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  1. Oh dear god... Are you really that arrogant to where you believe 1.) I turned down your challenge and 2.) I'm actually scared to face you? Go piss on someone else's wall. You know where to find me. I'm no longer posting in this thread, it's become apparent that troll-feeding is not a good idea. You want to find me? Fine, I accept your pissing contest - I'll be on jk2files server whenever you feel like you want to come in and win your bragging rights. Haemon - I don't do full force duels, shut the hell up. I do partial force duels, if that. You want power trip? Power trip is kicking you without a reason. Power trip is slapping you repeatedly. Power trip is empowering myself whenever I feel like it. You obviously don't know what a power trip is, or are so incredibly narrow-minded that everything designed to keep you from breaking the rules is a power trip. Go back to grade school, jackass. Absolutely, I have time to do my job, and have a little FFA fun, and duel my friends...who duel for the fun of it...not for bragging rights - which is obviously what you and all of your friends have turned this in to. Regardless of whether or not I win if you are causing problems I'm going to kick you. Right. Well, you go right ahead and keep reading what I'm typing however way you want to. I've got a huge smile on my face right now, ready to go into work and have a great day, come back, have a great night, and go to sleep and do it all again tomorrow. If you honestly think that you and your idiotic friends can play mind games with me, you are horridly mistaken. I could care less who the hell wins now, just go ahead and come into the server and claim your victory, so you can shut the hell up.
  2. 1.) I'm not in a clan. 2.) I'm not in a clan. 3.) That is only your own arrogance clouding your ability to use common sense. If you honestly believe I'm avoiding a challenge then you really are full of yourself. And to be honest with you, no you aren't worth my time, not because I'm frightened of you...but because you are the type of person whether or not you win to come in and brag regardless. If you lose, you will come here and say "They won, but only because _______". If you win, you will come here and say "Ha! See? Told you we'd own these n00bs." If you think for a second that I'm going to play into your cockfighting contest, you are horribly mistaken. I am not afraid of you, happy-go-lucky-rumor, your friends, your clan, or anyone for that matter. If I deem you unworthy of my time, it's because you are simply not worth it. I don't care who wins what in the end, and I honestly don't care if your next post is "omg see chrono is scared" - you will only be proving me right that you think you are so great at this game that everyone is scared of you and your miraculous skill. People like you make me laugh. They really do. I've already said several times if you want me, I am on jk2files.com. You want to bring all your friends? I am on jk2files.com. You want to sit here and jump to conclusions about people dismissing you because they are scared of you? And you say that I take this game too seriously? And you keep saying you vs. me and Striker and Atlas. Why are you grouping me with them like I take shots and bleed for them? You want to fight them go fight them yourself. You want to fight me, I already told you where to find me. I'm not going to waste my time instant messaging any of you and putting my e-mail addresses on the line for spamming when you already know where the hell I am. I already get enough junk e-mail on my admin address, I don't need it from a bunch of punks who want to hold a pissing contest.
  3. It doesn't matter to me if you set foot on the server again or not, neither does it matter that you tell people to there and lame. When I am there, they will be caught, regardless. As for the kid remark, I'm a happy 22 year old - thank you very much. As for 3 v 1 and us being in the negs, get over yourself. If you honestly think you can beat an entire server of people on your own, you have some serious issues with arrogance. As for me, I don't flip out over a silly game. You people seem to think that a vein pops in my head every time a lamer comes in, and that I go to work and tell people "Hey I kicked this jk2 lamer the other day..." - Sorry, I separate real life from games. I'm on that server to do one thing - ensure that everyone is having fun. If you're having fun at other people's expenses (and breaking the rules) then your fun is no longer a concern to anyone and you will be removed. And as for jk2files - I can give you that, the competition there is very low, and they are not trying to be competitive. However, I can think of at least 3 or 4 people I know from another community I am a member of who do love to fight. It's people like you that are the reason admins exist. You tell us we are uptight and not to get angry over a game - when you don't realize most of us (definitely not myself) aren't really even getting worked up at all. You break a rule, someone complains, you deserve to be punished for it. Not everyone plays the way you play, and until you realize that you are always going to have admin problems. Like I said. Power trip? I'm on no power trip. If you're expecting to come into the server and talk to me there like you are talking to me here, you will be removed by any admin for blatant disrespecting of fellow players. Anything that disrupts the flow of gameplay is unwelcome, and I'm sorry that you don't understand that. And as I said again, don't call me a kid. If 22+ isn't your age demographic, then I'm definitely older than you which means calling me a kid is the last thing in your limited vocabulary. You are all more than welcome to come play on the server. You want to brag about laming people who are just there to have a good time and/or talk? Do it on someone else's time. You want to come in and curse people out or make excuses? Do it on someone else's time. You want to come in and break the rules, stay away...because I guarantee you if I have to warn you more than once you will be removed.
