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  1. MY SON!! HUNTER{VAL}!! . . LOL . . he is really quite good. I really have to try like hell to beat him, and the ratio of my wins to his is increadibly close. He is only 6, but has a full grasp on the game and the intricate strategies in dueling . . He is more interested in making friends on the servers though . . then wasting them . . Give him a "Hello HUNTER!!" when you see him!!
  2. I had recently had two experiences with getting kicked off of a server . . The AoD server was pretty busy, but with mostly just AoD clan members . . I came into their game and challenged one of them . . it was a close fight and he won . . then I went to challenge him again . . and I was booted from the server. I also saw a bunch of other NON AoD members booted before me . . I came back on the server and told them if they would like me to leave . just ask. It is their server. I also said that maybe they should Password protect it if they just wanted their CLAN to play on it . . Next time guys . . Just ASK. I will be avoiding that server like the plague, and taking out any AoD in my path. I got booted yesterday from a server . . I didn't chat kill, I didn't PULL/Backstab to a bogus extent, but I did kick A$$ . . so I was kicked . . before the vote was finished . I asked "What the heck did I do?" . . If it's because I am the leader . . then improve your game!! . . I got kicked and then went back in . . I said you guys going to kick me again or challenge me one on one . . Let's go people!! . . learn to lose gracefully. Don't ABUSE the right to kick people from the server!! . . If they are scripting or chat killing then give the boot . . If they are kicking your butt . . try something different . . try . . HARDER!!
  3. Its simple . . I use it all the time. Its best used in a combo for better effect. It will save you butt against rolling pullers to, which makes me wonder what it is like to play on a 1.04 server with a rolling puller running rampant . . They told you how to do it above, but you can do it off of a kick to the face that doesn't push them to the ground . . you can do a major combo of running at them . . throwing your saber just as you get to them . . kicking them in the face . . and as your going back you already got your saber back . . so go right into a lunge. see . . simple.
  4. LOWEST ping FFA wins my time . but lately . . FRAGNATION .. ARCA and sometimes AOD . . LOVE the Jedi master and Jedi knight ones . . I have really been playing up my DARK side lately too . . HMMM . . love that DARK meat!!
  5. Dead pool would be cool . . How about THUNDAR the BARBARIAN!!! . . With his fablulose SUN SWORD (yellow saber) . . . His taunt would be "DEMON DOGS!"
  6. This kind of reaction just SCREAMS . . NO TALENT!!! You just keep getting your kills anyway you can. Wouldn't want you to actually EARN one.
  7. This kind of reaction just SCREAMS . . NO TALENT!!! You just keep getting your kills anyway you can. Wouldn't want you to actually EARN one.
  8. Hey, It's all good brother Zerowingzero . . You don't have to ride the fence for me . . I respect everyones opinions here, and I will defend their rights to have them. I love to hear what every one has to say, and I do not think less of them if their opinion differs from mine . . no biggy. That's what makes the world and it's people so interesting to me. Only thing I don't like is the guys that have the one PULL/Spinning move . . and thats it. Met a guy today called "Falling Down". He would come up with saber down and PULL/Spin+backstab . . and thats all he seemed to do. So I challenged him to take away his PULL . . Surprisingly enough . . He had real skill, and I told him so . . he killed me (after a good battle) and I gained respect for him, because he showed me that he was a much deeper and more centered warrior that I had assumed. That is what I try to do with every one here . . I try, but I am only human. So, If I mistakenly misjudge any one . . call me on it . . I will be the first to say "I'm sorry" . . but be who you are, and never regret that . . um, unless your an A$$HOLE . . LOL
  9. AHA!!! I had a feeling . . . Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! . . That has got to be it!! It started happening after I DL a bunch of Matrix maps with that being the first I installed . . Thanks again!!
  10. Depends . . Does An air Lunge still work in 1.04?? Because unless you script a ground Lunge it is very easily sidesteped and countered . . . I may be wrong because I refuse to play on 1.04 servers until I hear more positive things about it . . I stick to 1.03 servers.
  11. Links not working brother . . Try again so I can try-out . .
  12. No Brother Sean, I was talking to ZEROWINGZERO . . . I hold you in pretty high regards, but should you ever need a dummy to practice your DFA's on . . I'm Your DUMMY!! . .
  13. Well . . I will make sure to seek you out then . . won't I . . Looking forward to fighting a true devilish combatant. It's about time some one Actually stayed on the dark side. They say Dark meat is better for you . . I wanna see . . So swears RONIN{VAL}. You do realize . . it's a game . . right?
  14. I have: Admin MOD FAN MOD and now . . JEDI MOD But I still can't find what is causeing my guys to do that GAY Cartwheel . . !! . . Do you people realize that is just NOT RIGHT to VADER scamper about like a CHEERLEADER!!?? I Lose all respect when taunts . . I can't keep a straight face . . OOO your scary Mr. Vader . . . lets try that little move again . . shall we? . . 5 . . 6 . . 7 . . 8 . .
