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  1. During the KoToR event, the Republic have a large fleets of ship and armies. Where are they 4000 years after in AoTC? It seems only the Jedi Order is keeping the peace of the Republic in the AotC era..btw, I am still a Padawan in Star Wars Universe:D Thankz
  2. I think Qui Gon Jinn had already become "One with the Force". During SW:AOTC, when Anakin was slaughtering those Sand People, Yoda heard voices form Qui Gon Jinn said " Anakin! No!"... Or maybe he became partially with the Force since he did not appear in a "physical force form" and his body did not vanish...Well maybe SW EIII will explain it all?
  3. What had happen to my thread?where is has been moved? Why is Kryllith is the poster now?
  4. Hey, I saw the droid on the ground shot down the Clone Aircraft in Eps II. Well, U get point. I was having some issue with the limitation. But most of it was the game play. For me, the game play of GB and CC doesn’t even have the exciting feel. As I mention a hundred times about having different civ should have different strategy on different civ. As me again if choosing between AoK engine and Command & Conquer engine, I rather have it on C&C. Don’t u get it, AoK is for those game which require advancement from ancient to modern. In Star Wars, the civilizations have already advanced to a stage where no advancement was noticeable from Eps I, II, VI, V, and VI. It doesn’t rule with AoK engine.
  5. Hey, I post this URL before. U just repost it
  6. That is why I suggested about having all civ to be different. It is not necessary to have Mounties to counter turrets. They should have thought of other type of unit to deal with turrets. As for aircraft, ok, I take it as all civ should have aircraft; still try to make them different from each faction. Take Starcraft as an example. Do Zerg have awesome aircraft to deal with the GREAT aircraft from Terran and Protoss faction? It really depends on how you use the faction and how to unleash the power of each faction. Having 30-45 Marines also can toast up 6 Wraith Fighter. Still, they make it happen. It depend how good is your strategy to deal with it. Do Protoss or Zerg really need to have the same Siege Tank in order to counter it awesome range and damage? Again, it depend how well your strategy to deal with it. Creative Artwork…………YES Better Game play…………NO Civs unique…………NO Better Balanced…………YES Comment: Too oblivious balanced. Again (I don’t know how many times) no point choosing civs because (again, don’t know how many times) they are all the SAME . Even the old Command & Conquer: Red Alert (not RED ALERT II but I) is much more balanced in a unique way. AoK engine is more on civilization advancement from ancient to modern (so-called). It was not meant to use from already advanced civ which does not need any tech upgrade. OK. First, fring air with blaster is common sense. Since they choose to make Star Wars RTS, they should have make it movie based. OK. Fine if they couldn’t follow the movie based. But it is really bored to have all civ to be the same. Te AoK engine is not suitable for STAR WARS at ALL in every way. What I can give credit to is only for the artwork. Other aspect is consider FAIL.
  7. Did you say Dooku? So, Dooku indeed a good guy, but still he was murdered by Tyranus. Sadly....
  8. Yeah, agree with Darth Lando.But the poster is no Jedi, he is a Sith/Dark Jedi. Well deceived.
  9. Fine if Stormtrooper is really riding a Dewback or Bantha. But having all civ riding is not realistic, in fact it is idiotic. Have u seen Clone, TF Droid, and Confederate Droid riding? Since when Gungans having aircraft? Why dunt u call that idiotic? I dunno why u see having blaster unit shooting air is idiotic rather than realistic. Make it blaster weaker damage and AA stronger damage. Jedi/Sith is not Bounty Hunter for you to hire. They SHOULDN’T be in all civ. They make creative artwork, but not gameplay. Why bother playing any civ since they are all the same. Idiotic isn’t it?
  10. Darth Sidious was in Corrocsant all the way during TPM. Just inform the Jedi Order and then it will be settle the future war. Tyranus, bad guy. Dooku god guy.
  11. "We will be watching your career in great interest" Palpy. Tyranus is evil.