  4. What's even more hilarious is your ability to take my sentences out of context. I'm pro-force in FFA, I'm not pro-force for duels. In duels only one thing should be a factor - the lightsaber. Full Force duels that contain lightning, grip, mind trick, etc...are an absolute waste of time. Full Force in FFA? Fine, I could care less. And as far as you are concerned, weren't you kicked for impersonating an admin? Yes...I remember you now. You've never even played me and you have the arrogance to brag about your skill? You might as well take your ball and go home too.
  5. You can find it by going to http://www.jk2files.com and clicking on "Server Status". As for you Kynes, I look forward to the next time you stop by, so I can see what other mediocre stories you end up telling your friends.
  6. You have some pride issue Kynes. Take your ball and go home.
  7. Couldn't have been me. I've never seen or heard of you a day in my life. And as for my full-force game lacking, maybe you should stop by again sometime when your "router" is working. Wow, a girl, college, and a 3rd shift job...and you still want me to drop you a line? I think I'll just let you be since you seem to have a full enough plate already. If you really want to play why don't you make time? Full Force duels mean nothing to me. People heal, people use drain and lightning, full force is absolute garbage. If you were banned, you were banned for breaking rules. That's what you get, what can I say? And what do you mean "rape you again"? You have never even been on the server when I have. I stand over sleeping players and I will ask the same question. It's not a power trip, it's making sure you understand the rules, that way when we kick you for breaking them again, you can't say no one told you. If you aren't smart enough to answer "Yes" or "No" that doesn't make it my fault.
  8. I'll give him his props. He did indeed lay quite a whooping on the server. We went 2-1, though, 2-2 if you count when I fell off the cliff, and 2-3 if you count the time I stupidly pressed the TS2 button for talking while I was dueling him good form cannon. Rare is it that someone challenging stops by, and even rarer that someone as humble as you stops by. Rumor - any time, any place.
  9. Um. Josh, in case you didn't notice, I am PRO-force use, not a NF player. So your "you will get raped on a Full-Force server" argument flies out the window quicker than you can type a period.
  10. roflmao omg - we dueled twice, and then you disconnected. Never did you even do anything outside of using blue lunge in the first duel, and in the second one you did it once and still got your ass handed to you. That was the last time we dueled. As far as no force servers go, it's relatively easy to own on them...especially if you lunge and use special techniques. What do you have to prove anyway? You come in here talking smack about the jk2files.com server and various people saying "you got kicked because you owned the admin". Sorry, that's not how we do business on jk2files.com - you can beat whoever you want to and you can have however high a score you want to. When you start breaking the rules, don't expect to get away with it. Folks, I cannot stress this enough - jk2files.com is a great place to play, and anyone who starts screaming admin abuse there is either angry because they were punished for breaking the rules, or because they have nothing better to do. I admin there all the time, and there has never been a time I've let someone get away with anything. Go there, have fun, have a blast, duel your ass off - but don't expect to get away with laming.
  11. Played for real? Please. You have never beaten me, force or no force. How about I play for real next time? Actually, I believe the conversation went more like "red > everything" and I used nothing but yellow...and still won. BOTH times. You used blue first, then red. Yes, you didn't use saber. Because you lack the skill to really use one. And people all play lightside for a reason - so they can avoid players like you. I sincerely doubt you've seen me at my best.
  12. Kynes, you were Milady? If I recall correctly, when you weren't grip-kicking everyone or spamming pull-kick/throw, you were losing to me in duels. Amazing how each one of you can damn a server and say it is full of n00bs, when you can't even obey rules or hold your own in a duel. I laugh at each one of you.
  13. Why don't you just use the Buster Sword I made? It's a perfectly good model and by the way, for JK2 there isn't a way to make the rags "wave" off of the sword.
  14. I stand corrected. And you don't need to lose the earrings, you can easily make a shader that totally blocks them out.
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