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  1. Palisade Toys is currently releasing 2 lines of action figures for the animated TV series Invader Zim. I would like to see someone get lucasarts and either Palisade or Todd MacFarlaine together to make GF action figures. 4 lines one for each year of the game. this has most likely been said before. however it would be so cool to have GF action figure toys plus accessories on a toy shelf.
  2. I Love Tim Burton and Tim Burton Loves me for I get to see stop action corpses next year for my birthday
  3. 2 words (four really) Invader Zim *hmmm that was more than 2 words.*
  4. Skinny Puppy and Ministry are two fav music choices for me listening to either one of them makes me feel happy and calm, sort of like Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I have seen Ministry live a long time agao at a record release party for Land Of Rape and Honey. I followed Skinny Puppy up until Too Dark Park and or maybe one more. anyhow Groovy at least some one here knows and likes and shares your appreciation of this gendre of music.
  5. I thought Lays, Ruffles, Pringles and HUmpty Dumpty were basic Nosh chip brands, yet they never made the poll. nothing says good eating like a tin of tenis balls deep fried, cut thin and with a jaunty dude with a moustache like Pringles do.
  6. in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on Collumbus day. because go back to circa oct 11th 1492 all across NA Native Americans are waking up, thinking, "yes another beautiful day in paradise. then we come to oct 12th 1492. I mean nothing says thanks to me like the complete wholesale genocide of multiple races\species\and cultures like a wobbly cylindrical can of cranberry. those big giant ballon things are neat though.
  7. I donut have the game but the I have the OST (soundtrack) the music to the game "music to feed by IZ cool.
  8. Swampies: 1. Nicest swampie Father Torque 2. Funniest swampie Darth Groovy 3. Most well-behaved swampie IZ there such a thing? 4. Swampie who starts the best threads Darth Groovy 5. Swampie who posts the most often Darth Groovy 6. Swampie with best custom title* Darky's Bliss Ninny 7. Weirdest swampie** maybe If I hadn't disappeared I might have had a shot at this 8. Personal favorite swampie ZBomber 9. Personal rival swampie any Swampie getting more votes in number 7 than I am 10. Swampie with the best avatar/sig KBell, those Chibi Penguins Rock! 11. Sexiest Swampie lexx!!!!! 12. Swampie Who Cringes The Most When I Haiku Post ET Warrior Smilies: 1. Best smiley :eggy: < doesn't work here but it's my own personal smiley 2. Worst smiley ??? 3. Most overrated bad smiley ??? 4. Most used good smiley :eggy: < used at the vBabble Forum 5. Least used good smiley ??? Features: 1. Best feature all the swampies I like and did not vote for, so count this as a vote 2. Worst feature light, bright pastel style forum template 3. Feature that LucasForums should have but doesn't avatars made entirely of Cheese
  9. w00t! 3 posts in 3 threads in one night, how possitively social of me. anyhow can't remeber avi or siggy size restrictions here anymore, so what are the avatar regs? whatxwhat or?kb whichewver comes first?
  10. I've been away so long I forget the size regs on banners here whatxwhat or ?kb whichever comes first, let me know, or you could PM me, haven't had a PM in ages.
  11. Bliss Ninny it's still there, LOL oh, I do miss that. we have an INvader NiN at my new forum, and I always want to have her change her user title to that. well you know, the babble has a lot of mods now, so i don't have to be there so much. the thought of escaping my piggies and just posting here as a member it's still magical and wonderful to Haiku Post yes I miss people here. so, so much for lame excuses by me for not being here more often. I think I shall torment you all some more. it's been so long since I posted, I wonder if 2 of my wishes ever came true? the Father Torque and ZBomber would finally be made mods.
  12. LOL, I am downloading it now. I have wanted to hear a groovy tune form the groovster for a long time. and the Manipulation. glad to see it's still there too, will have to go and check it out. :eggy: < an eggplant emodicon good on the vb forum The Babble.
