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  1. Originally posted by ZBomber

    So, is it Ray Charles actually singing or the person who played him? Never saw the movie, so I could just be saying something stupid. :)




    Ha, if Jamie Fox could sing like that he wouldn't be doing comedy :p


    They implemented Ray Charles' voice i believe :)


    RA- Do You Call my Name

  2. One day I decided that I wanted to ride a horse without any experience or lessons. So I get on the horse and the huge beast goes into motion.


    I notice that I'm starting to slip, OH NO! I grab at the mane but i can't seem to get a grip on it! I slip off the horse and my leg gets caught in the stirrup. But the horse is completely obvlivious to me hanging on for dear life!


    Just when I think im going to pass out and even die, Frank the Wall-Mart manager runs out and shuts the horse off :D

  3. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    Alkaline Trio - Bleeder.


    Hmm.. What kind of music do they play? I've heard of them, just never heard them. What songs(or album) would you recommend to someone to check out and get a feel of the bands?


    They both have CD's that came out in 2004. Breaking Benjamin is featured on Yahoo music, check out the video So Cold from their newest CD Here



    Revis's newest CD Caught in the Rain is kind of remenisant of Creed. Slightly.

  4. Revis- Reuse


    Breaking Benjamin-Forget It



    Two bands that actually KNOW how to write lyrics. Awesome vocals, and great acoustic songs for both bands.


    Seeing them live, they leave nothing out. Unlike bands like Linkin Park, these know how to proform live and leave it all on the stage.

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