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  1. Try downgrading drivers to Catalyst 4.2. I've had chopiness problems with the later drivers on a Radeon 9800 pro but using 4.2 eliminated it completely.
  2. Yes. It will also put your max health at 999.
  3. I don't have the full version, but in the demo there was a bug with the single saber strong stance in that if you continually tapped the attack key, you attack faster and could infinitely chain your attacks. Can someone confirm if this carried over to the full version?
  4. No, it's not your imagination. The player character does attempt to block Force lightning for a bit. It does it even if you don't have the lightsaber out, though, which in that case the character uses their arm to block it, similar to blocking Force push or pull. Seems to only block about a second's worth of lightning before you get overwhelmed.
  5. I think they did it on purpose. Probably to balance guns vs saber a bit better. After all, it does look a bit awkward for the player to simply extend their saber out and automatically block everything 100% successfully in a 1ft radius around the saber without moving as in JO.
  6. Turn off Dynamic Glow under More Video Options, and be sure Force Feedback is turned off in the control options since it defaults to on and I think it decreases performance even if you don't have FF.
  7. Have you tried it without Quincunx? That might be causing the flickering. Just a guess. As for the ram question, do you see your harddrive thrashing and slowing your game down? If so, more ram will help. If not, then no. More ram only helps if the prorgram will actually use it. Personally, I have 512MB and I never see the hard drive thrashing during game play.
  8. That's because you've been playing with g_saberRealisticCombat 1+ for JO. If it was set to zero, idle sabers didn't do damage either in JO. The cvar didn't seem to get transported over to JA, unfortunately.
  9. This is a pretty cool feature they added. If you have level 3 Force Lightning and turn off your saber, you will use both hands when shooting lightning. Also drains your force twice as fast, though. Anyone else noticed this?
  10. Nope, it has nothing to do with anisotropic filtering. I have that turned off and I get the bubble effect. Which Detonator driver version are you using?
  11. Yeah, the ground stab seems pretty useless against enemy Jedi. I actually hit with the ground stab once, though, but it was all luck because the AI happened to fall next to the wall and apparently tried to roll out into the wall and got nowhere so I managed to stab him.
  12. You wouldn't want Dynamic Glow on, trust me. I lose 50+ fps just from that alone. And I think everyone else also experiences a severe frame drop with it on, even with the newest video cards.
  13. This is a bug. I've seen it happen in Jedi Outcast several times. For some reason, occasionally when the enemy ignites their saber, it doesn't extend all the way. They can't do any damage with it either. But it sometimes corrects itself after a bit of time. I've yet to see it in the JA demo, though.
  14. After playing the demo a bit longer, I guess the saber combat itself isn't so different. Admittedly, I kinda posted on impulse after only trying the demo for a short while, heh. Though, I still think the animations seem a bit more awkward than Jedi Outcast. I guess that is what made me think that the saber system changed somehow, since as you can imagine a change in the animation system can change how the saber combat seems to work. It still seems a bit "out-of-sync" compared to JO for me. Btw, anyone noticed that the Desann and Tavion styles still exist? Desann's style seem to have a couple new moves, the DFA from strong stance and the lunge strike from light stance. Tavion's seem to be pretty much the same.
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