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  1. Like IS i like to build the Gundam models...I also read and game...can forget game I watch lots of movies too...mostly old kung-fu movies. Most of the time on a weekend or so me and a few choice friends will get together and watch kung-fu movies... *begins to reminisce* ...good times, good times
  2. Oh forgot about that one...I havent seen that one in awhile...good episode tho lol ....fetal postion
  3. Im in the same boat as Kipper I waited and waited then eventually forgot about it... makes me wanna play Duke 3d though man that game was so awesome...*goes to find his copy of Duke 3d*
  4. *clubs Ty with a driver blessed by Glick* Serendipity-He said it himself...he's ****ing a demon. You hit a demon with an instrument of God...the pure side's always going to do the most damage.
  5. Honestly how do you sleep at night Ty... *pulls a Kain© and proceeds to bash his head repeatedly on his keyboard in hopes to wash the image of acrylic in a thong out of his head*
  6. Lisa Barbuscia -fixed She was in Highlander:Endgame and Almost Heroes
  7. pants? I heard about this on Mancow this morning What SpongeBob episode featured Pantera Mike?
  8. Unscrewed got canceled and TSS is getting "revamped" Alex is moving onto bigger and better things http://www.alexalbrecht.com Dan is for Hire http://danhuard.typepad.com/ And dunno bout Yoshi...But he was a damn good modder But the only shows I occasionally would watch were X-Play and TSS...TSS is garbage now I havent watched the channel in about a month
  9. I have to admit I came really close to crying at the end of The Green Mile.... *Holds Hand in front of face while whispering*"Strong Mauler....Strong Mauler...Keep it together"
  10. I nominate in no particular order... Obi Rhett Lexx Groovy ET Darklighter Acrylic InsaneSith Coupes Jed Zbomber Tyrion
  11. can somebody make me a GTA:San Andreas sig ...much appreciated
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