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  1. actually it might be good to be gay, since in the US you get extra rights, just like if you are black or latino. Well thats my point of view anyway, i dont think its fair they get money, sometimes democrats annoy me. (democrats arent liberals ive decided, all they want is votes from minorities)' EDIT: sorry i got this whole post off topic, it was meant to be serious but i kind of turned it into a joke.
  2. I live here and i have seen these so called concentration camps. Free SUBURBANS free HOUSES and thats not just the ones that live on the reservation, thats the ones that live in the CITIES!!!! wow.... 12% of the population in the city i live in is native american and the state is 10%, sounds like they are contained in a small area huh? (btw i live in the second largest city) It is in no way a concentration camp. Trust me. Im not at all racist, i have many friends that are native american, and to say that they are in a concentration camp is an uninformed response. Oh ya and if i could prove i was a native american, id gladly live in this 'concentration camp' and have a free house and suburban, free college, medical, and the right to be a pain in the ass to everybody else. I agree the reservation needs to be gotten rid of since it promotes this bs, but they are treated very very fairly.
  3. The m1 rips up leopard II's as if they were tin cans, and t-90s are the same way. Also there are 1000s of m1s and very very few numbers of european stuffs. Norway lost its warrior gene when the warriors moved to the US and germany is the same. Russia would starve before they could win at all. Special forces dont win wars either, and i supposed youve never heard of the Army Rangers, navy seals, or most powerful air force and navy hands down without any rival.... anyway back to the subject. BTW i dont really want this, i think the europeans need to get on the right track, like what tony blair thinks (the EU has no military power so it is not actually powerful) and that the US is needed.
  4. Its like that with all minorities and women. They all want more and usually none of them want equality. (giving them money, affirmitive action, all this bs etc) I live in south dakota, its in the midwest, and recently the native americans (or indians as they actually prefer to be called believe it or not, and what they call themselves) recently boycotted mcdonalds and wal mart because an indian man was shot because he came after a cop carrying a knife... in this case it is bull ****. Wanting equality is different from wanting to be treated better and wanting money.... they should ask to be treated the same because right now they are treated better! (american indian are, black people usually are, same with latinos but less so), honestly the only group treated worse than the others is asian.
  5. oh and if we didnt care about you then why did we give your countries back? would have been nice to have that land in the cold war. Of course, that was when you remembered.
  6. Halapja looks a bit more disgusting then that.... actually a lot more. Not to mention the reason they are getting killed, at Halapja the people were killed for 'racial cleansing', the people dying in iraq now will probably be the last to die because of dictatorships. (BTW bush is not a dictator and if you want a dictatorship look at france china or iraq, or germany before 1945) ya you are right about that c'jais. but we learned and now europe is making the same mistake. maybe at halapja but tell that to the shi'ites and the rest of the kurds who died. Also Iran didnt start the war either... saddam did. Everything that happened was directly linked to saddam.
  7. EDIT: Please don't go mud-slinging each other here -C'
  8. you should worry you might be killed too sith.
  9. this poll isnt really that good because it seems like europeans think anybody who will say god is a cultist.... democrats included.
  10. Yes id have it removed, i dont want weird kids and i want grandchildren. Also, homosexuals are.... icky.
  11. First of all, NOBODY is much of a threat to the US. China is a marginal threat but in a war against them, the US would win. Against europe, well lets just say the advance hitler made in the start of world war two would be a joke.... africa, no power there to speak of, middle east has no power etc... you get the picture. There are two countries in the world that have the right to use their mouths, thats the US and china, the rest of you should be able to see who has the better values... easy.
  12. The america some sea: The real america: Look! muslims waving american flags! Wow, people killing americans who did nothing, people from countries that arent america and not knowing the difference between the military and the people! American muslims Point is, america is about people living their lives, not about bombs or war, or even about controlling you or anybody else, and the governments agenda is no different. ok its done.
  13. Its all in the good of the people, and you all know as well as i do it is. Youve all seen pictures of Halapja right? and the shi'ites he gassed? *DO NOT CLICK IF YOU GAG MILDLY EASY* http://www.intelmessages.org/Hack/images/Kurds/Collage/collag5.jpg this sums it up i think, saddam ordered this attack on Halapja (which i believe all of those pictures are off) Saddam used mustard, chlorene, and tabun gas on kurds and shi'ites. http://www.angelfire.com/my/ussrangersite/beach_f.JPG American forces in normandy just after the invasion. http://www.multied.com/ww2/events/images/parisliberated.gif American forces liberating Paris. http://vons.free.fr/maisons/2717_IMG.jpg Americans dead so that the people of europe could be free
  14. Ive never seen a group of more fearful atheists, all who argue with every religious person who comes in, fear is the first step to believing. Congradulations! Oh ya and i dont think youll be sent to hell just because you dont believe, but then again that is your fear talking.
