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  1. You are part of the problem. Slacks don't have to be FOR and occasion; slacks MAKE occasions. I rarely have occasion to wear nice skirts and dresses but I wear the heck out of them anyway, and ROCK while I'm at it. On that note, jeans and a top hat would make a nice pair. Perhaps a dapper vest along with it??
  2. Truly top hats need to be back IN. Along with dapper vests and well fitted slacks. Not those baggy sacks you guys try to pass off as nice pants.
  3. Dravis, Avengers was fabulous. However, while IronMan did most of the saving, without the rest of the glorious man candy in the cast, all would be lost. Irony: I posted about how the Swamp was dying then totally forgot my post, and didn't log in for more than a month. Log in bonus: A NEW BADGE!!
  4. Yeah, I stopped reading after the baseball got where it was going. But seriously just round .9999999........ and it's totally 1. 0_o
  5. I think the swamp is dying. Maybe we need to send some super awesome, but slightly mentally strange astronauts to launch a bomb into it and supercharge it again. ... ... ... (if you don't get that, go watch Sunshine...now) So, what fun has everyone been having? Tremendously adventuresome plans for the summer? I have been studying studying studying for Bio, Psyche, and Lit finals. What fun!! And for the summer plans: NOT studying. Yay.
  6. Thank you, guys. After much trial and error, I was able to click the dl link in Firefox, tell it I wanted to view in IE, tell IE to open the file, save it, and viola! My evaluation! Funny story, though. My grade came in at an 84% and I knew that I had done better than that, so I called the head of the writing department, and asked her to look it over. She immediately disagreed with the other professor's evaluation and regraded. Bumped me to a 96%. Woot!
  7. Greetings, Swamp dwellers, I need a little help with a confusing file. I am taking some college credits through Penn Foster correspondence school. Whenever they grade any of my writing assignments they leave a link on my student homepage to view the instructor's evaluation file. The problem is that the file shows up as an "application/octet-stream" with no actual file type extension, so I cannot get any program to actually open this and display it in English. I can email my instructor and have them send a Word file, but it would be nice to skip that step and just download my evaluation. Do any of y'all know how get one of these to open?
  8. Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band has died. This makes me sad.
  9. Did that already, Rhett. 'Faith in his blowing skills'? Are you capable of a conversation without double entendres? I think not. Also, you're a dorky kind of engineering fella. How 'bout you crack open a DS, get a feel for the workings and then give us a walk through on how to check things over? I pay quite well in the form of pantless elves.....
  10. It is the DS Lite. From a single google search it seems like it's not a rare issue for folks.
  11. My younger brother's DS has a left shoulder button that is inconsistently non-responsive. He's had it cleaned out with compressed air, he's blown into it, etc. These fix it briefly but the problem recurs in a hurry. Does anyone have some recommendations? We wanted to open it up and clean it; the warranty is already expired so I'm not concerned about voiding it, however I don't want to break it even worse than it is. Lil' brother thinks that taking it to Game Stop and asking for assistance is a good plan, but I'm thoroughly unimpressed with the intelligence levels in my town. Perhaps our own Groovy Game Stop manager could offer some advice. Let me know what y'all think. Thanks much.
  12. See what you need is a doc whose also a friend who also enjoys your baked goods and will also write a letter to tell the court exactly what how terrible and detrimental to your health, and what an awful choice you would be for any jury. >.> <.< Or so I've heard.
  13. As if I'm going to tell you that, creeper. Actually, being opposed to the old fashioned-ness of the brakes would make me the opposite of a Luddite. Maybe next time you try big kid words, you'll work it into the proper context.
  14. *Tases you all* ............... ......... *Right in the nads* Yeah it's not so funny now is it? VGT: Chocolate Chip Cookies in cupcake form with a pure peanut butter center. MMmmmmmm..... Also, no basket pixxorrzzz Dathy. Stupid stupid rain that I adore and despise sooo soo much.
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