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  1. I read the review. I think the score is not fair, because 6/10 is the score of my previous CTF map (Battle Station No. 1138) in JK2Review. Obviously, Trade Federation Map is much better than Battle Station No. 1138. I don't think that low FPS is a serious flaw of a map. LivingDeadJedi's Duel of the Fates v1.0 map (the most downloaded map ever) had also very low FPS. I DIDN'T use any texture from any other game. All custom textures have been created by me. I have mentioned it BEFORE. Obviously, you don't believe me. Anyone who has played the phantom menace game can say that the textures are not the same. I accept that there are some flaws, but they are not so important as you mentioned in the review. I think the review is constructive, but it's also very strict and harsh. Anyway, everyone's opinion is accepted. I think that Trede Fed map is very fun, because the real fun for any Star Wars fan, is that he feels like he is fighting and playing on Trade Federation Droid Control Ship. That's why Howgarts map will be fun, because people will feel like they are playing in Howgwarts. That's why Duel of the Fates map is fun, even if it's a long, "one-way" and "low-fps" map. I hate to say it, but it is a bad review. Nothing personal with Eldritch, you reviewed my map and I just reviewed your review of my map.
  2. I wanted to put Lando's ship in the hangar (like LivingDeadJedi did in Duel of the Fates map), but it wasn't fitting with the general atmosphere of the map. Do you mean that the door should be closed? I left the door opened because I wanted the meeting room to attract the player's attention. In addition, I think it's beautiful to see the corridors from inside the room. I had also constucted an underlevel corridor (like the underlevel areas in the TPM game), but serious compiling problems forced me to erase this part of the map. Generally, when the number of brushes was greater than 13000 I was getting compiling errors. That's why I put only one chair and not six or more.
  3. The map is ready. Now I am sending the map to pcgamemods.com, so in a few hours you will be able to download it! I put only one chair because I had serious compiling problems.
  4. Right now the map is 50% done. The other 50% includes some underlevel areas (similar to the underlevel areas from the TPM game), many secret areas, the bot route, power ups placing and the sound effects. I am satisfied with the current map size. When I complete the underlevel areas that I mentioned before the map will be really big. Don't expect much news for the map until 15th June because I study for the exams. Wish me good luck.
  5. I DON'T use textures from the Phantom Menace game. 90% of map's textures are custom, created by myself. The rest 10% of map's textures are from Jedi Outcast. The textures in the first room are actually grey. The lights are giving this brown color to the room. I could have done all the map grey, like the movie, but it's not my purpose to be so accurate. I just want the textures and the lights to make the map's atmosphere to be like the Phantom Menace game atmosphere. To be like the Phantom Menace game atmosphere means to be like the movie's atmosphere. Yes, the chairs are ten in the movie. In the final version of the map, the chairs will propably be six. But you don't need to be so agressive just for the number of chairs. I can place hundreds of them especially for you, Tuna'ckz. It's just a copy-paste job... I inform you, my friend, that I have watched at least 20 times this part of the movie. It's not posible to make a map so accurate to the movie. But it's posible to make a map very similar to the movie (like my map).
  6. Yes, there are some screenshots from the hangar. Look at the first page.
  7. Here are 2 screenshots from the bridge/viceroy room. It is UNFINISHED job.
  8. You mean the Viceroy room. I have already done the floor, the windows and all the other objects except from the chairs, the video wall where Amidala appears and the ceiling. It's not done yet, so I haven't release any screenshots.
  9. The release date is summer 2003, possibly July. It's very early to decide which will be my next project. I will decide it after the map release. In which bridge do you refer Padawan_7?
  10. Today, my map reached 10788 brushes. The hangar is almost done, so I release some hangar shots. I am looking forward to hearing your judgement. Any suggestions are welcome.
  11. It's very early for hangar shots. Here are two screenshots from other areas:
  12. I recently started to create the hangar. I have reached 7500 brushes and I expect to release the map Spring/Summer time period. The "Spring/Summer period" means that the map is possible to be released in May but is also possible to be released in July. It depends from the free time that I will be able to spend creating the map.
  13. Jedi Loaf from TPM TC asked from me to give them the map, so they can convert it in SP and I agreed. A trailer of my map is uploaded in TPM TC site. You can download this from here . I would be glad to here your opinion. Please be honest again.
  14. Here are two more screenshots from the same room: First screenshot Second Screenshot In the second screenshot the door is opened. No, I make new textures. In some cases I use some textures from the game. Some of the map's places are inspired from the Phantom Menace game. It's in my plans. The stars skybox is from the game, so I don't think that I need to create a new one for the time being.
  15. Here is a screenshot from the first room of Trade Federation Control Ship Multiplayer Map that I recently started to create. It's the room where Obi Wan and Qui Gon are trapped and gas is coming out of the floor (in Episode I). I would be glad to here your opinion. Please be honest ,
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