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  1. If COR is the prequel then how does the priest know Riddick and that he can help Helion Prime? Why does Riddick mention "The Planet"? Why is "Jack" older?
  2. The only reason they wore ski masks is because they're ****ing pussies, sorry for the language but this guy wasn't a soldier and they MURDERED him for "revenge". I have buddies in Iraq and I hope they exact revenge for this guy and slaughter the entire Iraqi army soon. The Iraqi's don't even know what they're messing with. They will soon learn the hard way. This will not go unjustified. GO UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES!!!!!!!!! KICK ASS AND COME HOME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. We're not talking about anime characters so quit picking them, anyway, I picked Jessica Rabbit, she was a hottie.
  4. Dude, the EXACT same thing is happening to me. I can excuse my own absences because I'm 18 but they're counted as Personal days. It's not 10 UNEXCUSED, it's 10 that aren't excused for medical, religious, or school activities. Doctors notes take care of medical (not notes from mom saying you had the flu); funerals, weddings, and church happenings are religious; and sports or clubs are school activities. I wish I could say "Go get 'em" but the fact of the matter is, the school is right in this case. It's happening to me, the best thing to do is to go to your principal and ask for a "No-Credit Recovery Contract" if you don't skip anymore then you'll still get credit for the classes if you pass them, that's your only option.
  5. This movie is sooooo great, I loved it, I thought the characters were pretty well thought out and I liked the ending because they didn't drag it on longer than necessary (the battle)
  6. Hey, I know lots of girls. PORN however, it just has an allure to it that draws me to it and I have to look or watch in awe. I LOVE porn! I even work w/a girl who looks like she should be in porn! (No I'm not a virgin, I'm in the middle of hookin up w/a chick who's pretty damn hot, I just LOVE PORN!)
  7. "Don't worry" "Of course the safety's on" (i said that to my friend while riding around in his car and i had a paint ball on, i guess i had clicked it on while bringing it IN the car and then again while it was in, i shot his floor )
  8. Making fun of someone for a hobby is hypocritical and sad, that's all there is too it. Whoever called us "boner buddies" w/the Yu-Gi-Oh kids is a worthless p.o.s., grow a pair and start acting like a man "hey man, i just made fun of some guy who stuck up for little kids cuz i was making fun of them, i called them BONER BUDDIES! I'M WAY COOL HUH?" R E T A R D E D. What's a queermo? I think I remember hearing that in like 7th grade, which is probably what grade you ARE in so I guess it's alright, but still, why don't you sit this one out and let the big boys talk for a little bit ok? or do you need a diaper change yet? And dude, learn how to spell, wait never mind you're a jackass. I'm tired of all of you hypocrits who make fun of other people's hobbies when your's is just as bad if not worse. At least those kids have enough respect to stay on their own forum and leave others alone, but you guys, you're pathetic. That's all there is to it, YOU ARE LOSERS.
  9. Thank you, I just think people should realize and accept the different tastes people have in society. You won't bad mouth someone because they would rather eat Burger King than Subway would you? If someone chooses a street racer over a Dodge Hemi? And vice-versa, it's not a bad thing to like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or Dragonball Z (one of my favorites btw), DBZ kicks ass, Trunks is the ****. My name's Mike too
  10. Anyone who's old enough or privelaged enough to have played the NES would pick that instantly. I'm only 18 but I remember that thing since forever ago. It was and always be the best, Atari kicked ass too
  11. First, sorry about the double post. Second, I'm going to take that as a joke and HOPE TO GOD that you weren't serious. IF you are serious, where are you from? Do you or your family own any guns? I know the answer to that question right away, OBVIOUSLY NOT. I know this because like I just said in my previous post, I PLAY JUST ABOUT EVERY FIRST PERSON SHOOTER ON THE MARKET, and they all try to be as realistic as possible. I also shoot REAL guns on a regular basis. The ONLY reason I'm a good shot outside of a game, is because I PRACTICE WITH REAL GUNS AND REAL BULLETS. I will call you naive because you think a 2 oz. plastic gun that you point at a t.v. screen not more than 10 feet away will help you hit that elk who's hauling ass from a distance of 100 yds. Try taking a .45 semi-automatic pistol with a 7 round magazine and fire all 7 rounds at a target as big as a man's torso from 15 feet away within 3 seconds. I'll officially bet you $100 that you WILL NOT hit the target more than 2 or 3 times, the most I've ever gotten is 6. How about this- if you can take a .223 AR-15 with open sights (that means no scope) and hit a target the size of a quarter from 200 yards away then I will renounce my membership on this forum. Fire an 80 year old British .303 with a 10 round magazine at a target the size of an antelope from 500 yards away and hit it more than five times, again with open sights. I only tell you to do this because you are apparently a good aim because you beat Duck Hunt, Silent Scope, Time Crisis, House of the Dead, Area 51, or any other game with a gun attachment. I rest my case.
  12. Games don't really help you in real-life that much, like someone said earlier, developers try to make them fun, not realistic. I play FPS games ALL the time, all types too. Some of them try to make you compensate your aim for your character's shaking or breathing and it just doesn't even come close to real life because I also shoot real guns, in real-life you have to deal with the weight, wind, distance, breathing, muscle tensing, squeezing the trigger instead of pulling it so your shot is accurate, distractions, steadying (so you don't slowly lower the gun then move it up real quick to the target, or pop a shot off while sweeping over the target and hope your close). You have to take EVERY single one of those things into consideration before even firing one bullet, in a game you just point and shoot. There's a HUGE difference Driving a simulator and a real car is the same way. In a real car you have to watch for other reckless drivers, stupid pedestrians who think "All these cars will stop for me cuz I'm a badass", distractions (looking at a store or car and then you realize you just rear-ended someone or you're drifting into oncoming traffic), stop lights, stop signs, speed limit, and many other things so you don't hurt yourself or others. FOR THE KIDS WHO DON'T DRIVE YET: Don't think that just because you bought the best feedback wheel on the market and have the most "realistic" sim to date, that it will make you a kickass driver when you get the chance, the only way to be a good driver is to get experience, there is NO other substitute for the actual thing, regardless of what others say. Just remember that the real world will kick your ass harder and faster than any game ever.
  13. I only read the first 5 posts or so, but nobody on here is any better than the Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh fans. Think about it, they're JUST like us, except with a different taste. They probably say the same about us, but if they don't then they ARE the mature ones, not yourselves because you can't accept what THEY like and how it doesn't affect you. Well, I got my 2 cents in, I know there's others here who feel the way I do, I've read 2 of their posts.
  14. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't stand an exercise bike or a stair master, they're SOOO much worse than a real bike. By that I mean, instead of driving everywhere, you can ride a bike places, it gets you fresh air too. It's helping me quit smoking. Also if you get a set of dumbells and set a workout then you can gain muscle and get in shape. My family has a bowlfex, but I already had an athletic build (from competition swimming) and now i'm just getting bigger and even more defined, it's helping a great deal, and riding a bike is taking care of my lower body and lungs. DO NOT GO ON A DIET, it's just unhealthy
  15. i'd post a pic of my rat but i'm sure it'd get removed due to vulgarity, but you can picture him: 5 Inch long (tail would add about 4 in.) Albino except a LIGHT streak of brown/gray down his back and testicles that are about the size of a bean (the Pork n' Beans beans) that's blown up another 50 percent, they're HUGE for his size (so basically, he's the rat version of Colossus from Van Wilder for those who've seen it) they drag on the ground behind him hardcore hahaha, when i was buying him one of the kids i was with said "we want the one with the biggest nuts" so we got him, if you wanna see a pic i'll try to find the camera
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