  13. LOL, loyalty IZ one thing actually visiting your forum another. we have enough mod's at the babble that I can come get away from all the little piggies. and i guess i need a new siggy as all i am getting IZ the old red X can't even remember what the sig was? GFN4EVER! and oh that remeinds me, Gendo. Gendo last time I spoke with him and it's been a while IZ a daddy. he will be by now, before the babby was just a few months away. so if you don't see Gendo it's because he IZ busy being a proud and responsible pappy.
  14. LOL, it's good to see I have not been forgotten. sorry, I never show up any more, occasionally, I do peak at the Lucas Forums. but donut post. mmmmm donut. anyhow for a bit of Where In The World IZ Darth Eggplant: Myself, I am doing well and fine. I have returned back to work after a long, long abscence due to past health reasons. so unfortuneately money and work sort of get in the way of having fun on a computer. ...then there was Zim! Invader Zim and my purple alien Jhonen Vasquez avatar. A Website was created, not the first but a very good one actually, for the cartoon series Invader Zim. The site was created by a really great guy named Invader Gua. It also had the Doomulous prescence of Invader Invidlord. ...and I was asked to become Invader Eggplant. lol, the website http://www.badbadrubberpiggy.com was not even a month old when our first forum "the Babble" ver 1.0 was created on the cutecast forum thingy. then as time progressed, we moved onto the vBulletin forum community, because I had such good memories of this vB forum and the other Lucasarts forums I belonged to. so I was one of the original Invaders that at the very beginning of a forum communities birth, and I was made *snrk* a mod. In fact our forum was so young and new back then, that I was mod in every single forum and subforum with Invader's Gua and Invidlord. as time past and "piggies" what we call our members; started joining, our forum began having new mods; which we call 'SIR UNITS' (you need to know the Zim cartoon to get it) then came the 'Invaders'= Super Mods. I was promoted to 'Invader'\Super Mod and now had several 'SIR UNIT'\mods to help assist maintain some semblance of reason to the MADNESS! *important note to lucas forum members* **especially mods\super mods\admin's** being a member of a forum and having fun IZ one thing. maintaining a forum so others can have fun, as well as yourself, IZ well... I cringe now thinking of my old n00bish self. things I said, things I did...etc. well I was now Invader Eggplant a 'Invader'\Super Mods of the BBRP Babble forum. ...and well stuff happened. original founder Invader Gua had to close down the whole thing website\forum, it was sad. yet at the 11th hour. more like 11:59 really someone named GrandPa G came along and saved both BBRP and the Babble. so the badbadrubberpiggy website and the Babble forum was saved by GrandPa G, and then a while after that we went looking for a new forum to call home. I sugguested vBulletin, and well The Babble ver2.0 or vBabble IZ part of the vB community. and a little while after the Babble ver2 was founded, GrandPa G promoted me to the postion of Tallest (which IZ what we call) Admin's on our forum. and being a Tallest @ the Babble does keep me busy, as does being a member too. I create a lot of avatars and siggy's for babble members, then there are the emails, PM's, and messenger chat thingies. The Babble IZ a different sort of forum community from the one I belong to here. membership @ the BBRP Babble IZ primarily female. Our forum too IZ not as strict about things like double posting or spam. which would bother some I am sure. We also have a more liberal size restriction on avatar and siggys. LOL, I mean we do not encourage piggies to create avatars which are 500x500 pixels, but its nice to have more flexibility in graphic elements. We also run seasonal contests quite often which I am a major part of, so the BBRP and the Babble keep me busy. one major reason why I do not haunt the lucas forums any longer IZ I find page load time between posting posts, and reading posts, takes a very long time. and with a 56k modem. you want to get the most quantity as well as quality from your INternet experrience. Anyhow for Swampies who may know or remember me. that IZ where I am now a days. my new forums IZ a great place (so IZ this one) and I enjoy myself a lot. I even have my own eggplant emodicon :eggy: I don't think it will show here, but it looks just like my avatar. I will try to stop in now and again, as I am still very Nostalgic about the Swamp. and maybe if any of you have time, stop by the BBRP Babble and look for Invader Eggplant. http://www.badbadrubberpiggy.com
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