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  1. Omg........anyone else see the NFL commercial with my man Ben Roethlesburger singing "Tomorrow" from Anne?! All the NFL players that were in the playoffs and lost were signing it, amazing xD


    Originally posted by Darth Groovy

    I HATE football, AND the Superbowl...:o


    You dont have to like football to enjoy these commercials :rolleyes:

  2. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    Better gameplay. By that I mean MUCH better.


    And yet Madden managed to beat out all of it's competitors.


    How did they do this, i wonder :eek:


    (*ahem* before they bought out ESPN <_<)

  3. So what would equate a $50 price tag? You certainly aren't conviced on the added defensive AI, hitstick, improved franchise mode, improved visuals, online play, and updated rosters.


    Could they have done anything else?

  4. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    I agree 05 madden is more fun than the 04 one, but they're far from being complete advances from eachother, and as you said there is no justification for the 50 dollar price tag.


    AI additions not enough? They did add EA Radio, team newspapers, Team moral, player moral, Team initiated trades, and a much more balanced salary cap system.


    The advances and additions definetly equate to a $50 price tag. No one was jipped.


    EDIT- oh, and not to mention XBox Live capabilities. That alone is worth the $50.

  5. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    And I have played. I see no real advances in gameplay.


    I can tell you the secondary's AI is alot more advanced, as bump and run coverage is actually initiated by the AI in blitz packages now.


    Double teams are now played on a teams #1 reciever, usually with the safety. If the AI team has a slow safety they run the nickle package and pair him up with a faster corner.


    Blitzes are now picked up by the lineman, sometimes quite frequently off of the weak side.


    Did you notice those, or should I keep going? :p

  6. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    the only real progress they have is sports games. And even those are very ripped off. They overcharge for a "new" game that's far from different from the old game.



    Again, i can play Madden 04 and 05 and easily spot the new features. So unless you've played the game, you shouldn't say anything about it ;)

  7. Originally posted by Kain

    Aw damn. Teh EA r taking teh sp0rtz gamezz. that r teh lam3rezt thg i herd all dayz.


    Then I remembered I could give a **** less about sports games and moved on.


    Well you obviously care about them somewhat.......you did post in every single one of these threads after all :o

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