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  1. The problem with the special forces thing is that saddam has 15,000 body gaurds! its rediculous. Well we will get him anyway, the war wont even be that destating. Its going very very well from the civilian thinking of it and the iraqi people are happy, the troops are happy, and the majority of the world is happy. All and all, this is a good war.
  2. Just remember the better the americans and brittish do, the faster the war will end. So even if a few civilians are killed, if it ends the fighting faster then more lives will actually be saved. So dont get demoralized when the casualties for americans raise. Dont get demoralized when civilian casualties die because that will probably mean that the war will be ending faster. Even if a few civilians die many more people would die if we couldnt bomb.
  3. The part of baghdad that the US is bombing was where saddams personal palaces were, apartments cant even be built there. There were very very few civilian casualties. Keep posting pics!
  4. the rotars and turbines are suseptable to sucking rocks and dirt into them causing them to light on fire or explode, thats why they have to keep run ways so clean. 20 coalition have been killed or so.... iraqi casualties nmber in the 100s/low thousands with over 10,000 prisoners. (two divisions but iraqi divisions are half the size of american, and american division is 15-20,000)
  5. Jackal, supporting your troops isnt against your political views even if you dislike war... and if you dislike war and then dont care there are people out defending your right to not like war, then you are a horribly sick person... and it doesnt matter that you are from canada, as you owe your freedom to the same US and UK troops as they seem to be the only ones out defending freedom these days (not even the UN can act for freedom, only greed) And its not about oil... and thats been proven since saddam shot scuds at us (varified by foxnews and cnn, probably aljazeera too) Its alright to oppose war, but supporting troops and opposing war are two different things. Troops didnt start the war, so pictures of the military isnt supporting war, its supporting troops. And troops are good. They are unselfish, and are fighting to preserve the rights and liberties of people in Iraq, Israel, the US, UK , France, Canada.... and humanity. BTW they arent jokes meant in a mean way, the irish have some weird war customs though.... they like to wear kilts too, didnt they do that in the first gulf war?
  6. Neo, so far there has only been smart bombs, we will bomb troops etc with dumb bombs, but the boming of baghdad will be 100% smart bombs. Yep, iraq fired scuds that they supposedly didnt have.... doesnt that make the french feel dumb now? (even though they knew anyway)
  7. Actually no i dont think so, im talking about the forum as a whole. Really its not a debating forum, but a liberal rally. This is just how i feel btw... since to some of you it may not be obvious by the context of what im saying....
  8. Civilian casualties will be very minimal. In the first gulf war many civilians were killed but 10% of the bombs were smart bombs, 90% dumb. This time its 100% smart bombs, i predict that 1/10th of the civilian casualties of the first gulf war. Saddam already used scuds. There is no need for proof. 40+ countries are for the war and 14/25 members of the european union. Thats strong support. War isnt good, and i assure you, the united states is doing everything it can to prevent civilian deaths. We have dropped flyers to the iraqis explaining how to surrender and most of them are (an entire division and theyve penetrated 100 miles with close to no resistance = mass surrender) The troops are prepared for bio/chemical attacks and the war is running smoothly. Only a small portion of baghdad was bombed, these are government/military buildings. Its been reported that a building could be bombed and ones around would stand unscratched. There is no threat of killing civilians as long as they stay away from government buildings. WE wont be bombing power stations but rather disabling them with microwave bombs. Also its great to see on the news that the iraqis in southern iraq are getting along with the troops and seem to be happy. Really there is no reason left to be against the war. The only way civilians in iraq and jordan could be injured in large numbers that are significant is if the iraqis fire scuds at israel, israel will not hold back this time... and they WILL kill civilians. We still have to beat off a few iraqis if saddam is dead, but thats just to stop an insurrection for power. In any case, if saddam dies soon then the war will be over and the occupation much easier.
  9. This isnt a forum of debate. There is only one opinion here and it isnt even one with backing. I have seen that about half of you have opinions i can respect, the other half of them have opinions i dont like but respect, and then there are some that want the right thing but they arent given a fair chance to say what their opinion is because you make them look stupid. Im leaving the senate chambers and i will debate with people in real life, as all that happens on here is one side is said, you dont listen, and you just lock all topics that are not the same as your opinion. This is not debate, this is the tyranny you claim conservatism supports. This will be locked, but that just proves my point.
  10. Also remember clinton is one of the reasons for all of this. BTW the US is the world leader so you are either like us or you just well, arent. And everybody tries to be like the US, or well, you are sad(dam).
  11. Over 40 nations support US involvement including turkey, 14 members of the EU, Japan and basically all non muslim countries.... World support is for the world, its just you are the most vocal. The whole world practically does speak english, british english, you have to and it isnt like that because of war. BTW iraq fired some scuds they supposedly didnt have.... The US never asked anybody to go to war... although i believe there are only 40 countries that should be involved in reconstruction and the UN has already proven itself useless and powerless.
  12. War crimes are for the losers of war. Winners never get accused. We put the japs into camps for national security, we probably stopped a few spies but it was inhumane. The winner doesnt get in trouble with war crimes. I have to go now but im not done. Oh ya and what is the UN going to do? bichor until they all run out of moisture in their pallets like they do now and then waste even more time in the non entity called the UN?
  13. 1. The united states cares plenty about israel.... we try to help them become peaceful with palestine and we support a palestinian state as well as israel living in peace, that would be a good thing for them. 2. Iraq does have that kind of power and they will have nuclear weapons. they had many thousands of gallons of chlorine gas, mustard gas and anthrax. And they still do as theyve been making it, hiding it, and turning over old weapons.
