applications
  6. Wow, how old is this thread!? I actually have a message in it I'm afraid I dont have any good things to add tho
  7. Hey nice choice. Join my epiphone club! This is my current sound maker: alpine white les paul custom. mmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. I have to say i think the 3rd is even better than the 1st
  9. Thats a shame she was a good laugh. She took my plans to foil her heroes in good humour. Even when i fed them radioactive cookies and spread rumours that they were afraid of the dark.
  10. I am a white male aged 18-25 I like: racing building robots wearing black I dislike: politicians failure volcanos sand I spose that makes me chewie or something
  11. Would get PS3 just for Metal gear solid 4 and my housemate will be getting xbox 360 anyway. i'm sure they'll both be good though
  12. I find it really hard to pick favourite songs as it really depends on what kind of mood i'm in and i usually pick stupid stuff. I'll have ago at the albums and bands though BANDS Manic Street Preachers Radiohead The Clash ALBUMS 1. The Holy Bible : Manic Street Preachers (A lot of the USA people here won't have heard of this) 2. Six : Mansun (Or This) 3. Melloncollie and the Infinite Sadness : Smashing Pumpkins (you should all know this though)
  13. This was the last thing i bought: I bought it to take into my exam. It obviously wasn't in a fancy glass like that or i would have been laughed at it was in a nice modest bottle. It was lipton ice tea: mango flavour on the whole it was quite refreshing and met my liquiditary needs for the exam. It tasted a bit like those red and yellow 1p fruit salad sweets but melted down and diluted. I found it quite refreshing and tasy but not a life changing experience unfortunatly after drinking half the bottle i encountered haribo syndrome where after excessive consumption of highly sweety goods and beverages they began to adopt a bitter taste to them. i didnt finish the botle and it ended up in the bin after the exam. a good effort though by the iced tea people though it should have tasted more like tea final score 5/10 conclusion buy a coke or sprite or bottle of water or something.
  14. I think i read thats its a 12A here in england which means kids have to be 12 or accompanied by an adult but i might be wrong. looks like i'm gonna have to pull out the old false mustache for this one!
  15. Wow cool you found my leaving thread i kinda assumed stuff that old would be deleted. I might go and see if i can find my old swamp olympics thread that was so fun to do. man that really takes me back. its cool to see so many oldies here and thanks to all the people who joined after i left and have still said hello it means alot. its nice to be made to feel welcome. i see that they finally allowed you to have pictures in your sigs and i wont have to sneakily paste mine in my message to make it look like one. (i got so many people ask how come i was allowed one ) well to fill you in been at uni for ages almost finshed now (finish exams on may 19th would you believe). will be getting 2mb broadband in about 2 months so when that comes round i will be a regular round here again cos you guys are so cool and brill.
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