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  1. CortoCG

    Boba Fett

    I've been without a fixed home and a broadband connection for 3 months now, and moving since another month more to a new home until mine gets finished. So basically I'm not working on any model at the moment.
  2. That's a lot of spam**** posts for this model's thread. So here's mine too. Another useless, offtopic, unproductive post more. PS: Btw, all Sephiroth models on the internet look almost like the character, but none looks like it. I think it's because of Sephiroth's gay hairstyle =P. So keep participating.
  3. Nice work. Hehehe, you got me laughing with the "officers scratching their butts" when I saw the screenies.
  4. I also hope they make another one with a longer lasting and more powerful engine.
  5. First of all, the only "base" folder that you should leave is the orginal game's base folder. I don't know where did you get the idea of making several "base" folders. Make a different folder for each different mod (player models don't count, put them into /base). The run the game adding this on the command line parameter: +set fs_game "the-mod-you-wanna-play's folder". That's it. PS: That RGB font thing you did is really a bad idea, most if you are trying to get help. It's irritating.
  6. UnrealEd is way more powerful than Radiant. At least there's one feature that kicks Radiant's ass all over the place: you can practically model the whole map in 3dsmax, XSI Mod Tool o Maya PLE and import it into a level space. Other features that makes UnrealEd better than Radiant: - You don't need to spend an hour compiling to preview how your map is really looking (the editor is wysiwyg) - You can import, compress and make your shader file right in the editor (no need for lame MFC shader editors or text editing) - You can import static meshes from your favorite 3d suite and use them not only as props, but also a level geometry (and the triangle throughput of the unreal engine is extremely fast). - You practically can manage every asset of you mod or even the original game's from UnrealEd. - Epic has released an amazing IDE specically developed for UnrealScript, which give programmers all the power and flexibility they need to code their mods. Rounding up, I cannot enumerate all the advantages of the Unreal Engine over any version of the Quake 3 Engine since they are too many. But the most important thing is that unreal editing is extensively well documented by the developers themselves, so you don't have to figure eveything out like we had to do with JO or JA.
  7. If they make a new JK game with the Unreal or the Source Engine it would be a great step forward for the series. Both engines have so much more support and are easy to mod. Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are both obsolete dying pieces of junk.
  8. Statistically speaking, maybe. But it's becoming rather dull. I think Battlefront (plus sequel) and Galaxies will concentrate all the Star Wars fans in the near future. The Jedi Knight community is a dying community.
  9. No way Crystal Dynamics is licensing that engine. What's that?
  10. No, it's not possible, it's not abandonware. Abandonware is not even real abandonware. You'll have to grab a copy at a game's store, lucky enough you'll find one.
  11. I have no problem at all with you posting screenshots of your progress, that will certainly make happy our followers and raise the team's morale =D.
  12. CortoCG

    Boba Fett

    Color balance is a minor concern right now, since I work in a non-linear non-desrtuctive way with textures. That means, I can go back and forth with any layer and modify them with altering the rest of the texture. Once I'm done with the details and texture painting, I'll balance the color layers to look as accurate as it can.
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