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  1. You all make valid and wonderful points. It is true that the honesty and honor may be different to all. My idea is to play with what is provided by the game . . . but I try and avoid anything someone might consider "Cheap" or "cheesy". I have locked sabers and thrown the guy to the ground in a challenge, but I didn't feel it neccessary to follow him and backstab or get another shot, instead I waited for him to get up . . I don't always do that . . but this time I did. I think a backstab in the right contexted is very fine and admirable as long as it is not spammed and used over and over again with pull. I think throw is the same way. I just got off a server where I was challenged, and we fought. We fought well, and my health was low. He jumped on top of a wall and stood tehre (his health low too) . . it was kind of like old west gunfighters. He let loose his saber and I side stepped it and on its return I threw mine catching him as he caught his . . the result? Victory on my behalf, but it had come down to two warriors and the throw.
  2. Okay . . I see where you said that . . your right the saber is never repeatidly thrown. Sorry for the mix up. I agree on the taking advantage of a pull/throw combo bug, but come on . . there is a way to defend this with absorb on right? I guess it boils down to this . . . it's better to play fair and honorable, but you will have those few who do not. that is when you take THEIR game to them. On the map with TONS of catwalks I start out playing with only good saber-manship and challenges, but as soon as I get thrown or pulled or gripped for the 5th time, I will adapt and fight as they do. Not to win, but to make their stay on the server as miserable as I can, so that they leave and gameplay can once again resume with honor.
  3. And yet . . this is another case where an ignorant person has come into contact with a computer . . . I believe you can find this gentleman and his so called friends in the many Chat rooms of http://www.LOSER.com . . . Try a little kindness . . It goes a long way. And be more specific . . "GAY" as in homosexual . . or "GAY" as in happy and cheerful . . I would vote for the latter, but I know you prefer the first definition . . don't you?
  4. Well although, I don't believe in constantly throwing my saber . . I do believe in hitting an open spot . . . Hence; you use red attacks and bring your saber over your head, and I will toss my saber into your exposed belly. you try death from above, and I will toss a saber at the back of your head when you land . . . I do believe it can be over used, but I will hit vulnerable spots if you are generous enough to offer them . . Also someone mentioned that the throw wasn't in any Star Wars movies . . WRONG . . the empire strikes back in the fight scene where Vader fights Luke in the freezing chamber. Also they pushed this "FORCE" power with the Star Wars Nintendo 64 games where you could learn this trick on that side scrolling game . . .
  5. Sorry man . . my attempt at a dramtic pause. You'll have to forgive me . . I am a bit overly dramtic . . LOL
  6. oops just saw this post man . . What style do you study? . . Look for me under RONIN{VAL} . . I agree with you 100% . . MASTER . . LORD . . indeed . .
  7. There is much much more moves then you give this game credit for. Its all in your mind!! . . unleash it brother!! Nothing like having a guy pitch a saber at you while you are running towards a wall, then run up wall and flip over saber then in the air spin around and do a lunge as you land catching him off-guard . . LOL . . or tossing your saber at a guy while jumping over him and then getting some backstab damage on him as you land behind . . Or pulling a guy off the side of a building who gripped you and is sending you to your doom . . So many combos . . so little time . . you just have to learn to be just a little more creative . . you can do it!!
  8. I go by the names . . RONIN{VAL} DARK_ZONE
  9. LUCK . . This is the name of my new special COMBO!!! He He . . picture this . . small room . . two fighters versus . . ME!! I usually play as RONIN{VAL} but I play as DARK_ZONE when I use the DARK side . . this time . it was RONIN{VAL} . . I was able to fight these two guys, who were trying to backstab and such . . I managed to get them quite a few times and was down to 20 health myself when I did it . . . I rolled out of harms way and ran at the guy on my right and kicked him hard enough to make him fall down . . as I passed by second guy I swiped him and sent my saber flying at the guy on right JUST getting up . . Killing him, and on my sabers return I was pressing primary and back to BACKSTAB the guy I had just passed . . . Killing him . . very sweet . . very smooth . . and I couldn't do it again in a million YEARS!!!!! . . LOL . . they were all like "GF" and I was saying . . "LUCK" It's the FUN!! . . that counts.
  10. LOL . . never said He beat me . . MUCH . . He He . . After I saw that move, I wasn't afriad to approach him . . I just did it cautiously . . very caustiously . . He knew I saw him and he tryed Pulling me a couple times . . but I am still getting the finese part down in the game and I tend to ABsorb a lot of pull combos . . so he was forced to fight saber out and and no pull combos . . OUr fight ratio ended up being 5-2 his favor, BUT I started figuring him out . . and given another MAP or two . . well . . who knows . .
  11. I think you missed the point . . it was this Image he had. . . very powerful . . Yes he could do the back stab . . that wasn't the big "WOW" I was reffering to . . it was the fact that he did it from no saber out to saber out and throught the guy and sabe back in . . Havn't seen any one else do it yet so it was a big deal to me . . See I'm a NOOOOOOOOB . . Yup a Little ol . . NOOB . . so your sarcasm (even though it was meant to belittle) is lost on me. Though I am sure you friends will clap you on the back and give you an "atta BOY!" . . there does your EGO feel better now?
  12. I had the incredible priviledge in watching one, JEE-REE[GRAN JEDI] today . . . It was almost too incredible, but I think it was definitely all true . . no scripting . . He would walk about with his saber sheathed . . if any one attacked him with force or saber . . in one fluid move he would . . SPIN and SABER stab him through the chest . . and sheath his SABER!! . . without missing a beat . . It was incredible to watch. He would also get his saber flying in a circle and and leave it in the middle of a battle field calling it only to return if challenged . . . Has any one seen this guy in action . . There was some one ther named Ninja Nuggets who was with me, but he was no match for Jee-Ree . . . Watch and learn as I have . .
  13. And HE DID!!! Lime Light was very kind and showed me more of the Jedi Ways . . . I might add that he is extremely good too!! Thanks to all of you who replied to my post . . I hope I get a chance to play all of you SOON!!
  14. Well hello my fellow JEDI's, I will call of of you "Master" as I have done many times in the last four days As I thrill to your awesome saber-manship!! I ask one thing from you . . A little teaching for this lowly padawan . . . I know the Back/Stab is not a favorable technique amongst all Jedi, but it is powerful . . I am assuming that you do it by pushing Back and your Primary at the same exact time, but only when someone is behind you . . . This sometimes results in a complete sweeping motion for me too with the same effect though. How in the Heck do you guys RUN UP WALLS . . I saw a whole server of guys doing it, and I couldn't get up to where they were, so I started just giving them nudges with my saber throw to get them to fight me down on the ground . . and next thing I know . . I see a vote to "KICK" Me . . . LOL . . I just wanted to play . . Oh by the way . . I play as RONIN . . but the name was taken, so I play as Dark ZONE when I am feeling the DARK SIDE take over . . LOL. Can any one help me out with this? . . also Why does the majority of servers shut OFF CHAT . . I love telling people what an awesome battle that was . . right after I re-Spawn . . LOL Oh and how do people talk with their character's voice?? Man I am a NOOB!! Later guys . . RONIN :confused:
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