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  1. What can I say? I second every praise the movie has gotten and will get. Man I teared up big at the end, so bitter sweet. I liked that the ending was very accurate to the book. Its too bad they had to cut out so much over all, Id have liked it if the movie was 4 hours long and had all the major scenes in it, including Anyway regardless, best picture of the year, period!
  2. Single for me. In real life though I think Id use staff cause I was in martial arts and staff was my best weapon. Im suprised there arent more dual votes, I see lots of duals in mp, almost primarily sometimes.
  3. JediNyt


    Just wondering when the first patch will be. The games been out for a month so I would think that one is on the way. Anyone got info? Raven?
  4. I agree. You look at some of these and your like "How the hell could anyone get a grip on that?" Same thing in the movies too. Like Anakins and Lukes. They look so uncomfortable to hold. Lots of junk and sharp edges on them. In real life it would be very difficult to fight with one of those grips. Thats one reason I chose the Arbiter since it has a good grip and a clean look. My Star Wars club is going to make our own working sabers in the near future. I plan to not clutter it up with pointless junk and doodads. Itll be simple and good looking.
  5. A great counter to saber barrier is to wait until they are almost finished and do a strong top down hack on their head. Works almost every time.
  6. I love siege I think its the best game type but unfortunately there are only about 3 servers playing it at any one time and they mostly lag! I see people posting that they get 20 siege servers. How is this?
  7. When you first played through the single player game and it came time to choose sides, what path did you choose? I chose Light.
  8. Siege! Its too bad nobody likes power duel though, I think its a good game type.
  9. 143 was my score, then I got bored. Still its quite funny
  10. I agree, fast and medium seem to have been nerfed. Ive never won a duel using fast in JA. I mostly use strong because it connects the most even though it looks lame. Actually hitting someone effectively with fast and medium is unrealistically hard. Imho. But still I use single primarily.
  11. I dont know if this has been mentioned before, there are so many posts I wouldnt know. But often the game will skip several frames in mp. It also slows down whenever I push/pull someone or they do the same to me. Other than that the frame rate is fine. I know this is just a little thing but its still annoying. Maybe it has to do with the lag problems in the game?
  12. For single and dual I use the Arbiter and for staff I use the Vindicator. And I use blue blades for all of em. What about you?
  13. I talked to Sony and they said I need to get AGP texture acceleration working in Direct X for the game to work. So Im gonna have to reinstall Direct X and my video drivers to try to get that enabled. I dont know if I have to uninstall all of it first so I sent an email asking them. I also dusted and vaccumed my comp just in case it was overheating. I dunno, its still nice to have a clean comp. Tomorrow I might know if all this works so we'll see.
  14. Jaden needed to get to Korbal, he wasnt gonna go waste time to make a whole new saber when his was working just fine.
  15. I agree. Dual kata/barrier seems too good. Right at the beginning of one the sabers can sometimes achieve a one hit kill. Though when they end it I find it very useful to Strong swing on their head or do Medium DFA right over em. And throw is also effective against it. But other than that they are invulnerable.
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