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  1. yea cause like... he posted the exact same thing... for the most part.
  2. just what i was looking for... gonna have to noclip ahh well, back to playing hehe
  3. I get the bubble effect just fine. I only wish I didnt, cause its rather annoying.
  4. anyone got any different lines to sub in for 'may the force be with you.. muahahhaha' or "where atre you hiding jedi" god those get on my nerves...
  5. does it still work in the game? if not, how do you turn on dismember w/o using saberrealisticcombat... cause im tired of choping people into 8 peices... thx for any replies
  6. same here.... and its really startign to get on my nerves...
  7. im still looking for a fix for this
  8. doesnt work for me... i get "1 missing sound sets" error.
  9. it happens to me too, only in the scenes near the end... right after the doomgiver drops out of hyperspace..... i cant hear anything, does it on the next one too i played thru twice, got all the latest everything... whats up, it kinda erks me. it is at an important part in the game, and i wanna hear whats happening.
  10. hehe for clarification, he is Wes Janson, i am Wesman
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