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  1. First Few chapters I could realy care less. This isn't my choice of info anyways. The book Tornado in a Junkyard is one of the best. It is Writen by James Perloff who was once a evolutionist. Did I say they don't believe evolution is true? No I said they don't prefer neo-Darwinist views. I notice though that some of the older scientist are moving from neo-Darwinism. I know Steven J. Gould(Spelling?) has alreay dumped it. A note as well is that I have found 4 different sources that quote the same part from NewsWeek. So now I am curious. I will look for this copy of NewsWeek as well. I think the CDA library has every copy of NewsWeek so I will make a point of going there. If I should find it I will give it to you. I do have a scanner so all I would need is an e-mail address. Here is a quote. The man is an evolutionist at the meeting btw. "[Evolution] is undergoing its broadest and deepest revolution in nearly 50 years . . Exactly how evolution happened is now a matter of great controversy among biologists . . No clear resolution of the controversies was in sight [at the meeting]."—*Boyce Rensberger, Macroevolution Theory Stirs Hottest Debate Since Darwin,' " I do like the topic. Just wish I had a little more info to give. You assume that they would come out and tell you. I know someone who over heard their biology professor talking in his office and I quote him "All that stuff I said out there was complete crap. I know it wasn't true. I only teach it because that is what they want to hear." For legal reasons I can say his name here. Some people care more about their reputation than the truth I noticed anyone who tries to look from some other answer besides evolution is often discredited and bashed upon. You forget that they are human and they can lie. I mean who knew President Clinton was in bed with another woman. Almost no one! So did that mean it wasn't true? My point is don't take everything at face value there may be more under the surface. I think someone was planning on running the monkey on the type writer experiment using a supercomputer. I remember seeing it somewhere I will have to look for it. *sigh* So much to look for so little time. I read it and not once did they tell you how they dated it. Only that it has been dated at 160,000 years old. So how did they do it? Not even as much as listing a RA dating method. Even in the original news report. Just pointing that out. Here is one question I want answered. How could amino acids form in an oxygen rich atmosphere? Oxygen destroys lone amino acids. Only when it is in protein form is it safe. By the way this has been known since 1950's so don't go off on how I know that. I can pull up some literature on it later, but now it is 11:00 PM and I can't keep my eyes open so I am off to bed. I am also sorry for any spelling errors. I know there are most likely some in there, but my brain isn't working and I can't fix them as of now.
  2. OH man this thread is still going?!!!!! About 4-5 months I have been gone and this is still going!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well I see this is still goiong on even though I have been away from this forum for who know how long. Something I have found for all you Neo-Darwinist (People who believe that Evolution came about by mutations) Have any of you heard of the 1980 Evolution Conference held in Chicago? That is when 150 of the top evolutionist from all over the world got together to hear about the evidence against evolution. The outcome of this was that over 65% said, "...that the neo-Darwinian mechanism could no longer be regarded as scientifically valid or tenable..." Newsweek (November 3, 1980) So while it does not disprove Evolution completely it does say that the popular view of evolution is not upheld by the P.H.D. guys. I got a site for you guys to check out. It isn't the best, but it does have some useful info. You might have alot of reading to do though(About 1000 pages worth) I gets better in some of the later chapters. http://www.evolution-facts.org/c01a.htm
  4. Boy it has been a long time. Ah hem... I hope you guys know that top evolutionist no longer believe that mutations is how evolution happen. I found this... "Chicago Evolution Conference (1980). While the newspapers, popular magazines, and school textbooks emblazoned evolutionary theory as being essentially proven scientifically in so many ways, the evolutionary scientists were discouraged. They knew the truth. The Switzerland, Wistar, and Alpbach meetings had clearly shown them theirs was a losing cause. However, in yet another futile effort, in October 1980, 160 of the world’s leading evolutionary scientists met again, this time at the University of Chicago. In brief, it was a verbal explosion. Facts opposing evolution were presented, and angry retorts and insults were hurled in return. The following month, *Newsweek (November 3, 1980) reported that a large majority of evolutionists at the conference agreed that the neo-Darwinian mechanism (of mutations working with natural selection) could no longer be regarded as scientifically valid or tenable. Neither the origin nor diversity of living creatures could be explained by evolutionary theory (*Roger Lewin, "Evolutionary Theory Under Fire," in Science, November 21, 1980; *G.R. Taylor, Great Evolution Mystery, 1983, p. 55)." And you want to fight with radio active rocks? "Radioactive Halos Disprove Molten Earth Theory (1986). Robert V. Gentry carried on research into radiohalos in granite for years, but was discharged from Oak Ridge Research Laboratory in 1982 because he testified in defense of Arkansas State at the above-mentioned trial. He then put his years of research findings and professional articles into a book (Creation’s Tiny Mystery, 1986). In brief, billions upon billions of polonium 218 radiohalos are in granite, yet each halo was formed in less than 3 minutes. There is no way the halos could get in there after the granite was formed, yet the granite had to be solid when the halos formed. This means the granite was created solid in less than three minutes! Since granite is the basement rock under every continent, it would be impossible for the earth to once have been a molten mass as conjectured by the evolutionists. Interestingly enough, granite can be melted; but it will reform into rhyolite, never into granite. " Source http://www.evolution-facts.org/ I also saw somewhere a professer's reserch on half-lives which would suit this thread very well.