  14. What is it the british did to people in south africa? the belgish did to people in central africa? Australia? China? We were just doing our business, and we tried to live in peace. We are also the only country who gives minorities that we supress MONEY AID RIGHTS and JOBS. We give them so much its not even funny. We are extremely generous. Many times more rights than we give ourselves, and americans were in movements such as abolishon and womens rights, we were one of the first countries to give women rights, and the only reason slavery wasnt common in other countries is because their economies were different. Not to mention how france england and prussia supported the south in the civil war.
  15. 300 billion dollars isnt free oil.... not counting paying off countries who arent smart enough to join us. We wanted free oil, wed invade venezuela.
  16. Bush seems to be one of the nicest politicians that i have ever seen. He truly is a wimp but he is trying to do the right thing. Hes not thinking of just himself like others are, a war with iraq will liberate millions of people, i know atleast 6 million people in israel will live in assurance that they wont get gassed. Not to mention kurds and other people who are raped, beaten, torchered, and live in fear of saddam in iraq. We need to atleast disarm and stop saddam from hurting his own people. Also you realize that if saddam gassed people using a large amount of gas or used a nuclear weapon, that the affects of the weapon could be blown on the wind to areas in europe and asia, possibly the united states. Saddam has the power to kill millions, no billions. He has enough gas to kill everyone in the entire world. If thats not reason enough to stop him in any way possible (even war), then i dont know what could possibly make you go to war. I know people who fought in world war two and korea, and they think it is the right thing to do. (theyve seen it before, what waiting can do... Anyone know Hitler?)
  17. I didnt say you had to agree. Ever. Now you arent even talking about the subject. By the way, the war will cost 300 billion dollars. We could buy 60,000,000 barrels of oil for that. The war isnt for oil.
  18. No ****, i said the US did bad things. We never did the things that iraq has. Every country does bad things, but the united states is way up there for doing good things. We give more aid than all other countries in the world combined. We never take and colonize countries. oh ya and ill say it again WAR IS BAD. PEOPLE DIE. THE OUTCOME OF WAR IS GOOD. 90% OF THE TIME. IF IT WASNT FOR WAR WED BE RULED BY GERMANS. I DONT LIKE WAR BUT MANY TIMES IT IS NECESARY AND IN THIS CASE THERE IS NO DEBATE WITH SUBSTANCE AGAINST WAR.
  19. The bad and selfish kind. Its not a war for oil. Its a war for the iraqi people. We could easily buy oil for a lot less than it costs to fight a war.
  20. And why is it i feel the same about people like you? Oh well, most of you will get to see what hell is actually like. Oh ya, and its WAR. Its not a peaceful little joy ride... and those things happen in any war. Its not because they are americans, its because they are people. You will find the government is much better than the governments of other countries. Most countries take over countries and are suppresive. The united states is not like that. Had the soviets invaded iraq (or like the europeans did when they ACTUALLY DID invade iraq) brutally terrorize and put the people into selfish positions. The united states is not entirely good, but its far better than iraq or what you think it is.
  21. How come all the people who see this site say the exact opposite of you? You are all partly right, i admit bush has done a poor job in not just going and kicking iraqs ass and leaving since afterwards everybody will praise us... but whether or not the war is right or wrong is not the question, its whether you will support not exposing illegal activities. If you notice, the only countries opposing the war are countries who have done illegal things in iraq. (france, russia, china, and germany [germany is questionable]) I do not just blindly follow the president just because hes the president. If you actaully looked into it youd see that many republican and democrats are pro war.
  22. Not any that i have seen. I was over stating myself earlier but my stand is still the same. If you do not support stopping evil people who persecute people then you are helping it. Negotiations wont work. Saddam will not negotiate. War is the only answer to deal with this mad man.
  23. You think that saddam massacering kurds while we sit around wondering whether or not we go to war is stupid? Why cant you people in europe just go along with a war against somebody we should have taken out before, he does lots of illegal things all the time. They are moral things, like the pot smoking freedom bs that all of you want. Im not blind. I am not ignorant. I see more of the truth than you do. I see how all of the europeans are just backing off because they did illegal things. Atleast we have the balls to say we did.
  24. The US gave iraq weapons before it was illegal moron, and i did not fall to propaganda because i chose to stand behind it myself. And if this was on a good forum filled with people who have actually been to war, guess who would win. Ive talked to SOLDIERS. That is far more than your pot smoking friends. BTW: the people of france and the people are the same. A government and its people are the same in my eyes as one cannot exist without the other. I dont support dictators so i dont support saddam.... hmmm Oh ya and you are a supporter of yet another kind of dictatorship where democrats control the media, well they are liberals but almost as dumb. (just almost) Im not saying france has to help, i just dont see what it has to do with them beyond the illegal things they did.
  25. The anti war bs is just a ploy by europeans who gave iraq something or own an oil field there and they dont want us to find it. The US anti war protest bs is the democratic party and its long lengths of stupid things that really help nobody and greatly supress minorities. Im just stating the other side of the story and you dont like it. I can be patriotic and support my country as i know going to war with iraq is the right thing to do and i KNOW that we should. I know that there isnt any proof of saddams weapons but he has gassed his own people and is a threat to the region. He is an insane lunatic. Saddam hussein is not a good person, has no ideas of morals and cannot be trusted. Margaret Thatcher who was one prime minister of england said he couldnt be trusted.
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