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  1. I had reported earlier that my 6 yr old son was now playing JEDI II . . well now he is doing a lot more online!! . . Last night we played a team FFA and our team cut out on us right at the begining of a game . . it was just me and my son against 6 peeps!! . . WE WON!!! . . I had 23 kills and he had 7, but it was incredible . . I had one time when there where 5 against me . . One guy stood outside the other four and Spammed lightening . . I had absorb on but my force was running out, so I jumped kicked this loser and Lunged up his body, as the others were running up to backstab me I Kicked him in the face again, threw my saber as I flipped back off the kick (that finished him) and landed behind the guy trying to backstab me . . I backstabbed HIM . . killing him. Then I switched to yellow and executed a DFA killing another one, but as I finished my animation one of the two left killed me . . my son came in and finished him off . . LOL . . I got THREE of them!! . . He got 1 and I was able to respawn and help with the fifth before to long . . what a great time we had . . .
  2. Saber toss was also in the books and the Nintendo video game release for N64. Luke did both . . meaning in the books and and in the game. As a matter of fact, it was almost impossible to beat Darth Vader in that Nintendo game without it . . that was some 7 years ago or so . .
  3. Okay, I may say I love Star Wars, but I am in no way a complete lost soul to the movies. Sure I have seen the first three (4,5 and 6) a bunch of times, but last night was my third time seeing Episode I with my son. I saw two great moves from the game there . . the Blue backstab (Obi Wan did this to a Droid in the begining of movie when they came out from the room with poisonous gas) and the yellow DFA (when Obi Wan flipped over Darth Maul near the end before he got seperated from Qui and Maul in the Naboo fight scene) and I think that maybe it was the yellow backstab sweep he used to kill Maul and slice him in half (that one is open for debate). Anybody else see this?? Also I recall reading in the books that Luke used saber toss a lot . .
  4. Got news for you PAL. I would be MORE ticked if it were removed. This is a FICTIONAL game based on Star Wars Jedi Knights. If any thing Raven should have made a move where a Jedi could slow his decent using the force . . Like PUSHING towards the ground or something . . . (this move with LUNGE in mid air is a sad but neccesary move to slow you from falling) You have these warriors that can Jump two stories and pull men from ledges,yet they can't slow their fall with the force. I'll be happy when the invent a MOD that allows you to PULL/PUSH debris that is on the map, like they have shown in just about every Star Wars MOVIE . .
  5. All I have to say is . . AWESOME beer!! . . He He Hey now lets BASH New Hampshire . . where I live . . He He . . Where the men are men, and they look at Sheep funny!! . .
  6. WHere else can you fight a guy walking on the side of the WALLS!! . . I went on a no force POWER server the other night. YOu could kick, walk up and on walls, but no throwing sabers or push/pull . . I squared off against this guy on that map with the catwalks . . (something streets) and we kept on running up the sides of the walls doing our saber slashes there!! . . it was sooo coool. I hit him twice and then he nailed me a good one before falling off the side to his death . . . LOL Any body try this?
  7. THis isn't a "How too Question" . . It's more like "What Version?" I went on two different servers today and saw something . . NEW. I jumped from a high distance and went to slow my decent with LUNGE . . when LO-AND-BEHOLD . . my guy starts doing weird flipping somersaults in the air like he was have seizures or something, and I landed . . HARD! . . Real Hard! I thought this might be just a little quirk with the lag or something . . but when I did my famous fake backflip to mid-air lunge it did the same damn thing(LOL . . "My FAMOUS" . . like I invented it . . PLEASE). Biggest question is can this move do any stinkin damage? (other then causeing my advisary to laugh and make milk come out of his nose . . . HEY SHUT -UP!! . . that happens to be a real FORCE POWER!!) . . LOL So can it do damage or should I avoid these servers if I want to confront my intended bitch in the air with a LUNGE smak down . . . ?? Inquiring minds wanna KNOW . . COME on TWINS I know you got this stuff all down in your memory . . lay it on me Twin MASTERS . .