  15. No you werent being taken over by the soviets thanks to the US, instead mongolia, armenia, kazakstan, the ukraine, poland, germany, estonia, latvia, bulgaria, macedonia, yugoslavia, greece, afghanistan, korea, and vietnam were being taken over by the soviets or were supported by soviets... theres more than that too. Oh yeah and finland was too.... thats pretty close to you right? When i say that europe became communists i mean that they became socialists, which to me is communism.... Yes i know the US supported Iraq in the iran-iraq war, but thats because the iranians were terrorists. Just another example of fighting the soviets into corruption.
  16. In vietnam 100s of people died for small victories, this is definetly not the case. In vietnam we didnt fight to win, and we are fighting this war to win, believe me. Just because there are a few casualties doesnt mean its vietnam. Just dont get disheartened and support your troops, that is the best way to prevent vietnam again. Support Our Troops!
  17. Yes the war is partly for oil, and i support that 100%. It is more so because iraq has weapons of mass destruction, illegal missiles, has failed to comply to cease fire for 12 years, and the people of iraq are horribly mistreated. If i for some reason must fight in a war for the US, I will be proud to fight for US power, oil, liberation of people, to stop terrorism, or any other reason that will force the US to go to war. People who die in war are heroes, and all of the soldiers who have died thus far, are heros. You cant deny that.
  18. I wanted daschle to run because hed lose... the democrats are going to loseo this next election i think.... bush is well liked and the democrats havent been having very strong campaigns and are too divided.
  19. Most of the dollars have been paid back? no they havent, but they were spent for the better good.... so it doesnt matter. Im just saying that weve spent a lot for the better good of europe with little or no spoils besides the liberation of hummanity. Anything to fight the soviets was worth it. Different times... back then it was us or them, with the soviets wanting world domination. The US does not benefit from war usually because we give the countries back to the people, and allow them to rule as we keep the peace. We do many times put in pro US leaders, but the people do appreciate being liberated, this is very evident in iraq. Europe has benefitted from this war, in economy, security, protesters dont understand this, they dont look at the reasons for the war etc. I doubt many of them have seen what saddam has done. Oh, and we have provided medical attention to iraqis, civilian and military. Its really a wonderful sight to see people who have gained their freedom. In france, iraq, kuwait, korea, the philipines, the netherlands, norway, and all other countries we have liberated since the 1940s. You cant see the looks on those peoples faces and tell me that the US is doing them wrong. Also look what israel goes through, if people were trying to blow me up, id be fighting them too. And yes, i am Captain America. Oh and c'jais, you just proved my point, the UN is NOTHING without the US. Also its not a solo operation, 40 countries supporting US, British, Australian, Polish, kuwaiti, turkish, kurdish, and iraqi troops are fighting saddam hussein. Spanish engineers, porteguese, and italian assistance units. French anti-chemical/biological specialists (39) Arab countries of Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Kurdistan (will be a country someday), Armenia, Kazikstan and other former soviet republics support the war, Theres lots and lots of support there.....
  20. All those little wars were against the soviet union, that means they were good. Aslo the thing with israel is: people in europe are anti semistic (not all of them are, but enough, thats why we made israel to begin with). You dont have the facts because the US actually wants mideast peace, and we believe to arrive at peace we cannot have rouge nations like iraq. Israel is fine, they atleast work with the UN and US for peace. I dont believe the UN is a working entity any more anyway. The entire UN needs to be reworked because: They cant stop anybody from doing anything without the US They cant stop even worthless countries like iraq from doing what they want... anyway thats the situation with the mideast. Taking out saddam hussein will only furtherly stabalize the position. The US DOES recognize a palestinian nation. Israel doesnt. The US did stop the soviet union but you became communists anyway... funny world huh? C'jais, you dont speak german right? BTW i dont see the US having overseas territory.... We dont benefit from any of these wars and i just laugh when people think that. People in europe owe the US for their right to oppose the war. The US used to oppose war before ww1 and ww2 but we learned the hard way that there are wars that need to be fought. And i will say, i would risk my life to protect this country against communists, terrorists, socialist (for those who think its different from communists), and anybody who opposes because i feel the United States is a great country, a just, and fair country. PS we should have fought ww2 back in 1933, but thanks to the french and americans ignorance to hitler he grew in power. Same thing is happening in iraq, Saddam has tried atleast 2 times to take over the mideast. (iran-iraq war, 1991 gulf war) You entirely mis interpretted my previous post, i was telling you to oppose war but not oppose the US. You cant deny the US is powerful, and that you owe much of your independence to Renewed ideas of democracy the cold war WW2 WW1 Economic advantages Inventions etc The US owes europeans: Everybody here is from europe for the most part industrialization support in wars being buffers in the cold war being buffers in wars and to those that apply support in the new war. (even countries who oppose, but protesters are not thanked in this)
  21. China cant invade the united states, atleast not yet.... Id like to see them attempt to invade the united states.... a bunch of boats buringing out in the ocean, a bunch of blown up and shot chinese, itd be an ugly war. The US didnt 'rape' other countries to get power, we havent gotten any power from 'raping' Isnt scandanavia where the vikings were from? If the US got power from raping other countries, wed control all of europe now, similar to what the soviets did after ww2. Face it, the US isnt that bad, you owe us a LOT for your liberation (billions of dollars for ww2, stopping the USSR, fighting wars while you dont have to) You can dislike war, but dont take your agression out on the US because that is low and pathetic and will only piss people off. People not supporting this war piss me off enough. And most americans feel the same way. Verbally attacking the US because we dont have our lips on your ass is immature and naive. You dont need to support war but dont attack the US. The reason we invaded Iraq is because saddam plays games with the UN and US, iand those other dictators will have their day as well.
