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  1. Hi, I think a grainy, black and white CG-version of Grim Fandango might do the job. Maybe as an adult-film like Sin City, with a little more violence than the game and some hookers maybe? ;-) So that it is less cozy and more like a nightmare-version of itself. With a look as if you'd taken one of those film noir-type movies and buried it for about 60 years, you know what I mean? ...rotten somehow.... The same look that "Pi" had. bye Timo
  2. Hallo, I own both the C64 and PC versions in German of Zak. The C64 is "low-res" and the PC-version "high-res". I think those are the two versions available in German. Greetings Timo
  3. Hallo, I had the same problem. In my case, it was caused by my sound drivers (Soundblaster Live!). When I turned off "full duplex", it worked fine. Greetings, Timo
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