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  1. So is it a myth that you can play x-wing by typing dog-fight in the middle of the game?
  2. The smiley that most resembles me: And here's my hand:
  3. There's no OS 9 version, I believe. Unless he's running it in OS X... are you?
  4. http://www.walla.com is good too.
  5. Me please. logitech_president@lycos.com
  6. Why do I get the feeling that this forum has collapsed to the ground like a building, and there's nothing left but smoldering rubble and angry homeless men?
  7. I'd like to see someone wear a see-through version of that.
  8. DOTT: Switching the flag design with the tentacle chart. Pure... BRILLIANCE!!
  9. What do you know about our customers, Adrian? You've never even worn any pants! Why you know I'd be wearing them right now sir, if it weren't for my... destablizing inner... pants condition.
  10. Not if you're Sir Brunswick of Chesterdale from New England.
  11. New Topic! Favorite 60's/70's music: Aerosmith (started in the early 70's, at least) Beach Boys The Beatles Bruce Springsteen Cat Stevens Elton John James Taylor Led Zeppelin Peter Gabriel Simon and Garfunkel
  12. I like this place because everyone's so... individual. You say something and they'll reply with a vague reference to something about which you have no idea and they'll only explain themselves if you ask nicely (and in their reply they'll include another vague reference to something about which you have no idea, and it's a never-ending cycle). It's fun. Really really fun. Fun like... like a trampoline drum set, where you bounce up and down from the snare to the cymbal then back to the snare then back to the cymbal again... and it's boing, boing, boing, up and down, up and down...
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