  8. Just coureous brother . . . Why only NF servers??
  9. HOLY CRAP!! . . you can use a lightSaber like they do in the movie!?!?! I've been just firing any gun I could get my hand on!! . . WTF button snaps on the SABER?? . . son-of-a . . .
  10. Alright this is fun as SH!T!! . . Mine would be: Lewro Dumas
  11. I went on a server last night with no force powers and no Saber throw. It was great fun to actually play on that map with the streets (catwalks) and not be pushed/pulled/griped to your death at every turn. I actually Dueled this guy TWICE on the wall. We faced off, and when we passed each other for a saber slash . . we did it on the wall. It looked so cool, and was very fun. Next map, I had my Bearings . . I was able to get used to fighting without throwing. BIGGEST problem was the friggin DFA spammers. It's easy enough to move out of the way, but Come ON!! . . Over and over again . . I would kick them, but I think you have to wait until they stand up from the finishing animation . . Am I right? I had dominated every fight, because people would actually change stances to give me more of a variety and they were really close fights. More then once I was down to 2 HP left!! I managed to win EVERY one . . UNTIL. I had been fighting some truly great players but this guy comes up and I guess he decides to represent the server (the server was OMNI something . . for the OMNI CLAN). He gets up there, and challenged me. I had 100HP and 25SHLDS . . I bowed and looked up to DFA coming my way!! Every one else had Bowed so I thought . . . Anyway, I quickly jumped out of the way but took a good hit . . bringing me down to 34HP . . I managed to make the match last, but he beat me. I told him GF, then said I Would like to try that again. Next time I think he thought I wouldn't BOW. I did (my perogative) and he quickly moved in for the attack againg . I side stepped and lunged, but Didn't make contact . . We traded blows, but I could tell that he was fast becoming my BITCH. I kicked him MANY times! . . I yellow sabered him with a side slash and he was still trying that stupid DFA!! He was really good with it too. Then he jumped up to narrow walk way and kept calling me up (he must have been around 5-2 HP). I went up and as soon as I reached the top he was in the air in another DFA!! . . no where to go so I dodged side-ways off the narrow walk-way. It caused me some Good damage when I landed, and i looked up to see him beckoning me AGAIN! . . what a retard!! I told him "you can do your damn DFA down here and finish the fight like a man!" then I got a "SERVER disconnected" error . . . He booted me!! OMFG . . He booted me because I was winning! . . I enjoyed the fighting and would try a similar server out (Needs Saber throw to keep down the DFA spamming) but I am not going back to OMNI. ANy way . . just an observation from a NEWBIE . .
  12. Well you can classify me now as a Newbie . . A person who is new to the game and is still learning. Now I don't think it was that WONDERFUL a move. I can now give as good as I get in this game . . I am still very much a Padawan, but there have been quite a lot of wonderful peeps that have taken the time to say "hold it . . stop. Try this instead.:)" . . and when I do . . I learn something new. I have added a few great moves to my arsenal of JEDI martial ARTS, and now I can usually be found in the top three slots. Look for me as my Light side name "RONIN{VAL}" and I will, in turn, look for you.
  13. Your pretty confident . . SWEEET! I like fighting you guys . . you bitch the loudest with my saber through your chest. Be a pleasure. Oh and I will bow . . not for you, but for me. It's not a gesture of YOUR honor . . its MINE.
  14. I always bow . . I get away from the guy as soon as we are engaged in a Challenge and bow . . I have had MANY peeps try DFA on my while I do it but I move out of the way . . had one guy who just kept slashing with blue on, and I would dodge to get clear so I could bow, but he would chase me . . LOL . . finally got in a bow but he threw his saber and tagged me . . others that were watching said all sorts of SH!T to him for doin it, but I had already kicked him to the ground and backstabbed him . . Had he not tagged me with a saber throw . . I might have not resorted to such a blood thirsty combo, but the situation warranted, at the very least, a LESSON in respect. . . . He disconnected after that. On a nother note . . I fought this guy called DrJrMcburger and we were squared off in a challenge . . I did a nice combo ending in a Backstab and he had did his OWN combo ending at that moment in an arial (yellow flip) attack . . I won . . which was BS. I told him that that was his KILL . . His was up and out of the way, and slashing down on my head. How in the world did my backstab tag him?? . . he had the better move, so I offered him myself for an equal kill ratio, but he was so taken back, that he said "no thanks" . . . This whole event meant that I had made another friend. I would rather make friends in this game then Mortal enemies . .
