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  1. Hmm that's interesting. It might be a patent issue. Wiki on the subject seems to mention it briefly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaglyph_image
  2. Hey Lagomorph, those are amazing! Seems like left and right eyes are switched though - traditionally anaglyph glasses have red for the left lens and blue for the right lens.
  3. I'm quite positive that LEC adventure games on Steam are not running through dosbox. They're native ports.
  4. Try restarting steam. I noticed that when I purchase games using older version of steam client, I have to restart and update steam for the newly purchased games to show up on my list.
  5. Which digital distribution channel are you hoping for? I doubt it can do better than Steam. ImpulseDriven is good, but not as friendly and easy to use as Steam. Direct2Drive people are just evil. GamersGate is plagued with technical issues, not to mention unsecure login. GoG is great but no DRM. LEC wouldn't go for that. DigitalRiver even evil-er than Direct2Drive. ManifestoGames went out of business. Adventure-shop... never tried it
  6. I guess what I'm getting at is that with general midi and CD music, and even recorded sound effects, nothing needs to be emulated and extremely easy to code - which explains how Loom and FoA could've been ported with minimal amount of budget. Adlib,however, is a different story, because it's a dead standard and you need to either build an emulation layer or convert Adlib music into general midi. Maybe that's why they went with Tandy for LC... But as I said, LEC could've chosen an open-source Adlib emulator to do music for LC. I can't imagine why they didn't. edit: bah converting
  7. They're selling CD-ROM version of Loom, so all music in it is probably in wave form (PCM audio is hell of a lot easier to code than Adlib emulator). As for FOA, I'm not sure. It's possible they're just general midi playback via directmusic or something (also very easy to code).
  8. I guess bleep tones in Tandy are hell of a lot easier to emulate than fm synthesis in Adlib, but it doesn't explain why they didn't simply go with one of many open-source alternatives. It's not the licencing restrictions... so it must be a pride thing.
  9. I suppose that it's possible that the bug fix is not in the resource/scripts but rather their interpreter.
  10. are you sure, though? I used to have a pc with Adlib back in the day and Steam's LC sounds so much worse than I remember!
  11. but... why is this a good news for old-school fans? nm. i see it
  12. About you • Do you consider yourself a fan? Most probably yes. • Why (not)? I grew up playing LucasArts games. it's verymuch tied to my childhood. • What exactly are you a fan of? I would say the game designers who used to work for LucasArts. Along with some of the artists and musicians. You know their names. • What is the main reason you read and/or write on this forum? I don't read or write on this forum. I happened to come across this post when I saw the link on the right side of mixnmojo.com • Do you consider this forum and/or The House of International
  13. I found it entertaining. That is, I didn't find it boring. That's the only good thing I can say about it. The plot strangely reminded me of Gabriel Knight 3. But GK3 was better because it had vampires and stuff.
  14. whoa, this is like a thread before I was born. My fav LA moment? when Boston has to cut off Brink's hand with a dull alien jawbone. I laughed my ass off. Who would've guessed The Dig would have so much humour in it?
  15. if all else fails, they should release all the script, concept art, game resources, and the source code and let the fans finish the game instead. hell, what have they to lose? heh heh.
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