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  1. Originally posted by jon_hill987

    Anyone that says they casted badly by giving Triple H the part of "Large Vampire Goon" is wrong, he was perfect for that part as he didn't have to act. it's like saying Arnie was not Sutable for Terminator. It was just a part for someone who looked big and kicked the **** out of people. Which is what Triple H did.


    Wow....I seriously have seen better acting from Gary Coleman than Triple H.....if they wanted in there to be opposing, they should have stripped him of all his lines and made him a mute.


    Just plain awful. Makes me sick.

  2. Originally posted by Jo


    EDIT:..who is triple H?


    Triple H is a wrestler who obviously thinks he can act, as he plays a pretty big part in this movie. He plays the huge Vampire, one of the main villans.

  3. This was an atrocious movie at best.


    Perhaps the most dissapointing casting job I have ever seen.


    Triple H having more than 1 line in a movie is a crime. I would have liked to see Ryan Reynolds say one line that wasn't meant to be a joke. Jessica Biel, strickly casted for her looks, cause that's all that caught my attention to her character.


    The action scenes were very nice, infact some of the best I've seen in awhile. But the acting just trounced this movie to pieces. It's a shame Wesley Snipes has his name on the front of it.

  4. Originally posted by Astrotoy7

    yeah, YOU try find one ! It looked sporty enough to me....




    and BTW, why are steroid needed in baseball again ?? Its not exactly an endurance sport....




    Steroids arent taken for endurance, they're taken for Body and Muscle mass. All they do is make a player stronger, nothing else. Which is why Barry Bonds and Giambi still should get some credit for their achievements, as taking steroids doesn't make you faster, doesnt make you quicker, doesnt make you see the ball more clearly. It just gives you a better swing.

  5. Originally posted by Astrotoy7

    yeah, that Giambi was always on a one way road to self destruction :( He shouldve stopped hangin around with prickle, goo and pokey, and spent less time chasing the blockheads :(




    He looks much leaner too, in this early photo






    Maybe choose a pic of Gumby wearing a baseball jersey instead of a basketball one :p

  6. Originally posted by Treacherous Mercenary

    Really now, I wouldn't use as much minutes on a plan either.. It's just there when I need it. So a plan is a waste.


    Good game, good game! gg man, gg!


    I only say this because I have one aswell. And they give you about 3 monthes to top up your phone, or it goes to waste. And the cheapest top up card they have available it $20.


    Thats nearly $80 a year....compared to a cell phone plan you get screwed.

  7. Originally posted by coupes.

    I understand none of these is the official design, but I'm still glad I'm not as PS fan because those designs really suck IMO.


    Oh yeah, Im not a big PS fan myself. Just alittle nice site I found ;)

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