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  1. wow, i feel sorry for u guys. My worst injust was when i did a 360 flip and landed on the nose balls first It hurts just thinkin bout it
  2. <------------ i swear i dont skateboard
  3. Well, Lyger, you have to give constructive critisism so that automatically counts you out:p
  4. Fantastic work Klorel! your model looks great and i love it when a modeler actually cares about the fans curiosity by adding Weekly updates(which few do) so great work and cant wait to try out the model!!
  5. Its not that Easy to take the place of a well experienced modeler .It takes a lonnggg time to get the hang of modeling, that means, creating an alomost exact replica of a model onto a modeling program, cutting the polycount down, making skeletons, testing, asking for help, testing some more, and finally atcually releasing a very thought out and nearly flawless model that most of the community has chipped in on. So its not that IF someone will take their place, its WHEN. So before you call them little nerds who get no social interaction, think about what they have done for US.
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