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  1. http://www.pcgamemods.com/3518/ OmniMod 2.0 with vehicle limit increased to 64 along with a lot of other nice features.
  2. Duncan_10158 you are wrong. The best thing that happened to JA mp was vehicles support and siege mode (mp objectives). You see the gameplay of JA is almost identical to JK so it is easy to learn for new people and easy to adapt for old players. Vehicles is a new feature introduced into mp with a hole new mini-game. It also introduces a new idea of making larger maps so vehicles can be well manuvered without hurting fps to much. I am not familiar with the JA SDK yet so I haven't really found a way around the vehicles limit and the sad truth is the amount of coders in the JA comunity is very limited. I think its really a matter of time before someone will come up with it. Im looking foward to getting all your models. We run servers with an rpg map called bdc-racing-b3 which is just incredible for using vehicles. It is a t2_trip style map in a much bigger shape that allows new players to spawn vehicles and use them at will. It also has the size to manuver and the fps to handle it. We also use all new vehicles that have been released in pcgamemods and as soon as the vehicle limit is increased we will start creating custom vehicles. There are mappers in our clan working in rpg-ffa-siege style maps that will 100% support spacecraft & ground vehicles. Duncan & everyone else keep up the good work.
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