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    Iam a boy, not a girl
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    Just drop the subject, 'kay? t
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    WWE,Rogue Squadron,
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  1. 4 our english test, i topped the class with my 83 marks, and i never even studied! P.S have u ever topped the class without having to study 2?
  2. ^is not an insult <is rushing for time in school \/watching Titanic
  3. eh...heh..heh..heh....sorry, sarcasm..
  4. ok, in your views, its alright, but then, where will u stay?
  5. WOW! u take more than 7:30 to complete?!!? I took less that that to finish that.
  6. ^is a big fat lump of friggin dog poo:D:p <*does nothing* \/will be my slave in my dreams
  7. oh, i'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry, lynk!! I aim to terminate
  8. huh? i dont understand the last part...could u explain it 2 me please? thankyu:D
  9. Boba Fett and 3000 clonetroopers attack. the super battle droids too attack, they have no resistance
  10. right. Cracken's ideas always work. i've tried e'm b4
  11. ^sorry! i'm using acid!!! <flies to the sky \/is online:D:p
  12. HI u must be a lousy pilot!:phow about u go find out the problem 4 yourself? its easy!
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