  5. I think for Reference I better put down the C-14 method. C-14 is made when radiation enters the atmosphere(I don't know what the exact chemical reaction is, but We don't need the details there) The ratio of C-14 to C-12 is 1-1,000,000,000,000 Plants absorb C-14 and C-12 and animals get C-14 and C-12 from eating other plant and animals. When the plant or animal dies the C-14 starts it's radio-active decay. They compair C-14 to C-12 in order to get a date. THe limits on C-14 dating is that 1. It may only be used on once living things 2. C-14's full-life(Time it takes for almost no useable C-14 is left) is 50,000-60,000 years. (And please anyone if I forgot anything about this pleaes correct me.) Read a quote by J.Gordon Ogden,who is a director of a radiocarbon lab. I find myself increasingly distressed that users of Radio Carbon dates fail to understand or appreciate what the quoted figures realy mean... all that a date represents is a "best estimate" of radiocarbon content of the sample received by the laboratory. It includes none of the sampling or physical and biological errors sources mentioned earlier... It may come as a shock to some, but fewer than 50 percent of the radiocarbon dates from geological and archaeological samples in northeastern North America have been adopted as "acceptable" by investigators.-"The use and Abuse of RadioCarbon dating" Annals of the New york Academy of science 288(1977): 173 -I got more, but I have to go with my brother to a doctor apointment so I can't finish it now.
  6. I have sent the prizes. I will do this again, but first I need to get more credits. THanks for playing.
  7. DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER! Correct awnser: Pattern Matt-Liell 1st. Lost Welshman 2nd PhantomHelix 3rd. I will give some consolation prizes to 2nd and 3rd.
  8. No. Hint ABABABABABABABABABABAB. What do you see in this?
  9. No, yet we use it to read. By finding these we see meanings. No, I can't think of anything it can do with energy. Hints Red and blue,Red and blue,Red and blue.
  10. You can anwser still. I said one question (i.e. Is it red, Can it be eaten, Is it alive, ect.), but if you want to drop out I can P.M. you the anwser.
  11. No. Good guess though. Light may be used to create this though.
  12. Extra hints. It can be made with colors and your eyes often see it better than something with out it.
  13. SO far no-one has got it.(By the way when I mean credits I mean all of mine:).) All of you may ask questions about it for extra hints. Only one per person.
  14. Bush did not intend on killing civilians. Besides what about Clinton bombing Bagdad? Five words and a quote:Notice the "Anything that has nothing to do with burning " in my post? There may be burning solutions in the future, but some uses my never be gone for oil You mind not ragging on Christains? I don't like the whole Iraq deal anyways. In the media we heard Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Osama bin Laden,Sadam. I don't even know why the jump. I havent been pleased with it either. Besides did you know the U.S. gets most of it's oil from somewhere else?(If I had a map in front of me I would write the name down, but I don't speak Spanish so I don't even want to try to spell it.) That and illegal experiments. History Channel's "Why can't we kill Sadam"(Or one of the other history channel specials) and from the mouth of someone who has been through it. Any questions? I also think we need the army's help with the mexican boarder. Men with Ak-47s in full cammo have come across illegaly and even shoot dead park rangers and we aren't doing anything about it!
  15. Who ever guesses this riddle gets alot of my credits(Seeing how I don't use them that much.) Ok here it goes What is it that goes back and forth or forth and back. It may go one, two, skip a few.It is every where yet you can not feel them yet blind people use it to read. One question per person. Guess as many times as you want.
