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  1. Great job on the snow speeder it looks professionally made and I think it's quite under rated. The thing is anyone can rate a file, they don't have to have any understanding or real appreciation for what you've done. That's the free world. I look forward to more of your work.
  2. Dude, I think you put it in the wrong forum over on Massassi. They'll make a big fuss about as usual then it'll be closed or moved to the proper forum. Good luck on your quest
  3. The trick is to use a little bit on a small scale because it doesn't get as much attention. I want to be able to get away with a few small things here and there, I'm just hoping LEC doesn't decide to put their foot down and enforce the rules that limit what we can do as modders. From a business point of view they are not hurt by it because someone else is basically promoting their stuff. The more you have Star Wars on your mind, the more likely you'll go out and buy something Star Wars related.
  4. If you're using pictures, sounds and other resources taken from the star wars movies or from other games, I'm positive that's illegal.
  5. All legal issues aside, those menus look really nice. I hope Lucas Arts doesn't find out about this because I could see them possibly getting really strict with what modders can get away with. Get permission from the original authors or your project won't last very long and your work will be wasted.
  6. Keep this in mind, all silver colored crates can be destroyed in both levels. Getting up there is a simple jumping puzzle. It's a matter of jumping on the right ones in succession.
  7. I'm glad you guys like it If there is no major issue forcing me to do a version 1.1 I'm going to take a break from Jedi Knight. With the experience I gained from making this project and after playing, and being inspired by, the first JK I have big plans for Jedi Academy. A new NFL season has started and I'm going to play some Madden NFL 2004 for awhile then I'll start my new project. Cheers to everyone who downloaded my mod
  8. Everything is done from the opening text crawl to the closing credits. I'm going to do some extensive final testing and release it in a few days (barring a huge problem). Thanks to everyone who helped me out. http://mercenary.bravehost.com/
  9. I downloaded it, and played it, and I think it's good.
  10. Simply amazing! I love the architecture and the texturing.
  11. I'm auditioning for Dash and an Imperial officer. If you want to try out send me a small sample mp3 file to mercenary@most-wanted.com.
  12. I did find all my voice actors but I still have to audition them, I'll give you a try too Patrick_H and others to make sure I find the right people. A couple of testers bailed on me so I have an opening or 2.
  13. Finally,...(sigh)... an update. I need 2 more voice actors and some subtitles and the whole thing will be complete. Here's a link to a web site that contains information and screenshots about the Dash Rendar sp mod. http://mercenary.bravehost.com/
  14. I don't think you hit the entity limit, one of my maps has 2175. Guessing from the error, it looks like a string problem, I remember getting an error because I made a name too long in Radiant. Maybe you have too many sound sources running at the same time. I don't know man.
  15. Thanks for the comments guys. I'm working on final cutscene production. I hope ICARUS II will be better for JA. If all goes well with the voice actors I'm aiming for a mid July release. You can get the Dash Rendar model at jk2files.com and the blaster comes with the Han Solo model by Major Clod.
  16. Dash Rendar sp Features: -Dash Rendar model by Sniper Wolf, KMan and Toonces -BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol by Major Clod -Outrider ship prefab by Rob A. (Adarin) -2maps (2 different locations) -lots of scripting -mission objectives -storyline -cutscenes -strong NPC support -custom textures and shaders -dynamic music -opening text crawl Thanks to Kengo and Louis for helping me setup
  17. Go to selection in the menu and hit ungroup entity and then try again. You might want to post this in the regular mapping forum.
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