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  1. Anyone else remember the guy who died cause he didnt go to the bathroom.......playing Everquest or something for like 30 some-odd hours and dying? Which one is sadder do you suppose?
  2. KBell


    They have a very good football team.... <_< >_>
  3. Styx- Renegade CAUSE IM A WANTED MAN
  4. Pfff, I think my 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage could top that..........thats why i call her the Mitsu ****su
  5. KBell


    oh......*points to your sig*
  6. KBell


    You post like, 50 times a day. Ofcourse you have the time xD
  7. KBell


    what a waste of money imo Gameboy > all
  8. Replace the sound card
  9. Jack Johnson- Sitting, waiting, wishing I am now OBSESSED with this guy's band...
  10. f' yeah Im sporting my awesome green boxers and some beer xD
  11. Styx- Renegade OLD SCHOOL BABY xD
  12. I think he is. My class requires non-digital cameras for photolab and darkroom development etc. His might be different though.
  13. Well if he's taking it for a class there's no point in spending $200 on a new camera when you can just rent one out.
  14. Your school doesnt let you rent them out?
  15. My mom was a drunk who did nothing but break apart my family, i know how it feels. Hope things have gotten better Mike
  16. KBell

    Ender's Game

    Sorry to hear about that.... ....but that made me crack up I think I read one of those books, i love to read and sci-fi is kinda my thing.
  17. People think the most powerful nation is going down the drain? O.o
  18. Lets not turn this into a bash america thread. kthx
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