  12. I really like Star Wars since I’ve played Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Then I saw SW:AotC, I become more obsessed with SW. Finally I’ve collected all the SW Trilogy except Episode III( haven’t film yet). Then I heard about SW in RTS format. I thought it will be awesome game ever. I go check with the official site for info, I saw some of the pic which make me says wow. Then I went to brought both GB & CC. When I played the game, I find it very disappointing. 1st. The AOE engine does not suit Star Wars. I personally think Starcraft engine is very suitable for Star Wars. 2nd. Upgrading unit is not necessary at all. Upgrading from recruit to trooper to hvy trooper and repeater, I personall think it is very stupid. Why don’t they just make a saperate unit of trooper and repeater troopers? Separate Jedi Padawan and Jedi Knight. They should have make those unit separated not to be upgrade. Tech upgrade does not suit Star Wars. AOE engine really suit for them because they are playing old civilization to modern civilization but not Star Wars. 3rd. A lot of unit does not even exist in Star Wars cannon. Have you ever see Stormtrooper, Clone, and etc riding an animal? I only saw Rebels & Gungans riding animals. Lot of unit from Heavy Mech Factory does not exist at all. 4th They created Gungans and Wookies faction which I think it is not necessary at all. In Star Wars Cannon, there not a lot of unit from Gungans & Wookies were shown. They created some more unit for them which doesn’t exist and I think this is suxx. 5th. Playing SW:GB remind me of Playstation WarCraft II. I have 4 type of trooper u have 4 type of trooper, I have 4 type of aircraft, u have 4 type of aircraft. It is ok to have same amount of unit but it is suxx if each faction unit have the same function. Then, choosing which faction is worthless. Since each faction unit are all the same except for the art work and some faction advantages, I don’t see any joy in choosing faction to play. All are the same. I really hope they will make another SW RTS format using StarCraft engine or other similar to StarCraft. -Eliminate all non-existing unit. Espeacially from Heavy Mech Factory. -No more upgrading unit outlook, instead upgrade they ability. -Rebel And Wookies faction should be combined -Gungans and Royal Naboo should be combined -Jedi Temple should be available for Republic & Rebel Alliance. All Jedi type for Republic and only Jedi Padawan and Knight for Rebel. Republic Jedi are stronger then Rebel Jedi -Variable Lightsaber color will be spawn out for Jedi(like in AOE II, where u will have female worker or male worker build from Command Center) .All Jedi rank will have Green or Blue lightsaber. -Sith Temple for Galactic Empire only. Can build Sith Padawan, Sith Knight SBL(Single Blade Lightsaber) Sith Knight DBL(Double Bladed lightsaber), and Sith Master. Sith Knight DBL is stronger then SBL and cost is higher. Sith Master will fire dark Lighting in long range and use Lightsaber in short range. -Allow unit using blaster to shoot air. The game is too obiviously balance. Make it like Star Craft or C&C which I can call as unobivious balance. I really regret buying the Original and Expenstion together. I should have tried the Original first and try it out. Flame me if you want, I will stand on my points. I do really really hope they will remake Star Wars using Star Craft engine. C&C engine also not a suitable engine for Star Wars. I am so SORRY if I am too extreme on this. I am telling what I fell now.I really do apologize again. Flame me if you want.
  13. Jedi_Monk has the point. Come on, In your title said "Dooku WAS a good guy" and yes Count Dooku is really a good guy. But in Episode II, he is no more Count Dooku, his identity is now Darth Tyranus, the dark jedi. The identity of Count Dooku is no more. Darth Vader is a bad guy in my perspective. During the day he killed Palpy, he was no more DV, but he is Ani. Anyway, Darth Talliusc, are u Darth Tyranus? What I really means is, are u Christopher Lee? So, u are tyring to protect yourself in Eps II HAH!
  14. Count Dooku is a bad guy….. 1st. He tried to kill Senator Amildala Padme’.So u mean killing her made him a good guy? 2nd. He work with Darth Sidious and joined the dark side. If he is a good guy, why dunt he informed the Jedi where his Master is hiding and turn his Master in? 3rd. He keep on lying to Obi-Wan Kenobi about he hired Jango Fett.? 4th. He injured Obi-Wan during the duel and then he tries to kill him. 5th. He cut-off Anakin arm. If he really a good guys, instead cutting his arm, why dun he just injured Anakin like he did to Obi-Wan?Izzit Anakin was an easier opponent then Obi-Wan?Since Anakin is just a Padawan and Obi-Wan is a Jedi Knight for 10 years. He didnt killed Obi and Ani coz he was so confident on his Dark Force to destroy Yoda first.Did u see he was so confident on his new Dark Force,but he was wrong about it. Did you see the impression of CD( he was so shock then) when Yoda reflect the Dark Lightning back to CD? Then CD hand was trembling and fired another Dark Lightning. Then he realize that his Force wanst that strong and then he challenge Yoda with Lightsaber(confident with his Form II skills). 7th. He would have killed Obi & Ani during CD destroyed the pillar to crush Obi & Ani. What if Yoda couldn’t fast enough to hold the pillar with his Force? Count Dooku is a bad guy……….if u still insist he is a good guy, then I call Emperor Palpatine is the good guy.
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