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  1. That's a classic in Wow now, lol. People actually have a rule that you cannot yell Leroy Jenkins in that part of the instance (ubrs). Needless to say I do it anyways. The video is faked of course. You can tell if you play wow, since its a really easy part that they turn into utter chaos
  2. ppl never leave this place, they merely fade into an alternate reality.... .... ok not really but whatever, sounded cool so
  3. Like mentioned above; SBSAD and adaware, plus others I grabbed. Gotta watch out for non-recommended spyware progs, though. Some trial versions will make up files that aren't harmful (if anything) and ask you to buy the full version to remove it. Also, the best thing I've ever used is Foxfire. Foxfire - IE = no popups, spam, adware, etc.
  4. Blackhand: Guild: Disposible Heroes (Guild Master) My charectors... ALLIANCE Shorin 60 Paladin (Dwarf) Mauziel 42 Mage (Gnome) Shikaku 18 Rogue (Gnome) Alucard 16 Hunter (Night Elf) HORDE Bullworth 16 Shaman (Tauren) Trogdoor 15 Warrior (Orc) and about 4 other alts, but they're just bank accounts (item storage) lol
  5. This movie was alright, not great, but alright. 2 stars +1 for RotS trailer = 3/5stars It was worth seeing it for the trailer alone
  6. It's supposed to be in the time frame between Ep 4 and 5. They did this so that you can meet and interact with all the famous (movie) charectors. Both sides of the GCW could meet the most important figures in the movie series. This, they felt, was the best time frame. Unfortunatelly things started getting out of control as they added and expanded - they lost track of the story. Things (in order) that started the decline of SWG. Most of them started off godd, but ended up bad. Speeders - Before everyone went on foot. This was great because it was harder to get places alone. People would hire our guild as bodyguards. Player Cities - It was cool at first, but then the most populated (non player) cities got thinned out so PvP and the GCW just isnt as fun. This made it hard to find healers and other important players around the galaxy Jedi - They have waaay too many Jedi. This, IMO, ruined the game for me the most - not only the storyline but also PvP, career balance, etc. The Economy - Changed naurally with player cities, group hunting, and the Jedi. It's out of control now. The most frustrating thing is that this game only needs minor fixes to make it amazing, but rather than do that the Dev team adds on new crap instead of repairing bugs and other issues. Had they taken the time to do this, I would still be playing today.
  7. Umm.... yeah... I'm sure it mentions in the Teacher's handbook that licking blood off open sores should be done off school property. Maybe they ammended that, who knows...
  8. I played SWG and got hooked. I finally managed to pull myself free of it's mind control last August. I can honestly say I had a blast playing that game, especially with all my friends - Hell, we even made RAA city at one point - but the amount of time and money I spent on the game wasn't worth it. That money's going towards more important things (paintball)
  9. I'd have to say Ballblazer for the Atari 2600, but that's way back in the day (just over 20 years). Time flies...
  10. I first head of them from the http://www.TeamRyoko.com video titled "Friday Night Madness 3" I think the song was open your eyes? Ever since then I liked them
  11. Bah, bah I say to all of you. It goes in this order... 1) Tekken 2) Soul Cal 3) All Capcom fighters 4) All other Namco fighters 5) Bikini-beach Karate babes I like Soul cal, but I've found Tekken to be more diverse when it comes to fighting style.
  12. I played SWG and got burned out. I know if I tried WoW I'd get hooked again...must...resist......Gahhhh!! /pizza
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