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  1. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    The micro's are a waste of money!


    that said, I've put about 1/5 of my music collection on my mp3 player. Bow to my portable collection of 1654 songs.


    I got around 3 Gigs filled up on my Zen Xtra.......now I need 27 more :p

  2. thumb220x327-images734560.jpg

    Nomad 30 GB Zen Xtra from my mom


    Olympus 3.2 Megapixel digital camera from my dad



    and Season 3 from my dad


    $50 Best Buy gift card from my sisters


    A new Sox cap, a couple of awesome hoodies, and the cutest stuffed monkey a friend gave me.


    All in all, best Christmas I ever had, because I got to spend time with my family AND friends on the same day.

  3. well, i felt exactly the way you're feeling right now, cautious.


    So I rented the game at Blockbuster. I can automatically say it will be one of the longest games you will ever play. And much of what made the original Kotor RPG of the year are present in this one.


    Just different faces, with some new places ;)

  4. it has been confirmed that it follow its unnamed primary character as he's forced back into the life after just getting back from prison.


    wow, why does this sound oddly familiar?



  5. Originally posted by Darth Groovy

    Quick & the Dead. Are you nuts?


    That film was the worst western....Hell just one of the worst movies I have EVER seen period.


    Sharon Stone as a gunfighter?! ****in' riiiiiiiiiiight.


    You clearly have never seen a good western in your short life.




    I found the movie enjoyable :o

  6. Originally posted by BongoBob

    Wasn't there a madden game on playstation I think that had fictional teams only? I remember reading that in a Game Informer quiz section a while back...


    Never heard of it. Every madden game has teams from NFL Europe in them, like the Galaxie, but no game was ever based off of them to my knowlage.


    Arena Football would be a nice area to tackle for ESPN. It's recently gained some nice popularity, and it's highcontact, high scoring.

  7. Originally posted by ET Warrior

    And now they have no reason to really put the effort into making Madden any better. Nobody else can make anything close, so why try?


    You really think they would slack off on a Madden game? C'mon, all users need to do if that ever happens is keep Madden 05 and just update the rosters for free. No biggy.

  8. Originally posted by toms

    So its aimed at mindless 12 year old boys just like the second one then? :D


    oohh!! you gotta see this movie. Its got like guns and stuff. and he does this backflip and then cuts off everyone's heads!!!! Loads of blood. This is the best movie EVAR!!!




    Actually, that's almost hitting the nail on the head.....this movie really had no story to grasp

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