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  1. You can help this problem by opening the .pk3 files of skins you don't use often (like skins for other clans that you want to see others use, but you dont actually use them yourself) and deleteing the icon files. Then you either write down the model/skin name or memorize it to use with the "model <model>/<skin>" command. It then becomes like the hidden skins that came with the game; like the prisoner skin whos command to load is: "model prisoner/elder". (BTW if you don't know .pk3 are openable with winzip. And deleteing icons will not stop others from being able to see you or you see them useing the skin.)
  2. This model will make ALOT of skinners VERY happy. Excellent job mate.
  3. Jedi 1: I have a bad feeling about this. Jedi 2: Are you kidding? We're flying over Yavin 4, what could possibly go wrong? Tavion: Ooo looky target practice.
  4. Hehe I just found this thread and couldn't resist bring up this one again. Jaden: So I'm at this Halloween party and this couple show up dressed as a dancer and a wanna be storm trooper. And so I'm there doin my alien breakdance in my weequay costum and the fruity chick comes over and punches me right in the ......
  5. And BTW to get black in your name use "^^0". The first carrot will still show but everything after will be black. So typing ^^0Star^1Viper^^0Pilot will appear as ^StarViper^Pilot.
  6. Sweet concept, hope you can pull it off. Model looks good so far, but maybe you could pull the chin in a bit? Or maybe i mean move the "nose bump" up quite a bit. I think the effect that is being recreated in the robot's face is sort of a cloth wrapped around a real face. Sort of a "ninja" look, but in metal.
  7. Awesome dude! I played the beta version(unrobed) and it was very well done IMO. I sure this will be great too.
  8. Click my link in my sig to help me out.
  9. Royal Guard, Episode 1 Obi red skin, Chiss red skin for my favorite looking model. Qui-Gon Jinn's "don't do that again" and Bespin Cop's "Take that!" for best sounds.
  10. F is push G is pull H is heal Q is use force Tab is speed R is screen shot T is taunt U is say "Ouch!" I is say "Good Fight" O is say "Nice" P is say "lol" Shift is change saber stance Ctrl is walk F1-F8 I use to bind various messages F9-F12 have name binds KeyPad Enter is the score display that goes on tab normally End is change between 1st and 3rd person I *think* that's all of them but I'm not real sure anymore. This setup was made for single player and then modified for dueling and now it's starting to evlove again to include FFA type games. PS sorry can't make the game tonight.
  11. Hehe, have fun with AOM. I just got Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries so I might not be around alot for about a week. But if we have a game I'll come.
  12. Sorry I missed the meeting, found out I had a week less than I thought on an English paper (which I just finished and is due tomorrow mourning). But unless I get alot of homework tomorrow my week looks pretty clear of homework. Also I missed some stuff last weekand because I just got a new comp and it took some time to get the nework up and my stuff transfered.
  13. Site looks nice! I can do some graphics work if you have anything you don't want to do yourself ( I can make buttons, banners, take high-res screen shot and cut stuff out...). Maybe each member of the clan could have a page on the site for a picture, their profile, their history, and other stuff? Guess that would depend on how much space you have.
  14. Thanks! One other question, how do you search for a server by IP adress?
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