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  1. Originally posted by Boba Rhett



    I'll bring a mop and bucket to clean up all the generic teenage angst that'll leave a thin, greasy film on everything in the swamp, Kbell. :)


    Makin this a party, eh? :cool:

  2. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    I don't know about you, but this is probably the most amusing thread I've read in a long time.


    Oh yeah, laugh at my pain Sithy.





    the horror

  3. Originally posted by Chase Windu




    Simple solution: get on the floor with a Coke and see if it tastes like Pepsi.





    Now i can put my razor away!

  4. Oh man, thanks for the support guys.


    It was a terrible experience, i hope it doesnt happen to you, But i secretly do cause everyone should be emo like me

  5. I was sitting on my couch today, and I was a bit parched.


    So I went to the fridge and picked myself up a Pepsi, cause everyone knows Pepsi is so much better than Coke Cola right?


    I made my way back to the couch but then I thought "Hey, why not be a risk taker and lie on the floor instead" so being the daredevil i am, I did.


    So there I was, on the floor with a Pepsi. This was gonna be one hellufa day. I open the pepsi and take a sip of my treasure.


    But wtfbbq, it tastes like Coke :eek: My life is ruined.


    I go to the stereo and turn on some My Chemical Romance "Im Not Okay" and cry. I call my many girlfriends up and tell them my life sucks. Not to mention I put some nice eyeliner on and scream.


    Moral of the story, dont lie on the floor with a Pepsi. You're bound to be dissapointed

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