  15. Thanks sean, Awfully cool of you to offer that extra little tidbit. I will try this . .
  16. The glide is easy to do, but timing is needed. Go over to and edge or better yet a half wall like in bespin . . put your target on the edge of the wall looking down the wall . . hold forward and TAP (very important to jus TAP) jump . . keep hold ing forward and if your timing is right . . you will do a JEDI GRIND . . where your character floats across the length of the wall or edge . . The spinning thing is definitely a script for those with no talent . . I wouldn't waste your time trying to find that script . . your bigger and better then that.
  17. Call upon RONIN{VAL} any time at . . rlewis80@hotmail.com . . please feel free to add me to your MSN contact info.
  18. Look, I don't mind any one talking SH!T . . especially in an online game, but most true online gamers will acronym in text messaging format. BS=BULLSH!T . . FU=FnCK you . . and STFU=shut the f*** UP . . and so on. That's all I was really looking for. It took him more time to write that stuff too. I would think playing would more important then typing . .
  19. NO, You have Honor my friend. If they initiate any conflict, or fight back when engaged with their saber out, then they should be responsible enough to finish it. wether it leads to your demise, or theirs. To run off with the saber down for health or sheilds makes them only a weaker prey, and they are trying to take advantage of your good faith as a combatant. . . FINISH them . . FINISH IT. Gain your closure and know that this warrior doesn't look down on you in any way for these acts . . Oh and HAVE FUN dammit!! . .
  20. I come into our den at home to see my 6 year old son fighting with some guy named "486natas" (numbers might not be correct), and he beats him . . My son types "GF" and this jerk tells him to "Suck my(a part of his anatomy)" . . My son is gifted and can read, so I told him not to read that . . quickly . . Then he went over and challenged this guy again, and when my son bowed he glanced him with a DFA . . and then finished him off . . . then he writes . . well something I can't repeat . . too many filters. So, I press "T" and type in "Please try and not use that level of language. I am a father watching my six year old stand toe to toe with you." He says "Bullsh!t!" . . Then I tell him if he won't stop then I will jump in so he can see what real losing is . . so he starts in and I ask my son to leave . . He does . . but stays to watch, but not read . . I go in with a handi-cap (no throw) . . I call this a handi-cap because he DFA's A LOT . . and it's a no force no throw server. I take him and his friend on one at a time . . we fought 4 fights each . . I won 3 of the 4 against both. And then they get pissed and try and double team me . . I excel at multi-playing . . I ripped them both apart, and I must say . . made me feel GOOOOD . . especially since this is the first time I used Dismember, and I really ripped one guy in half and the other's head flew OFF!!!!!! . . Just thought I would share . .
  21. I know there are two new styles, which I am asuming are Bouble saber ones, but how do you get two sabers to appear?? Do you type it in? . .I have looked at the cammands and all I see to enter is that "Enabledoublesaber" command . . . What am I missing?
  22. Thanks guys .. Very cool of you to give up some time to write back to me . . As always .. I got your back, should you need it . .
  23. I am not sure what Version I mistakenly DL from a server or map, but now my guys are doing cart-wheels and a really funky martial arts move when you press back+crouch . . LOL Also my yellow does a blue backstab without turning . . and my heavy red is incredibly fast!! . . No mid-air Lunge either . . So did I unwittingly Down load some Dorks idea to FIX a game that isn't BROKEN!!!?? . .
  24. You mentioned the upper cut in the air . . so where's the Crouching?? . . Not a script for me to be 1/4 through a back flip to SNAP out into a LUNGE in mid air and hit someone following me . . Oh my . . and I didn't crouch . . so lose that whole aspect right there . . another wonderful thing I like to do is Lunge out of a flip off the wall . . ZOWY! . . that takes em down too . especially the throw-spammers . . they throw at you while your running and you jump off wall turn in the air and lunge right out and into their faces. By the way . . if they are scripting the ground moves, the script includes the WORD "Crouch" in there (I am sure) so that there is some sembelance of a crouch, however smalll it may be . . . You can probably bind a key that has forward+Crouch+primary . . . If you can't pull these moves off without a script (or the thought of one) then the ONLY word I can come up with . . is NOOB. Oh and . . IDIOT!
  25. YOU IDIOT! . . it's the WHINERS that got them to change the damn game . . Why would they whine about it AGAIN . . The adaptors wouldn't have whined about 1.03 because . . well, because they would have ADAPTED!! . . . LOL It's not about DISCOVERY!! . . Have fun learning what will work? . . What's so funny is that they are eliminating more and more moves . . not giving you NEW ones . . Like I posted before, pretty soon you'll have one style one strike and some one just like YOU sayin . . it's not that bad . . Have fun learning what works for YOU . . DUH . . Um, how about running at the guy with the one strike . . that worked last ime . . DOH!!
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