  22. Sith that excuse is no good any more, how do you know there wasnt a REASON why they were firing? there most certainly was. Also what proof do you have to show that the commanders knew the troops were friendly? Friendly fire happens in war. Casualties happen in war. Get over it, dont whine. Maybe if the pilot reported in he wouldnve been shot down. Also nobody cares about scandanavia because your countries have no power. The US has all of the power, britain has power, and you dont like it, get over it.
  23. Im from south dakota and daschle doesnt support the people hes supposed to represent, only before the election. He criticizes bush who is extremely popular in south dakota (if you start a war protest youd get egged by lots of people). Daschle got elected by: Lying, calling recounts, bribing the native americans with beer (literally, that is actually the democratic campaign strategy here, i cant even see how they win since NOBODY votes democrat in presidential elections) Really i think daschle is a total moron, i really hope he never gets elected again.... actually i was hoping hed run for president so wed get rid of him.
  24. Well, new computer visioning systems for ground troops will make it easier to identify friendly and enemy troops. It will tell american troops enemy locations and allied locations making war fare cleaner with less casualties. This technology might be available now but will more likely be available in 5-10 years.
  25. They were scuds, marines said they were. The countries werent bullied. In fact, you seem to be highly uninformed. The families of troops that have died have denounced the protesting as protesting is disrespectful to them and the war is important to the liberation of iraq. There are 40+ countries whether you like it or not. Face the facts, you have no basis. Anybody agaisnt the war has no basis. France would not support any war before, now even france is beginning to support the war... all countries opposing have shut up since its been proven that saddam needs to be ousted by: Scud missiles fired Saddam not surrendering Iraqis being grateful for liberation Saddam does not care about his people, and if it was up to him hed kill everybody who supports the democracy you talk of. The people protesting are uneducated, naive, or threatened into protesting. The largest opposer of the war, france, is in itself ruled by a dictator (you cant tell me that chirac got electec every time for the past who knows how many years) There is more support for the second gulf war than there was for the first Less civilians have been killed by far Even countries that didnt support the war are being able to participate in the reconstruction (although i feel they are as evil as saddam) All people who ive seen to oppose the war have had no reason, been mis informed, uneducated, forced to protest by fear or are after US aid. This is what i have gathered from watching CNN (a very liberal channel) and Fox News. The iraqi news channels are entirely misinformed and wrong, cnn aired some of the iraqi news. Saddam is evil, and horrible. If countries actually were agaisnt the war they wouldnt let us use their air space. These countries in the EU (a highly liberal organization, borderline communist) have sent troops to assist, all of them are allowing us to use their air space i believe France (only 39 of them but its true) Spain (engineers) Poland (special forces) Italy (im not sure what they sent) The UK Portugal and im sure there are others. And for united states haters, well since about 4 billion people owe their freedom to us... its sad that some of you can even disrespect us Really what it comes down to is not something that is realistic, but really it is fear. They dont like the fact that the US can come into basically any country, any day of the week, and wipe them out. This is a very true statement. The UN is a weak organization that is useless and is a non entity. Politically it is as powerful as thr articles of confederation were in the united states. The UN has no way to control countries (without the united states) It is too weak to stop renegade countries like iraq Every country involved lies Its original purpose is gone do to the above only two countries in it matter without many allies. (the US and china) Another thing, france and germany have backed themselves into a corner. They have no allies, the aly i would be refering to is an actual power. They are lucky the united states government is forgiving, if i was the president, i could tell you right now they would not be getting aid and theyd have a pretty terrif on them. Peace is an idealistic idea, it cannot be achieved over night and it cannot be achieved with saddam hussein. The UN has proven itself a useless entity by working with saddam hussein for 12 years, knowing he has weapons and never reacting. The bombing can be justified, as saddam has proven that he is ruthless and will kill, we made the mistake of backing out because of international support failing in 1991, and the iraqis suffered for it. In the 80s saddam gassed thousands of kurds, and after the war he killed all people he found out resisted him, 14/18 provinces revolted. Since saddam has taken power, iraqs population has fallen from 30 million to 24 million do to famine and terror brought on by saddam hussein. Hussein gives money and food received from food for oil to loyal iraqi middle class and not to the people of iraq. His sons rape women in the street. The fact the iraqi troops are surrendering proves his cruelty. The liberated iraqis have cheered and been very grateful the regime is gone. There is a video tape of an american or british troop tearing down a picture of saddam, a young iraqi man runs up and hits the image of saddam with the bottom of his shoe, in the arab world, lifting the bottom of your shoe to somebody means that you feel you are above them and wish to crush them. Also the thumbs up sign is the equivelant of flipping somebody off. Point being, you ruffle the big dog's fur, he will bite you.
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