  16. May I clear somethings up? 1. I say some Catholics are Christains. Ok? MY Grandma is a Catholic. Some people though think that going to church makes them a Christain. 2. A FYI all of you are Neo-darwinist not Darwinist. Darwinists adhere to *Darwin’s idea that natural selection is the sole mechanism (although in a later book, *Darwin rejected it—and returned to Lamarckism, the inheritance of acquired characteristics). Neo-Darwinists declare that the mechanisms by which evolution occurred and are now occurring are mutations, which are then refined by natural selection. Hopeful monster advocates(PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUMIST) pin their hopes on sudden, massive mutations, producing a new species all at once. Their view is that a billion-billion beneficial mutations occurs every 50,000 years in two newborns—a male and a female—located a short distance apart. But all are evolutionist. 3. Please both sides no flaming. You get your point through better when you don't flame. Who says it had to have a origin? May I define eternal? eternal- ...with out begining or end May I remind you all what the word Super-Natural means. Super-Above, Greater than... So there for Super-Natural means "Above Nature" And tell me if God is super-natural why must he live in the laws of the universe? True it was. --------- Also here is something about proteins I found in a book I have been reading. "BLUE GENE—As we near press time on this paperback, announcement has been made that IBM has begun work on their largest computer to-date. It is called "Blue gene"; and it must be powerful, for they have been building ever larger supercomputers since the 1940s. This one will be 100 times more powerful than Big Blue, the computer used to defeat Kasperson in chess several years ago. They are trying to figure out something which is so utterly complicated that no lesser computer can handle the task. No, not something simple like computing a trip to Saturn and back. Their objective is solving something far more complicated. —It is figuring out how a protein folds! In every cell in your body, brainless proteins assemble more proteins from amino acids. They put them into their proper sequence (!), and then, as soon as the task is ended, the new protein automatically folds down into a clump, as complicated as a piece of steel wool. IBM is trying to figure out the fold pattern instantly made by this microscopic piece of mindless, newborn protein! The computer will cost $100 million, and Stanford University is trying to get people to let them use their home computers to help with the task (go to standford.edu for details). They say they need the information to figure out drugs to counteract HIV and other viruses. So far, they can only get the protein to wiggle; they cannot get it to fold (NPR, Wednesday evening, September 27, 2000). As we go to press: It has recently been discovered that the terrible plague of Mad Cow Disease, (initially brought into existence by cannibalism) is caused by protiens that do not fold correctly." This is only to find out how these things fold. ------- Oh and Cjais. I have something about those Bacteria for you. "(RESISTANT STRAINS—But soon hopes ran high again. It was discovered that strains of bacteria resistant to penicillin, aureomycin, or chloromycetin appeared when these drugs were given for various diseases. Could it be that here were the "beneficial mutations" that science had been searching for, which natural selection was favoring? These hopes were dashed when it was discovered that those variations did not arise because of exposure to antibiotics, but instead occurred spontaneously at a constant rate—regardless of whether or not antibiotics were present. "Certain strains of bacteria and flies seemed to be induced which were resistant to penicillin and DDT, after exposure to these chemicals. As will be shown later they already existed and it only seemed that the fittest were surviving."—Walter E. Larnmerts, book review, in Creation Research Society Quarterly, June 1977, p. 75. Most resistant strains were actually natural unmutated varieties. They had always been there, but as the unresistant strains were reduced, the naturally resistant types increased in number for a time. But then came even worse news: A few resistant strains were found to, indeed, be mutants. But it was obvious that these were always weaker and soon died out from natural causes other than the antibiotics. In regard to the mutated form: Doses of antibiotic reduce the number of the natural strain, and the mutated form takes over. Then when the antibiotic treatment is stopped, the natural strain increases and the resistant strain soon dies out—because, as a mutated form it never was strong. So both normal variants and occasional mutated forms can be involved. *Georghiou explains the resistance of houseflies to DDT and certain other chemicals, a resistance which is parallel to that of resistant bacteria. He says it is due to normal variant strains, not mutated forms: "It is now well established that the development of increased ability in insects to survive exposure is not induced directly by the insecticides themselves. These chemicals do not cause the genetic changes in insects [therefore they are not mutation-inducing agents]; they serve only as selective agents, eliminating the more susceptible insects and enabling the more tolerant survivors to increase and fill the void created by the destruction of susceptible individuals."—*C.P. Georghiou, et. al., "Housefly Resistance to lnsecticides," in California Agriculture, 19:8-10. The resistance of certain strains of bacteria, flies, Indian meal moths, and Anopheles (malaria) mosquitoes to DDT and other pesticides is not evolution, any more than the breeding of new varieties of dogs and cats is evolution.)" -------- Nice job RP. My eyes hurt now, but nice job anyways. Oh Skin did I ever send you the thing about the guy eaten by the whale? I finaly got a scanner. I think I still got it in my room some where.
