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  1. Alright, so I havent really used my Wii except for Virtual Console stuff in a long time. Who has added me that I havent added back? (It would have been so much easier if they had an Xbox 360 thing going on here...Seriously, like if there was a notification if someone added you.)
  2. I know what you mean, he'd scare the **** outta me if I saw him.
  3. Well, what I was getting at was when you're at the peak of your high. Trust me, I know about this stuff. *cough* But maybe it's just different for everyone, eh?
  4. I'm pretty sure it's hard to drive when you're really all, uhm, on drugs. Uhm, maybe after a few hours yeah, but thats besides the point.
  5. That's just like saying "Buy a skateboard" instead of playing Tony Hawk, or "go to a dance club" instead of playing DDR, or saying "go pilot a mech" instead of buying that really expensive controller for that one mech game on xbox... ...it's a fun game, with a unique guitar controller. it's not supposed to truly imitate playing a guitar, its for fun. (not saying that playing guitar isn't fun, which it really really is, but that takes years of practice to become good at)
  6. I'm going to get Guitar Hero II when it comes out for the 360 for many reasons. The controller looks SWEET, there is probably something new that'll be added that we dont know about, and downloadable content, like new songs! I HAVE played it though, and even though I've been playing guitar for 5 years, I suck at that game....
  7. I found that quote the funniest, because to me, I don't know a religion that stresses the fact that there is a God. Ya know, with the praying 5 times a day, and saying "Allahu Akbar" quite a few times while praying. Well, like the site says, "Fundies say the darndest things!"
  8. "[banning Islam] Sounds like a good idea to me......wish we could do it here." - cktb2793, RaptureReady Uhh.... o_0 "People need to stop worrying what Arabs think and start worrying about how to kill them before they kill us." - Rev Prez, Internet Infidels Uhh.... o_0 "we need to postpone the elections and move forward with the war on terrorism. next target: syria!" - BarryG, FreeConservatives Uhh.... o_0 and lastly... "We need to focus on Jesus, meditate on Jesus, set out minds on Jesus whenever even the slightest desire to have a sexual fantasy arises." - Sypher2k3, Christianity.com Forums Uhh.... o_0 So all I can say is just "Uhh.... o_0" to all those quotes...
  9. Yeah. I think you can play Gamecube games with the Classic controller too, if I'm not mistaken. But I probably am mistaken.
  10. OKay, here's my view on things. I'm glad that Saddam is dead, because all the people that kill people, or cause people's families pain because of the fact that he killed their family, should have their asses handed to them. Am I happy they hanged him? Absolutely. I wouldn't want him to suffer a "not cruel" or "humane" way of dying. He killed people of his own Muslim brotherhood. Sure, he's Sunni and they're Shi'ites, but it would just be like an Orthodox Christian killing a Catholic (Oh wait, they did that type of **** before.) So, basically, what I'm saying is, even though it's a good thing he's dead, what's it really gonna do? Nothing. He was helpless in jail anyways. He couldn't dictate anything. Only thing he could really dictate was his dick *ba-dum-pssshhhhh*. But in all seriousness, there's more dangerous people we should get rid of. More people that caused damage to our own country. Mainly, Osama bin Laden. We should have caught him way before we caught Saddam, and it should have been more of a priority. He changed our country. Wow, long post. EDIT: Okay, first, I honestly care about those people that Saddam killed. Because it's frickin' GENOCIDE. Not cool. So what, are you gonna be like "Oh, who gives a flying **** about all those millions of people that got killed due to genocide throughout history because it personally doesnt affect me or my family"? Well, then you're destined to be a horrible person in life. It's people like you that are in power, and they dont give a damn about all those people suffering because theyre helpless, and their own government that should be PROTECTING them is KILLING them. Take the war and killings in Bosnia for example. My best friend went through that! He lived through that. They killed people in his family. He was sitting in class next to his friend and a Serbian sniper shot his friend in the head. Also, he watched his dad get shot and die. How can you not feel bad about things like that? The Serbs were just killing because of religion. And in Iraq, it was kinda the same thing, except this time, religious sect. And don't blame all the world's problems on Bush. I dislike him as much as the next guy, but there WERE world problems way before Bush.
