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  1. Looking at that concert's promo/flyer, and the fact that it's their newest album, I assume they must've played most, if not all of The Incident, which doesn't make for a great first-impression as it's their weakest album in quite a while (in my opinion). Shame. You really should give In Absentia and/or Stupid Dream a listen, as those are their most accessible albums by far. If you don't end up liking them, then you probably just don't like their style, and that makes me sad.
  2. I'll just leave this here. Porcupine Tree is a pretty amazing band. I recently discovered them through Steven Wilson's involvement with Opeth's Blackwater Park album (he produced it and the two albums after) and it's now my current favorite band. Oh, and I have to disagree: they sound nothing like Dream Theater, though maybe that's my newly awakened hatred for DT speaking.
  3. Yes! Lately I've been in a nostalgic C&C mood so this is exactly what I needed! I kinda feel bad for the people who bought C&C: The First Decade solely for these games, though they're probably way over them since that was released about four years ago. Good on them for doing this and hopefully others learn from it (and yes, I know they aren't the first ones do this sort of thing).
  4. I like your format, Phreak, so I stole it. Mwahaha! Anyways, My Top 10: 1. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) 2. Dragon Age: Origins (PC) 3. Modern Warfare 2 (360) 4. Assassin's Creed II (360) 5. Street Fighter IV (360) 6. Demon's Souls (PS3) 7. Shadow Complex (360 - XBLA) 8. Resident Evil 5 (360) 9. Torchlight (PC) 10. The Beatles: Rock Band (360) Honorable Mentions: Borderlands (360) 'Splosion Man (360 -XBLA) Disappointment of the Year: Brutal Legend (360)
  5. Same as my XBox Live name.

  6. Good to see you around again, Siffeh. :D

  7. Don't believe Niner's lies! We played a couple of hours ago, and he DOMINATED me. Yeah, it's been two months or so since I last played, but that's no excuse! Also, Phreak: I did tell you to get it. Did you?
  8. My kinetic cyborg self is skilled in a lot of things. Awesome.
  9. I walk nude around the house all the time, so working in the nude shouldn't be too different. I would.
  10. It isn't anything legal either, is it? I'm pretty satisfied with the announcement. I like Steam, and having access to some of these games through it seems pretty nice. A bunch of those games I've already played, but there's still a couple that I'd like to have.
  11. it'd be nice if last.fm left some kind of notice on the mainpage about that stuff...


    anyway, accepted :)

  12. Hey Billeh! Accept my last.fm friend request, yes? :>

  13. Some 4v4 Versus would be pretty epic this weekend. I'm up for it. My SteamIDnamethingy is Nasdroth.
  14. Kusanavi


    I just hope they release Jump Superstars in the US sometime..I've been looking forward to that game for a while now. It's like a Super Smash Bros. game with popular anime characters (there's around 160 characters in the game, not all are playable though). ._.
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