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  1. 12 hours straight playing Knights of the Old Republic.
  2. Forget It- Breaking Benjamin In Memory- Shinedown Out of Whack- Flaw We Are Not Alone Here- Breaking Benjamin Leave a Whisper- Shinedown Seasons- Sevendust Breaking Benjamin Shinedown Flaw
  3. Should I be arguing about how the employees are treated? Thats my choice, not yours. So if I choose to state my excitement over the upcoming Madden game, then I sure as hell will
  4. well.....umm......i kept seeing that one girl from The Ring......it was weird......and i was eating a Burger King whopper.....the horror
  5. Their profits will definetly raise ten fold after the new Madden is released. Its always like this, every year, always at this time.
  6. The Empire Strikes back is just as violant. If he let his kid see that, then there's no point in censoring this one from him
  7. You got alittle something under your nose AC......... Rap = bad, its sooooo pop culture now. MTV pretty much ruined it.
  8. Oh yes...........i do know pretty much all the ingrediants to most popular shampoos
  9. PC Gamer.......but if im desperate I'll just read the back of the shampoo bottle <_<
  10. News to me Jeeze i work at a friggin movie theatre WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME lol
  11. Thats DEFINETLY going to be a winner, every Will Farrel movie is a cant miss lol
  12. Fantastic Four..........ewww Batman.......tasty
  13. Oh em gee, am I actually going to have to rent this terrible movie then?
  14. heh, my brother thought it was real. He started freaking out, lol
  15. She doesn't fall in love with it.........they show respect for eachother. Never did she like, make out with it or anything. Dunno where you got love from, lol
  16. The Shining Man with hands of blades spends a lifetime of isolation in a mansion only to be found by a saleswoman.
  17. Usually the person who starts these posts the nominee list...........but these are pretty dumb anyway, lol
  18. mmmmhmmmmm, QBs now have "line of Sight" pretty cool if ya ask me.
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