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  1. I got around 3 Gigs filled up on my Zen Xtra.......now I need 27 more
  2. I cant seem to find network.http.pipelining network.http.proxy.pipelining but I found the second one.
  3. Yeah, heard about this awhile ago.......ewww
  4. OoOoO, alone for the holidays? Perfect time to pop in your favorite DVD and watch it twice, spotting all the errors and small stuff ya missed Or call up family, even if they're busy
  5. Nomad 30 GB Zen Xtra from my mom Olympus 3.2 Megapixel digital camera from my dad and Season 3 from my dad $50 Best Buy gift card from my sisters A new Sox cap, a couple of awesome hoodies, and the cutest stuffed monkey a friend gave me. All in all, best Christmas I ever had, because I got to spend time with my family AND friends on the same day.
  6. I'll stick to songs in my own language
  7. well, i felt exactly the way you're feeling right now, cautious. So I rented the game at Blockbuster. I can automatically say it will be one of the longest games you will ever play. And much of what made the original Kotor RPG of the year are present in this one. Just different faces, with some new places
  8. wow, why does this sound oddly familiar? *cough*SanAndreas*cough*
  9. Never heard of it. Every madden game has teams from NFL Europe in them, like the Galaxie, but no game was ever based off of them to my knowlage. Arena Football would be a nice area to tackle for ESPN. It's recently gained some nice popularity, and it's highcontact, high scoring.
  10. Not only the NFL name, but the players who have a signed contract with the NFL. So no Michael Vick or Ray Lewis outside of EA.
  11. Ack, sales woulda doubled if they released San Andreas on the XBox and Ps2 at the same time. I woulda also saved my $50
  12. Meh, aslong as they keep doing what they've been doing with the Madden franchise, then no one should really have a big problem with this.
  13. Guess no one here appreciates a good business move when they see one
  14. It's a teaser image, nothing more. Madden releases these a year before their next title, pretty common that they end up looking better than the actual gameplay itself
  15. You really think they would slack off on a Madden game? C'mon, all users need to do if that ever happens is keep Madden 05 and just update the rosters for free. No biggy.
  16. They'd still be making the best football games money could buy.
  17. Swing and a miss on that part for me.
  18. Meh, they already dominated the sports area of gaming, might aswell wipe out the compition completely. Smart move EA
  19. Actually, that's almost hitting the nail on the head.....this movie really had no story to grasp
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