  17. Yes I want exact anwsers not just "it is a mutation". Realy? I got to hear how you know. No it still is. Random chance does not remember previous results! It is like saying that because a coin turned up heads it is going to be tails next. It is not true. It is still 1/2 chance every time you filp Not quite. Let's just say for a second that the flood did happen. Now if it is true. Would not the slower one not be able to make it to higher ground? Would not humans be able to get to high places before they died? Would not the ones that could not climb be near the bottum? Also did you know trees have been found verticaly in the ground? When ever all the radio active methods are used at the same place you get an error of 1.5 - 15 bliion years. I think evolutionist tend to prove the wrong things. If Jimmy eats poison Jimmy will die. True Jimmy died so that means Jimmy ate poison. False That tends to be the logic behind alot of what you said. You tend to go proving more that it could rather than it did. BTW, What observed DNA changes may I ask?
  18. MAby you should get some facts straight. The Holy Roman Empire was where Germany is now(somewhere around there. The East part has the Orthodox church ok? There is a huge difference between the two. No you misunderstood the question. FIRST I AM NOT PICKING ON SCIENCE! I am questioning your theory ok? You get nowhere in science without questions. You real want to know how? RA=radioactive(below) Scientist have done it by just putting non-RA iron next to RA Iron. The non-RA iron became RA with it's RA clock reset to 0 and the first RA iron lost about 300 years on it. Also they have found that pressure, water, and heat will change the rate of decay. Here is a quote from geologist Wakefield Dort, Jr., found in the Antarctic Journal(September-October 1971):211 "The apparent radiocarbon age of the Lake Bonney seal known to have been dead for no more than a few weeks was determined to be 615 +/- 100 years. A seal freshly killed at McMurdo had an apparent age of 1,300 years." You know that even some evolutionist are for teaching Creation is schools? As Richard D. Alexander points out. "No teacher should be dismayed at efforts to present creation as an alternative to evolution in biology courses; indeed, at this moment creation is the only alternative to evolution. Not only is this worth mentioning, but a compairison of two alternatives can be an excellent exercise in logic and reason. Our primary goal as educators should be to teach students to think, and such a comparison, particularly because it concerns an issue in which many have speacial interests or are even emotionally involved, may accomplish that purpose better than most others." In the last E vs. C debate it was Gonk that mainly talked about it. But Cjais will. Oh you mean the fossel that it's bones were found 50 miles apart and they were not of the same host?
  19. WHat happened to my 2? it was 25% not 5%. For the most part Rape vitims are enjected with something to stop the sperm from merging with the Egg.
  20. *Before landing* WhiteRaider: Coming down!!!!!! *Braces for landing* [Crash] *after landing Raider is sitting next to Joke* WhiteRaider to Joke: It is better than living on Garin's catuses. I hated when I missed a spike.
  21. Well franky that is not what it is like. In fact only 5% of abortions are done on non-rape victims. Guys take alook at this site. http://www.abortioncancer.com/
  22. Well because of Osama tons of americans are dead. And also Sadam has made some cruel tortures. You want to here one? "....A room with about 8 fire sprinklers(One for a spot in the room) the prisoner would be put into. The sprinklers would spray a weak, but painful acid. The sprinkler would turn on one at a time in random order. The prisoner would be running around the cell trying to avoid the acid untill he could no longer go on or gave the info...." Sound like a good leader? This is about one of the kindest tortutes he uses.
  23. You sort of dodged the question. I mean do you know what is the machine is not what made it. Oh realy? Then I guess you would not know that Half-lives can be changed would you? It has been proven. And some of the methods are based on so little proof? Not realy.
  24. Raider to Joke: Just lucky I guess. WhiteRaider: I am coming in hard.
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