  15. I saw a guy last night who would PULL and then assume the person (ME) had fallen and then start walking backwards SLAPPING his happy little sword into the ground . . he looked like an idiot . . At least wait until I actaully fall . . LOL
  16. I have read your threads on people overly using Pull/backstab to spam kills over and over again, but today I think I witnessed the very haneous act in its entirety. Couple of guys in this server I reffered to in an earlier thread, were in Stromtrooper skins just pulling and backstabbing the crap out people. . . I had Absorb on so I would fight them and win the majority of the time, but they never did ANY THING ELSE . . I finally had enough (after being pulled and backstabbed for the 5th time) , and said "If you guys would except my challenge you can show me what a true warrior you really are" . . one of em said "I will fight you . . " . . DOH!! . . I handed him his A$$ . . I even had time to TOY with him . . was funny as SH!T!! . . He never answered my challenge again and kept spamming the rest of the time . . SAD part is . . I'm a stinkin NOOOOB!! . . very sad when some one can actually get joy from that type of fighting . .
  17. I do not expect a Sith Jedi to bow, but I do expect them to fight their own battles. I don't mind taking on two guys, but when they team up to slaughter you . . please . . doesn't this go against the principle of Star Wars any way? I thought there was only supposed to be one Master and one Sith or Sith Lord to the dark side, because they all tend to kill each other . . I read that somewhere but maybe I am wrong . .
  18. So I am on this server called "Hairy Ballsack" . . and I am trying to show this fine Jedi named TMH how to backstab and other stuff he wanted to learn, then this wonderful master comes on and gives me some tutorials . . sorry I forgot your name but thank you for taking the time out to help us out . . Then these two guys wearing same skin come on and one grips you and the other one backstabs or slashes you with red style . . I ask the gentlemen if they thought that was "CHEAP" or not, and they said yup . . it's CHEAP. then they kept it up. so I switched to absorb, but they only needed 1 kill which they got for the game to be over. Next game I call for a VOTE to kick them . . me and TMH vote yes but these guys and another one vote NO . . so TMH and I team up against them . . They won but we had more kills . . I had 19 and TMH was 13 while they had 20 and 6 . . . I still think this is so unfair, and gives a wonderful shining beacon and their mentality. Bravo you little 14 year olds, now you can clasp each other on the back and surf the net for porn . . . I see you again and I won't ask you to stop . . I will just switch to my dark side and take my time with you . . .
  19. I was surprised to Hear that LEXX is a woman . . I am surprised because not as many woman play online as men . . I truly believe this . . because woman are better at budgeting their time . . then men are . . I would love to duel you LEXX . . i expect to learn from you, and hope I can give you some what of a challenge . . my MSN is rlewis80@hotmail.com . . please feel free to contact me and set a time and place . . looking forward to being seared and toasted by you mighty saber!! . .
  20. Name the time . . He needs to have a good Lord and Master in the Force . . his Dad just won't do . . I think he would love to be your Padawan . .
  21. This forum won't let you upload them, but I will post an IMG link later on . .
  22. Hey man a wonderful Jedi Master named "LimeLight" helped me out and now I will do the same for you . . My MSN account is rlewis80@hotmail.com . . find me and we will find a server to help out with any info I can . . Maybe my teacher "LimeLight" will show up and give us both a good whipping later . . LOL :D
  23. Thanks man. He actually giggles when guys come gunning for him . . and he always says "NICE" and "LOL" . . and "GF" . . Gotta set an example . . don't I?
  24. Alright I believe I MIGHT have the youngest JEDI out there . . . My son Connor has recently been bitten by the JEDI II bug, and he now plays on servers as HUNTER. Look for and know that you are fighting a 6 year old . . LOL . . if you do see him, please keep the swearing bound to acronyms . . like "WTF" and "BS" . . he can also read at second grade level . . P.S. he also does quite good too . .
  25. Amen and ready your SABERS!!
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