  11. My friend and I have a 1 month Xboxlive Gold thing, the name is "PraviBosnaci" (which means "True Bosnians"), and I also have my own, which I think is a silver account, and the name is "Neeeek" (4 e's). That list is a good one, and it's similar to what I was thinking. I got Oblivion with the 360...it's one of the games I got from my friend. The others were G.R.A.W, and Call of Duty 2. I also bought Gears of War today. I didn't start it yet, and probably won't start it until I get another controller, so I can play co-op. But before I get another controller, I want Dead Rising. SO MANY THINGS TO GET, SO LITTLE MONEY!
  12. So, I got the 360 today. Didn't have much of a chance to play it. But I did download Tony Hawk's Project 8 demo, Dead Rising demo (I AM SO BUYING THAT GAME ONE DAY!), and some XBLA demos... so it's all cool.
  13. Two weeks ago, my mom got me a sweet hat as an early xmas present. from my gf, i got stuff like a bracelt, necklace, and tshirt from the cruise she was on. and from my sisters, i got the hollister "jake" cologne (best cologne ever), and $60. i would've rather no one have gotten me anything, cuz as weird as it sounds for someone under 18 to say this, all i really care for is if they're there for me and love me. i dont need material things from them. (though, i must admit, getting things is sweet )
  14. He doesnt have internet at his house...
  15. Alright, thanks a lot for all your input. I can't wait to buy it. Right now, I don't have $270, but I'm going to do an installment plan. Like $50 a month. Oh yeah, and another thing is, he really wants to buy XBox live so when he comes to my house, he can play it. So I guess I'll be getting XBox Live along with it too.
  16. yay! im posting this from the wii. and no, i dont capitalize when on the wii. too much hassle
  17. Do you have the latest software for it? http://www.nintendowifi.com/consumerservice/showTopic.do?topicId=ConHelp_Download_Drivers&catId=USB the latest is 1.04 you need to delete your old version, and install the new one.
  18. I got it, and it's alright. Lack of Youtube working right kinda turns me off for now. I was hoping to see some videos on my TV...but oh well.
  19. Well, he IS one of my best friends. And I was with him when he bought the 360. He bought it just like...a month ago. It has a 1 year warranty too.
  20. To me, the series gets better and better. 1, 2, and 3 are kind of an intro to the series. 4 is where the action starts building up, but 5 and 6 is where the ultimate goodness is at. Lets hope #7 will be the ultimate book, the ultimate closer to a wonderful series thats kept me hooked for years!
  21. Well, good morning to everyone. If you're in highschool and are among the lucky, you're sitting on your lil' butts cuz theres no school today. Yes. I am among the lucky. =p Anyways, I was hanging out with my friend yesterday, and he was like "Hey dude, wanna buy my (XBox) 360? Im getting kinda bored of it, and thought that you might want it, and that I'd ask you before anyone else." Being weary and sceptical about the fact that he was selling his 360, I replied, "Are you really selling it?" "Yes." "Really?" "Yeah..." "So youre not joking?" "No." "So you're really selling it" "YES!!!!" Then, I proceeded to ask, "How much?" And he said, "$270." So, here I am to ask you if $270 for a 360, the 20 gig HDD that comes with it, a wireless controller, oblivion, call of duty 2, and ghost recon advanced warfighter (or something) is worth it. I'd like replies as soon as possible so I can make this choice a lot easier. Thanks! (And yes, I know, I know, I just bought a Wii at launch, but I was planning on getting a 360 anyways eventually, and I figured now might be a good opportunity)
  22. Yeah, sorry about that. =p TO EVERYONE WHO HASN'T YET: Send me your Mii through the Mii plaza so I can have a customized Mii for you on the address book. And send me random Miis too, that sounds fun. Hah.
  23. Wii forcast channel is one of the coolest things. Its so awesome seeing the weather for different places, like Sarajevo, Tehran, Baghdad, Venice....its so sweet. EDIT: oh yeah, and i was looking through my address book, and the people that it will let me message are darth moeller, ig64, and abespam, but the people that it WILL NOT let me message are lynk, commander obi-wan, coupes, and alegis. did i enter in the wrong friend codes for all ya, or did you not add me back? *confusion*
  24. alright, i added everyone on the list so far last night. i cant seem to send messages to anyone though.
  25. Thanks, but I broke down and bought a Wi-fi USB adapter about a week ago...I couldn't take it anymore. I've yet to try Mario Kart DS, or Animal Crossing (because I don't have any friends with DS's really ) but Wii Shop Channel works well. I've already downloaded Sonic and Ristar.
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